June 25, 2012

Growth in Asian Routes for Helsinki Based Finnair

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Going to Finland with My Daughter Iida and My man Ali Dadi… So these are few places we will be visiting!


January 1, 2010


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happy 2010!!!!! may it be better than 2009…. 😉

November 13, 2007


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I’m sorry! I’m too depressed to post! And sorry people for not commenting on anyone’s posts!

October 28, 2007

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I know I haven’t been reading, commenting nor posting for a while now!

I’ve been busy and then some neighbors poisoned my dog (Finn) and he passed a way! 😦

I was so angry then so sad. I don’t remember feeling this way ever before! Last night Stelios told me we should go to the Rock Garden because it was their final day for the season! Rock garden is a dance bar that plays rock music only, in Agia Napa. We go there every year few times as work doesn’t allow us to out that often. So I wasn’t in the mood of party, I wore very boring cloths that actually cover almost all my body (if you know me you’ll know I love cloths that cover 10-20% only of my body)! I drank! I drank a lot! I had 4 tequila shots, 2 WKD (blue), 1 Carlsberg and 1 Rock Garden hot poison (which knocks you out with no time)! All that was drunk in less that 2 hours time, on a close to empty stomach! 😛

YEP Drunk I was!!! But I did end up enjoying the night! It was real fun till we were ½ way home I asked Stelios to stop the car and I started to throw up! I was throwing up all the way home then when we got home I passed out on the toilet floor! Stelios tried to take me to bed but I told him I wanted to stay there! 😛 So I slept in the toilet for about 1 hour then got up and went to bed! It was horrible! 😛

But today as I was suffering from last night, I did realize I did have fun! I needed to get drunk and let myself go and have some change to my system as all the sadness been holding on to me the last week!

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