July 6, 2014

The worst ever commercial Kuwait ever allowed to air Ramadan 2014!!!

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Ramadan is in the Muslim world. In the gulf and Middle East means 100s of new TV series’ and TV commercials.

That is yearly used to… many cheesy commercials. But this year one specific commercial got me very upset and couldn’t believe my ears and eyes when I saw it first time… I had to watch over and over to be sure that Bayan Dental from Kuwait really made such a commercial…

Here is the link and I’ll try to translate the meaning of the commercial to you.

The commercial about 4 sisters and one brother who is the youngest. When they wake up the girls head to wash up and brush their teeth,,, while the brother is chowing gum and refusing to brush his teeth… Then the sisters move to get their hair done and changing their clothes,,, while the brother is eating a chocolate bar… Then the sisters are having their breakfast with healthy orange juice,,, while the brother is drinking a sugary soft drink… All this happening while the mother singing complaining about him…

The whole family head for a photo shoot and the father says “Leave the boy… When he grows like me we will change his teeth…”

What kind of a message this is??? It’s ok for the kids to damage their teeth to fix fake teeth when they grow up??? Where is the real dental advice in this commercial??? How did even the country allow for such a commercial to put in their TV channels as it is showing in many channels!!!

People wonder why many more people are healthier out in Europe (specially northern Europe)… Well for one reason… They have mothers, schools and media teach our children how to keep healthy for a longer time… My grandmother in Finland is close to her 90s and she is going for walks, doing sports, lives by herself, has all her natural real teeth and still has the energy to go out with her friends for dinner or concerts out.

There should be in the gulf and Middle East more restrictions on all media commercials specially when it comes to involve children!!

This was definitely the worst ever commercial Kuwait ever allowed to air Ramadan 2014!!!


February 14, 2014




So I have been in this business for some years now…


My uncle is a chef who wrote few famous cooking books back in Finland… I and my family are into food for years as I found it comes all the ways from our great-grandfather who was an Italian Chef that worked for an aristocratic Russian Family LONG time ago…


My daughter is 14 and her cooking is unbelievable… My mum, Aunts, Cousins and of my sweet grandmother has always been over creative in food making…


I was married to a very talented Chef for 6 years which also helps to develop my taste and love for kitchens…


My daughter at age of 3 when was asked where would she like to eat and that she had the choice to ask any restaurant she wanted, she asked for the nice restaurant that served those nice Snails and Spicy stake… I knew she got her special love for flavors from her mother!!


Time passes and I am still in this field more and more into pastry and cakes these days. It is beautiful! Full of Art and Flavors. It is even giving me the urge to study cooking, but not to work in the kitchen but I just have the urge to know even more!!!


I met few famous Chefs through my working years… I have to say my favorite is the Australian Chef Greg Malouf Who I read his article many years back even before meeting… A Good Cook knows by smell if his/her food missing something. That saying was told to me by my ex-husband who himself was reason for me to follow Greg Malouf… I remember I was so stressed… Sweaty… Nervous to meet him in my work place few years back…  


Yesterday I met another famous (show man) Chef Buddy Valastro From Cake Boss… Ok not my favorite man and not sure I can really call him a Chef… But he is talented in making HUGE cakes… His show on TV is more family oriented show like American Chopper and Hogan Knows Best… But still my husband, my daughter and myself we do like watching it if it’s on TV…


I realized one thing though… As Chef Greg Malouf came in to our premises he was accompanied with professional humble nice people… They were giving him even better image than already been built-in my head… While Chef Buddy Valastro came with BAGS OF **** who are full of themselves and so disrespectful. As a result they affected his image in my mind from being a talented young man (one year older than myself) who is funny and pleasant to see and changed him to show-off arrogant, full of himself of an image…


I still shock his hand and gave him my card and told him it was a pleasure to have met him… But it wasn’t even close to the pleasure of meeting Greg Malouf…


All I’m trying to say… Choose the people who you are with they can lift your image from ZERO to Million or Drop it down from a Million to ZERO!!!I advise you to choose to be seen with for socializing!

Hyvää Ystävänpäivää !!!

June 30, 2013


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I come to work every day, put my hand on a steward’s shoulder and look at his eyes and ask him how is he today… Sadly I’m bad with names so I did not remember his name, but the smile I gave him, my gentle tap on his shoulder and question about how he was were so true that made him smile and eyes lid. He carried on his work.


I went to the kitchen and saw one of the ladies so busy deep in her cake make with a slight frown on her face (this one I remembered her name) so by name spoke to her told her good morning a passed my hand on the arm to make sure she lifted her eyes up and looked at me and suddenly smile was placed her face returning to work instead of the slight frown…


I walk deeper to the kitchen to see the chef with tired look and a loud AHHH coming out of him before I hug him with a smile and tell him good morning chef… Smile!!! It’s a good day. Suddenly he was smiling and seemed ready for work!


Human touch… A true friendly smile. Very sincere how are you today makes work family and loving atmosphere…


When you are someone like me or someone who works with me a person who leaves his family and social life behind to work 10-12 hours daily you need to make your work more of a family. More of a comfort zone where you can talk, smile joke and hug… Have a family love running around between everyone to make people work and stay for love, not simply work for salary.


Unfortunately my believes do not work in this country. I was told I was unprofessional and never to exceed a hand shake with anyone working. I can do that! But that will change from my work family to work colleague… That will change for me caring about a stranger I do not remember his name simply because he is just someone who works under the same roof, but has nothing to do with me… I will always care as human being, but I will want to run back home to me FAMILY now… Do not expect me to want to stay 1 hour or even 30min extra with someone I can’t call family!!


I will miss my brothers that I made at work who now are changed with in one day into work colleagues… I will miss joking and making the day easier for my staff and work collogues… But always look up at the bright side… Now there is a clear line drawn between WORK and FAMILY!!! And when you will ask me who do you want to spend more time with, which do you care of more… It will be FAMILY not WORK!!!

March 22, 2013


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Been working for quite enough time in a place where I meet the high society of the country. Really a great experience, I like it and I think it’s very interesting to get to know so many different families from different origins, flavors, tastes and styles they go for.


That is all great… But then.


I meet the high society tails. Or people how hang around them trying to be them. Then coming want to live like them but don’t want to pay like them.


I see women who buy a purse for good € 1000 and then go to show it off in front of people who can’t afford € 20 purse. A woman ordering a dinner for € 500 and want to match it with a €1500 which her friend got just few weeks before her… After bargaining for hours she would agree on the € 500 with cheaper and less items.


The thing is. Not just at work, BIC, Friends, Family… Everywhere around here I see people as such.


You don’t have the money why try to pretend to be one of the ones who has? Why do you want to order cake that someone from the rich people ordered but you get angry when asked from you to pay as much as they paid? A wedding cake that coast someone else € 3000 will cost you € 3000 as well… You will not get it cheaper because your family name is not as wealthy as the one before you!


Why do you try to hurt people who can’t afford what you can?


I can’t afford many things… And well I think it’s stupidity pay € 1000 on a purse… But. I still can sit with my head high with high society and with all my respect with the more unfortunate in wealth part of society. I will be comfortable in an Opera or a ballet in an opera house, just as I will feel comfortable in a Whitesnake, an Iron Maiden’s concerts or even in Circus Mundus Absurdus’ show in a hockey arena…


I can be myself with an Orthodox priest in church, with a Jewish family on a dinner table, with religious Muslim man in his house… I can be myself with old, young, men and women. Maybe that’s why today I can say I am not some wanna be… I am not a tail to anyone… and for sure I Love me the way I am… I do not need to buy a € 1000 purse to belong or for someone to respect me.


So why do you need a €1000 purse and pretend to be rich when you don’t dare to live as the rich people you pretend to belong to do?


May 18, 2012

I rather not use labels

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I know 2 posts in one day is something I haven’t done for years… But I saw something reminded me of sometime from the past… and of people i have met and heard of lately… so I had to write!!!!

So it was… A stranger on your steps. Looking exactly like a person you never wanted to inter your house. But you welcome them as you have been taught the ways to do so. You great them with respect you were brought up with. You offer them something to drink. You serve them some of your humble bread. You never ask them to stop expressing who they are and you study them without them noticing.

You like what you hear, you stop looking at their clothing at their hair and at their shoes… You look deep in their eyes and souls. You start smiling at them. You laugh at their jokes and agree with their statements.

Suddenly you realize you missed judged them simply for being different. You understand people can different from you are but still great to have around.

This reminds me of my one time work day with Circus Mundus Absurdus in Finland. It was in Imatra. Very scary people I thought… Horrible looking… Trouble act… And I was not comfortable at all around them. After the show they sat with me… Make up was removed off their faces… The blood was wiped of their skin… And funny thing was contact lenses were taken off to put on cute eyeglasses. Conversations started. Suddenly I realized I was talking to an amazing high degree university holder. We went to a club after where we were all invited as guests of honor and music started and it moved this man like I have never seen a white man move before to find out he was before his career a professional ballet dancer. Ballet, philosophy, kindness and sweetness were no what expected from men looking like they did. Well I was wrong! I realized I had the human’s bad habit to judge by look and say the book can be judged by it’s cover… I realized I was wrong doing so.

Today when someone comes by looking like … well I rather not use labels… I will simply say who am I to judge? And what if this person is much higher, more beautiful, smarter or simply much more good inside out than I would ever be? Who am I to call names people simply because they look different or come from different background.

Watch this video for inspiration… and think of all the people who judged her because she looked different!

March 9, 2012

I am forced into small round tight cave and I’m not happy!!!

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So I was in bad car crash. Well how did it happen? Driving in highway with normal speed of 100km/h on left lane (if you drive as the do in UK wrong side of the road so think of it in the opposite lane which will be right for you)… And this driver suddenly appears from the right side of the road and has lost control of his car driving side way so not with the way nor opposite way. He hits the left front corner of the car I’m in and causes the car I’m in to spin and hit the highway barrier. Then he hits the car I’m in from the back where I spin again and finally hits me face to face.

I walked out fine, few bruises but no broken bones.

2 days after the accident I was back to work. As I felt fine just some ache in my neck but nothing that bad. Then come the day that I slipped at work, thank God had nothing in my hand. I fell on my left thigh and shoulder. I was fine some ache in my left knee and shoulder seemed nothing to worry about. Week later I suddenly couldn’t move my neck. I could turn, my neck has been so bad since.

After 5 Xrays… 3 doctor’s consoltations. I was told over and over I need to get an MRI scan taken as soon as possible. MRI??? Well all I know it’s this round cave like machine where people with cancer sometimes put in for check ups. I guess that was movie effect. I hate the idea walking through metal detector in Airports how about going to this Magnetic field of a cave? I am not bad claustrophobic but I do not like the idea of being in a tight place for over 20 min not allowed even to hum so no movement would occur!

Now battling with insurance company to approve my MRI but seems no way out of this one! But that won’t take more than couple of days.

My neck hurts SO BAD and those stupid migraines are not stopping! So here I am forced into small round tight cave and I’m not happy!

October 5, 2011


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So I rented a car in Bahrain from a company Elite Car Rental. Under the management of Mr. Nader or Nasser Jaber Al-Dosari.

½ of the things in the car were broken and damaged. I chose the best between the worst I saw… I mean for BD180 for one month I was not expecting to rive SLR but at least a decent enough car. I was late for work at noontime so I had to make my choice really fast also.

After I have discovered ½ things are in total mess I told them in the rental office about it, they said I should bring the car and leave it between 8am to noonish for them to take a look at it and fix it… That and they won’t give me a car to use in these hours I’m already paying for.

I said I could not afford doing that as my lunch break is between 1:30pm-3pm. And no chance I can leave the car and walk to work… So they said if you wanted to change it then just come and ask for another car and we see what we have… I asked if anything was available that time on the spot for me to change and of course they said no!

One week later from my conversation, which makes it, around 2 weeks from rental date my battery stops working in the middle of the day… and if you don’t know how hot it gets here it was a good 45degrees. And I was stuck for 45 min in a workers neighborhood where men look for women could be found… As the tailor of Iida’s school uniform was there and I had to go to pick up her clothes. So me a woman with my looks, skirt over knees (length) in a business suit standing for 45 min and having men drive by and harass me by words stopping and trying to give comments and it was HOT time of the day…  To have in the end a rude man from Elite Car Rental come to tell me the battery went off because I forgot the light inside open, when I told him I just drove the car here around 1 hour a go got down picked my daughter’s clothes and got back to the car and it did not work… so it was not a light!! He got upset and said ok ok madam what ever you say. They changed the battery and then I drove back to work.

Later that night, around 9:30 pm, I suddenly here strange noise and a park on side while I am in DANGEROUS neighborhood (as there was some trouble happening that day by protestors)… And so I got down to find my back left tire was ripped as if someone had been doing a drifting show on it. I called them to ask for help and they said they couldn’t come to help me as they are (MEN) afraid to come by the area where my car has stopped and JUST GET OUT AND FIX YOUR FLAT TIRE… I open the backs of the car to start trying to change the tire to find out they have not put a lug wrench into the car. Well I called Ali for help and he called a friend and I stayed with Iida at 10pm in the car in dangerous neighborhood just for the battery to go off again after 5 or 10 minutes. I called Elite Car Rental screaming my head off… I was showing how dare they have old tires not changed in the car for years at it seems and not even having a lug wrench??? How dare they pretended to have fixed my battery problem after the man who came to do it disrespected me and I was left for no less than hour in a disrespected area… And how dare they not even come to help a woman and her daughter who are stuck in their car because of their mistakes in a dangerous time in a dangerous neighborhood by saying just get out and fix your flat tire. (and just for your information that another tire was found totally messed up and flat up on pick up the car next day as tires were totally damaged and not less than 2 years old).

So Ali spoke to them as he was calmer than I was and the man Elite Car Rental told him that he will take the car in the morning to the shop and I can get another car to replace it, then he said for a apology they for the bad day with the car breaking down 2 times and for not having a lug wrench and also for not having a car in the morning to drive to work they will offer me a free extra day to replace the lost day.

I got a car next day it was bit better than the first one and I found out that they have actually had it from day 1 of my rent… same exact model but in better condition… But they never wanted to take their better cars out.

Yesterday I went to return the car after 1 month and 1 day has passed on my rental day. To find out I have been fined on the broken tire… Ok I know I have signed a contract saying if I damage a tire I will pay for it, but what woman at 2 pm in so much harry to get back to work would check if the tires of the car has been going through drift shows? I mean it was no less than 47degrees and I was wearing my work suit and I was sweating like a pig checking the car from our side from scratches and hits (which were quite many) and couldn’t wait to finish. THEY GAVE ME A CAR WITH DAMAGED TIRES and blamed on me. And I was told I have to pay for the extra day I kept the car for… So I had a peace of mind with Mr. Nader or Nasser Jaber Al-Dosari who from my screaming told me take the free day…

Well one thing for sure I have to say DO NOT RENT FROM Elite Car Rental!!!!

Update; When I was in the Elite Car Rental to return the car I met another person that his car been breaking up more than once and he has given up calling them and getting them fix it so he came to change it and agreed that Elite Car Rental are thieves and very untrustworthy company in Bahrain!

Another update; After searching a little about the Bahrain’s Elite Car Rental I found out that Mr. Nader or Nasser Jaber Al-Dosari gives special offer to special people. He actually allows the female prostitutes (which actually are working in hotels as prostitutes) to rent without any down payment except for special services they give him and rest of the rent which usually will be like 1/2 of the usual rent to be paid up on return of the car. So no wonder a man that is not making enough money (as sex don’t put food on his kids table) would try to manipulate and squeeze as much money he can from his customers (who are not prostitutes)!! So be careful if you are not a professional prostitute and can’t offer Mr. Nader or Nasser Jaber Al-Dosari professional SEX payment, do not rent from him or he will make you pay extra charges for any scratch that it was even put on the check up report which was written before you taken the car!!

March 8, 2011

Happy Women’s Day… Be proud of being one!!!

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يوم سعيد .ليكن اليوم فاصل في ازمنتنا التي تتباهي بحركية موج التمرد .. الذي لن ينتصر نهائيا الا متى تانثت القيم والتصورات والعلامات …لانه في تانثها تحرير لها من ازمنة الدكورة التي قامت على قهر الانسان وعلى استعباده وفرض خنوعه وخضوعه… ليس يوما للاحتفال فقط بعيد المراة ..بل يوم لغرس قيم مناقضة لقيم التهميش ورفض لسلط ذكورة لم يشهد تاريخها سوى على ما اثقل البشرية بالدماء والنهب واللصوصية والولاءات الزائفة

Good day. May this day be the dividing point for our crisis that are being showed off with the insurgency and rebellion waves… Which will not have a complete win (or success) until the feminization of the values, the perceptions and the signs… Because with feminizing them it would set them free from the male and masculinity times that got to conquer humanity by slavering it and by applying on it the imposition of subservient (obedience) and surrender… It’s not just a day to celebrate the Women’s Day… But a day to implant values that contrasts the values of marginalization (subordinate) and to refuse male and masculine power that its history did not witness anything but the great pressure on humanity with blood, looting, larceny and false loyalties.

This was written by a friend who is an artist and writer. An Arab, Male, very Masculine and older than 40 years, Married. So not a woman nor a gay man has written this paragraph.

Is it… Is it true if feminizing the rules and the Arab world it would save them? Well… It might be a good idea to apply or at least to try as we did in Finland and many other countries including US and UK… It seems to be working there!

For what it’s worth… I am proud to be woman! I am Proud of being my mum’s daughter who is a great woman herself. And so proud to her mother’s grandchild as an amazing mother of three wonderful women that make our family stand and made other families stand through the years… Yes a family of women and I am so proud to be one of them!!! True thanks for my very few male cousins in the women’s family for adopting the feminine values we carried on… Thank you for being proud of our strength and thank you for respecting us throughout the years….

Happy Women’s Day… Be proud of being one!!!

March 5, 2011

Hoping things get better soon!!! :-(

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I don’t know… I can’t write about things happening in Bahrain as I promised to keep my pen down off doing that.

But what I can write about are my feelings… I feel so bad and sad for knowing about the F1’s postponement if not cancellation from Bahrain. I know other events will be coming. And I will somehow get to attend an F1 race this year but still it got to me!

I am feeling quite low these days. My weight has gone up as not as much movement. We are still going out, but not as much everywhere is quiet and empty!

I’m hoping to start a new job sometime soon. I need a visa and my boss has an excuse right on tip of his tongue every time the issue gets mentioned… now the excuse is the events and problems in Bahrain are preventing him from getting my papers done! Even if it means leaving Event Management and working in customer service for the visa I will do it!

My boyfriend is feeling low as well these days as the motor sports events been canceled and that is his passion. He also gained weight after quitting smoking and also after the movement got much less as well. This got him back to smoking again which I was sad but I do understand it… Finding myself asking for cigarette from someone just to calm myself down every now and then. Even if it maybe 2 a week it’s more than what I smoked before this sad events all started.

Iida also has had really bad time as her movement and going out is much less…

Hoping things get better soon!!! 😦

Update; I know it’s been just few hours since I wrote this post… But it’s already been a better day. I love my man a lot and he helps me smiling… Dana (who is a friend of my man’s) and I guess now Iida’s friend and mine was lovely to spend time with and to share few feelings from the past that was difficult to explain to someone else who has not been through them herself!!! So glad to have friends here!! 🙂

December 1, 2010

Kallemne Advertising 80001811 will not work!!!

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I guess every one is wondering about Kallemne and what is happening there… Everyone is wondering when is it going to start working! Well the sad news is Kallemne will not work!!!

On Monday November the 29th, around 30 employees from the new advertising company Kallemne got out in front of the office building in demonstration and asking for their unpaid salaries!

The G.M who is also the C.E.O and the biggest shareholder of the company. Mr. XXX has not paid his staff for months. There are employees that haven’t been paid for over 4 months.

As a result. Many of his staff has been late paying their bills, rents, loans, and even their hairdressers and barbers. The police want some for questioning because of late in payments. Some are not even going back to their homes worried the authorities would catch them!

Some had to leave their university this year for not paying their bills for few months! Another’s finding hard time to keep their own families together as problems continued for quite sometime in their homes. And some of the employees had to fight for their kids as no money meant no food, any school and no hospitals!

But coming to the cases that hurt me most to know about. The foreigners who were working for that company were promised visa’s… every one of them got the approval from the LMRA but not of their visas was paid. So some ended up sleeping in the company car on the beach not to get into trouble with authorities. Others couldn’t put their kids to school this year for not having the CPR number, which is given to the person living n Bahrain as soon as he/she has working visa or long term permit! Some had to watch their kids get to over 40degrees of fever but not being able to take them to public hospital because they had no CPR number and couldn’t take their kid to private hospital because they had no money as no salary been paid for months!

And as it seems this whole act happened after a Saudi investor’s visit to the company on the same day. And as it seems the staff were ordered to keep a smile and play a role of happy employees that had nothing to complain about. So the investor would be convinced to invest his money in the company! And so the staff one by one seems to have taken turns to tell the Saudi investor what kind of a company Kallemne is. Some even told him that he was fooled and was brought to the company to get his money stolen by Mr. XXX.

Well good news is the Saudi investor did not put his money to the company. And also the police came to take Mr. XXX to spend his night in a cell before transferring him to investigations and will be taken to court! For the employees they were in the Ministry of Labor today to give their complains. Some will be taking a small part of their salary, but sadly not all!

The only sad part that had no good news is the foreigners who have no visa and might have to be kicked out of the country! I hope their issue would get solved soon. They seem lovely group when I had my meeting with them!

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