February 14, 2014




So I have been in this business for some years now…


My uncle is a chef who wrote few famous cooking books back in Finland… I and my family are into food for years as I found it comes all the ways from our great-grandfather who was an Italian Chef that worked for an aristocratic Russian Family LONG time ago…


My daughter is 14 and her cooking is unbelievable… My mum, Aunts, Cousins and of my sweet grandmother has always been over creative in food making…


I was married to a very talented Chef for 6 years which also helps to develop my taste and love for kitchens…


My daughter at age of 3 when was asked where would she like to eat and that she had the choice to ask any restaurant she wanted, she asked for the nice restaurant that served those nice Snails and Spicy stake… I knew she got her special love for flavors from her mother!!


Time passes and I am still in this field more and more into pastry and cakes these days. It is beautiful! Full of Art and Flavors. It is even giving me the urge to study cooking, but not to work in the kitchen but I just have the urge to know even more!!!


I met few famous Chefs through my working years… I have to say my favorite is the Australian Chef Greg Malouf Who I read his article many years back even before meeting… A Good Cook knows by smell if his/her food missing something. That saying was told to me by my ex-husband who himself was reason for me to follow Greg Malouf… I remember I was so stressed… Sweaty… Nervous to meet him in my work place few years back…  


Yesterday I met another famous (show man) Chef Buddy Valastro From Cake Boss… Ok not my favorite man and not sure I can really call him a Chef… But he is talented in making HUGE cakes… His show on TV is more family oriented show like American Chopper and Hogan Knows Best… But still my husband, my daughter and myself we do like watching it if it’s on TV…


I realized one thing though… As Chef Greg Malouf came in to our premises he was accompanied with professional humble nice people… They were giving him even better image than already been built-in my head… While Chef Buddy Valastro came with BAGS OF **** who are full of themselves and so disrespectful. As a result they affected his image in my mind from being a talented young man (one year older than myself) who is funny and pleasant to see and changed him to show-off arrogant, full of himself of an image…


I still shock his hand and gave him my card and told him it was a pleasure to have met him… But it wasn’t even close to the pleasure of meeting Greg Malouf…


All I’m trying to say… Choose the people who you are with they can lift your image from ZERO to Million or Drop it down from a Million to ZERO!!!I advise you to choose to be seen with for socializing!

Hyvää Ystävänpäivää !!!


July 19, 2013


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Once upon a time. My mum said to me if you love someone so much you have to be ready to allow to set him/her free… This comes I guess because she knew me and my sister after growing up will move out and have a life of our own.

I have been once again in a situation where I loved someone so much. He was a true smile to us as work. He was amazing person that I enjoyed the way he always to advice, critic and orders with such a good spirit. Same time he was not afraid of me simply because I was his direct manager, instead he actually came to give me ideas and advice if he thought things might be better way he saw them. I appreciated that a lot!

My dear Antone is love as the other guys and girls I have around, but when he came to tell me he was leaving I knew it won’t be easy. He will be missed and big support to our group will be hurt at least for missing him. I asked if it was money and I believe him when he said no. I asked if it was position and I believed him when he said no. When he said Madam I love you but I feel it’s time for me to move on to something new and different I believed him.

Antone is dearly missed, and truly loved. We had to let him go! And from the bottom of my heart I wish him all success and happiness!

Antone, you were not just staff… You were a friend and family member! You will always be loved and remembered!

Ps; Thank you for the coffee!!


June 30, 2013


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I come to work every day, put my hand on a steward’s shoulder and look at his eyes and ask him how is he today… Sadly I’m bad with names so I did not remember his name, but the smile I gave him, my gentle tap on his shoulder and question about how he was were so true that made him smile and eyes lid. He carried on his work.


I went to the kitchen and saw one of the ladies so busy deep in her cake make with a slight frown on her face (this one I remembered her name) so by name spoke to her told her good morning a passed my hand on the arm to make sure she lifted her eyes up and looked at me and suddenly smile was placed her face returning to work instead of the slight frown…


I walk deeper to the kitchen to see the chef with tired look and a loud AHHH coming out of him before I hug him with a smile and tell him good morning chef… Smile!!! It’s a good day. Suddenly he was smiling and seemed ready for work!


Human touch… A true friendly smile. Very sincere how are you today makes work family and loving atmosphere…


When you are someone like me or someone who works with me a person who leaves his family and social life behind to work 10-12 hours daily you need to make your work more of a family. More of a comfort zone where you can talk, smile joke and hug… Have a family love running around between everyone to make people work and stay for love, not simply work for salary.


Unfortunately my believes do not work in this country. I was told I was unprofessional and never to exceed a hand shake with anyone working. I can do that! But that will change from my work family to work colleague… That will change for me caring about a stranger I do not remember his name simply because he is just someone who works under the same roof, but has nothing to do with me… I will always care as human being, but I will want to run back home to me FAMILY now… Do not expect me to want to stay 1 hour or even 30min extra with someone I can’t call family!!


I will miss my brothers that I made at work who now are changed with in one day into work colleagues… I will miss joking and making the day easier for my staff and work collogues… But always look up at the bright side… Now there is a clear line drawn between WORK and FAMILY!!! And when you will ask me who do you want to spend more time with, which do you care of more… It will be FAMILY not WORK!!!

February 7, 2013


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It’s been ages since I have written a word. My God I feel guilty. I work and work and work. Seems all my life became nothing but work. My books left on side to get dusty. My writings have been put on hold!


I wish I get some time to be able to simply get back to few things.


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE MY JOB… But my talk, dreams and head seems to be all about work. I need to find a way to get other things done somehow!

March 9, 2012

I am forced into small round tight cave and I’m not happy!!!

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So I was in bad car crash. Well how did it happen? Driving in highway with normal speed of 100km/h on left lane (if you drive as the do in UK wrong side of the road so think of it in the opposite lane which will be right for you)… And this driver suddenly appears from the right side of the road and has lost control of his car driving side way so not with the way nor opposite way. He hits the left front corner of the car I’m in and causes the car I’m in to spin and hit the highway barrier. Then he hits the car I’m in from the back where I spin again and finally hits me face to face.

I walked out fine, few bruises but no broken bones.

2 days after the accident I was back to work. As I felt fine just some ache in my neck but nothing that bad. Then come the day that I slipped at work, thank God had nothing in my hand. I fell on my left thigh and shoulder. I was fine some ache in my left knee and shoulder seemed nothing to worry about. Week later I suddenly couldn’t move my neck. I could turn, my neck has been so bad since.

After 5 Xrays… 3 doctor’s consoltations. I was told over and over I need to get an MRI scan taken as soon as possible. MRI??? Well all I know it’s this round cave like machine where people with cancer sometimes put in for check ups. I guess that was movie effect. I hate the idea walking through metal detector in Airports how about going to this Magnetic field of a cave? I am not bad claustrophobic but I do not like the idea of being in a tight place for over 20 min not allowed even to hum so no movement would occur!

Now battling with insurance company to approve my MRI but seems no way out of this one! But that won’t take more than couple of days.

My neck hurts SO BAD and those stupid migraines are not stopping! So here I am forced into small round tight cave and I’m not happy!

January 20, 2012

2012 ?!?! Thank you GOD!



If this year is really bringing destruction, disasters and even the end of the world this is what I have to say.

I’m turning 34 this year.

I have a daughter that is healthy (enough), 3rd in her class even if it is first ever time for her studying in English and has missed a whole year before this, who speaks reads and writes 3 +1/2 (starting French) languages… Who is a wonderful young lady who helped me so much throughout her 12 years (13 this years)… Who I can speak to as a friend, as a daughter and as (my care taker) Sometimes, ex; when I’m sick.

I have found a man who I love so much. Who makes me feel like a little girl, like a woman, friend, wife and lover all at the same time! A man who makes me to get over my stress (which who ever knows me knows it’s impossible mission)… A man who finds the way to make me smile even when I’m getting my period (worst time of the month to talk to me)… A man who still can make me feel beautiful even when I have a bloated stomach (health problem I suffer from regularly)… A man who I can spend hours talking to with him listening to me and sharing opinions without trying to force his opinion on mine!

I have friends all around the world who actually love me and I love them. Friends that I do not have to ask daily or weekly about but when I need them they are there for me, and when they need me I’m there for them! They might not be more than 15 all together maybe not even 10… But they are real ones!

I have a family… maybe scattered in many countries, but I have family that I dearly love… Some talking to me some not (for past mistakes) but still I love them all. I have a mother that makes all the pain go away with a kiss. I have amazing brothers and sisters who all have grown up to be amazing adults that I am so proud of. I have a father that I hurt a lot for past reasons that I have asked for his forgiveness for the pain I caused him and tried to explain to him the reasons of the pain and anger towards him… That father might not be talking to me but I wish him all the happiness and health! And let’s not forget the rest of my family that always make me feel happy to hear from.

I have a job that I LOVE… I have been called actually a workaholic today. But I can’t help loving what I’m doing and of course the owner of this company is a man if ever needs a kidney I would take one out of me to give him as I think that man I owe him my life!

I have a long past that is full of action, pain, fun, sadness and happiness… Things I did wrong and said I was sorry for. And wrong things happened to me, which I have forgiven!

If this is the end of the world… I will leave this world sad for missing all these great things, but I have to admit I will leave with a smile that God has blessed me a wonderful life and great happiness!

Thank you GOD!

August 22, 2011

I guess it counts as a GOOD year!!


Ramadan, I’m tried; lack of sleep and what they said will be a quiet month at work seems to be one of the busiest.

I love my job… thought of saying that once again.

At last I will reveal out loud where I’m working. I am working now full time at Lilou Pattísseríe. It is amazing!

I am not allowed to say much without consulting the marketing manager but something I have to say is 7 years in food & beverages field I have never been more amazed of how far this field can go.

I started in May and then I got the comment from Ali Dadi that he has never seen me this excited and happy. Of course there are ups and downs as any job but I am truly happy! I enjoy being in kitchens again and for first time ever experiencing sweets… True I have never been a fan of sweets but it is so interesting. Tasting sometimes feels like a challenge specially if I had tasted 2 or 3 different kinds already, then I seem not to have any sense of taste. But I am happy to be able to do it, as Chef Samer (who is such an amazing and creative chef that I never thought I could meet in my life time) asks me to taste and asks for my opinion. So I think I’m doing ok tasting sweets! 😛

There are of course the hot kitchens with all kind of pastas, stakes, Arabic, European, Asian and American kitchens (food)… God knows I could keep going on!

Iida is starting school in September and her birthday is that time, so big plans for her birthday! Hope she’ll have enough friends to invite! 😛

Ali and I are still doing well… ups and downs, stress took us down few times specially with his job being such a pain the last 6 months. But we still survive and find the way in between the hard times to lay down in bed, joke and make love…


1 year and 1 month has passed since I moved to Bahrain. I am in love with Bahrain, with Ali, with my work and my little Iida… I guess that counts as a GOOD year! 😉

July 2, 2011

I am happy…


I just found sometime to write…

I actually don’t know where to start. So much has happened around me. Political stuff, mental stuff, heart related stuff, work, Iida, Ali.

Well. Politics… I do NOT give my opinion there… As I said in Cyprus before that in Finland and even before that in Kuwait. Wars and political issues always have 2 sides or more… And non I meet even wants to see both sides… As most of the world will say one side has the right, but still there in still the other side… In wars as in Cyprus Turkey’s war people said how bad the Turks were and how they did all the war crimes… They even try to plant hate in the kids’ hearts in schools toward the Turks. I disagreed with that as Iida came to me saying she had to write a school report of the war crimes Turkish Cypriot did to the Greek Cypriots. I simply told her if the teacher allows you to write of the war crimes the Greek Cypriots did to the Turkish Cypriots and vice versa than you can write the report but you are not allowed to take sides in a war happened decades ago! After all each war has it’s victims from both sides. Even if I am a Kuwaiti and love Kuwait and will never agree with Saddam did to Kuwait, I still know that, that war did not end with only Kuwaitis getting hurt. I know Kuwaitis also ended up doing war crimes against Iraqi soldiers and even Iraqi civilians living in Kuwait at that time. In my opinion as a Fin, things should be talked about and found solutions without troubling anyone’s life… But then again if there never were someone who disagrees or protests the world would stop developing! After all how did women in Finland got their strong stand today if it wasn’t for the fight they went through… But still… I will never take sides in fights, conflicts or arguments that clearly are not for me!

I got let go from my previous job because of the mess that happened in Bahrain. I was broke, mentally tired, and not sure even if I would stay in Bahrain. I was so close to move back to Finland but to be honest was so happy things went back to normal and I got a new job!

I have to say Bahrain is back to normal. Yes you see still check points and security police around more than you did 6 months ago, but it’s back to normal. Friends are back to their spots meeting up, Sunni and Sheea friends are still on same table joking and enjoying life and their friendship. So I am staying here and still think Bahrain is really cool and I love being here!!!

I love my new job! I will not talk about it much as I still have 1 more month of probation till I’m settled in. I just got to say I really love Restaurant, kitchen and FRONTLINE positions… So YES back to hospitality and restaurant business! 🙂

I’m still in Love with the same man! He is away right now in India which maybe is the reason I am at home and have the time to write as he left me his laptop! 😛

Iida got accepted to AMA school. She went for the entrance exam with Ali. She came out with the teacher, as it seems she got her impressed! She passed the exam with full mark and she was told that she would be put into A class… where they put all their hard-working students to not have bad influence from other students in other classes.

That’s about it for now! I am happy… Alive… In love… Enjoying my new job… And so proud of my little girl! 🙂

March 5, 2011

Hoping things get better soon!!! :-(

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I don’t know… I can’t write about things happening in Bahrain as I promised to keep my pen down off doing that.

But what I can write about are my feelings… I feel so bad and sad for knowing about the F1’s postponement if not cancellation from Bahrain. I know other events will be coming. And I will somehow get to attend an F1 race this year but still it got to me!

I am feeling quite low these days. My weight has gone up as not as much movement. We are still going out, but not as much everywhere is quiet and empty!

I’m hoping to start a new job sometime soon. I need a visa and my boss has an excuse right on tip of his tongue every time the issue gets mentioned… now the excuse is the events and problems in Bahrain are preventing him from getting my papers done! Even if it means leaving Event Management and working in customer service for the visa I will do it!

My boyfriend is feeling low as well these days as the motor sports events been canceled and that is his passion. He also gained weight after quitting smoking and also after the movement got much less as well. This got him back to smoking again which I was sad but I do understand it… Finding myself asking for cigarette from someone just to calm myself down every now and then. Even if it maybe 2 a week it’s more than what I smoked before this sad events all started.

Iida also has had really bad time as her movement and going out is much less…

Hoping things get better soon!!! 😦

Update; I know it’s been just few hours since I wrote this post… But it’s already been a better day. I love my man a lot and he helps me smiling… Dana (who is a friend of my man’s) and I guess now Iida’s friend and mine was lovely to spend time with and to share few feelings from the past that was difficult to explain to someone else who has not been through them herself!!! So glad to have friends here!! 🙂

January 14, 2011

I guess these are few of my updates


So… I know it’s been such a long time since I wrote something. A lot has happened. Not sure where to start from, but I’ll try to fill up some gaps in what I have not posted.

  1. Ali Dadi has been chosen to race for Chevrolet Supercars Championship in the (SC06) category. And he will have his first debut in Riyadh at the Reem International Circuit on Wednesday and Thursday (19th & 20th of January).

  2. I got paid my first ever salary in Bahrain… it was little but it made me pay off the rent…

  3. I found a new apartment… 3 bedrooms, kitchen and living room… Same price and much closer to all my friends so I am moving by 1st of February.

  4. I had a lovely Xmas and a great new year… No big parties but just small ones with people I love a lot.

  5. I love BIC. Oh well this is not new but I had to say it… I just love that place and been spending time in helping there… Saw the Pirelli F1 testing last week there… Attended few events there… Even enjoying barbeques… Also seems to be spending a lot of time in race-control, and safety car in those events! 🙂 YEEEHHHH I love it!

So when a STUPID SPOILED KUWAITI girls tried today to not let us in because some Kuwaiti girls having some kind of racing thing got me totally pissed off!!! Ok true I am Kuwaiti and proud of it, but who the hell do some of those Kuwaiti people think they are going to places and think they own them!!!??? Who the hell do they think they are when they sent some guy to ask us to close our garage door where we were working so we won’t get to see those spoiled asses plying race day??!!! We did get in… And we were not interested in seeing some girls with full make up trying to make a show of being racing heroes… We had much more important thing that needed to be done there in our garages… And we had fun! So I’m not pissed any more at them and I forgive them… Actually took me less than an hour not get over my anger but had to mention it!! 😉

I guess these are few of my updates… Love you all! :-*

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