February 14, 2014




So I have been in this business for some years now…


My uncle is a chef who wrote few famous cooking books back in Finland… I and my family are into food for years as I found it comes all the ways from our great-grandfather who was an Italian Chef that worked for an aristocratic Russian Family LONG time ago…


My daughter is 14 and her cooking is unbelievable… My mum, Aunts, Cousins and of my sweet grandmother has always been over creative in food making…


I was married to a very talented Chef for 6 years which also helps to develop my taste and love for kitchens…


My daughter at age of 3 when was asked where would she like to eat and that she had the choice to ask any restaurant she wanted, she asked for the nice restaurant that served those nice Snails and Spicy stake… I knew she got her special love for flavors from her mother!!


Time passes and I am still in this field more and more into pastry and cakes these days. It is beautiful! Full of Art and Flavors. It is even giving me the urge to study cooking, but not to work in the kitchen but I just have the urge to know even more!!!


I met few famous Chefs through my working years… I have to say my favorite is the Australian Chef Greg Malouf Who I read his article many years back even before meeting… A Good Cook knows by smell if his/her food missing something. That saying was told to me by my ex-husband who himself was reason for me to follow Greg Malouf… I remember I was so stressed… Sweaty… Nervous to meet him in my work place few years back…  


Yesterday I met another famous (show man) Chef Buddy Valastro From Cake Boss… Ok not my favorite man and not sure I can really call him a Chef… But he is talented in making HUGE cakes… His show on TV is more family oriented show like American Chopper and Hogan Knows Best… But still my husband, my daughter and myself we do like watching it if it’s on TV…


I realized one thing though… As Chef Greg Malouf came in to our premises he was accompanied with professional humble nice people… They were giving him even better image than already been built-in my head… While Chef Buddy Valastro came with BAGS OF **** who are full of themselves and so disrespectful. As a result they affected his image in my mind from being a talented young man (one year older than myself) who is funny and pleasant to see and changed him to show-off arrogant, full of himself of an image…


I still shock his hand and gave him my card and told him it was a pleasure to have met him… But it wasn’t even close to the pleasure of meeting Greg Malouf…


All I’m trying to say… Choose the people who you are with they can lift your image from ZERO to Million or Drop it down from a Million to ZERO!!!I advise you to choose to be seen with for socializing!

Hyvää Ystävänpäivää !!!


October 17, 2013


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Marron Glace

I don’t remember when was the last time when I was raised up to heaven and brought back down to earth with a bite…


The new Coffee Sweet in Lilou Artisan Patisserie… Marron Glacé Covered with heavenly chocolate all placed on a crunchy light biscuit base. A bite so sweet still so balanced. My advice when you take a bite you close your eyes and allow your senses travel free.


BD35 for the kilo?? No problem, a heavenly bite like that is sold 40-60 euros back in Finland by the dozen if not 5 euros per piece which means this is less than ½ price deal if not ¼!!


I’m hoping to take some for my mum when I visit in Christmas this year… I know she will love it!


A bite made in heaven by Lilou Artisan Patisserie in Bahrain… That is MUST try. 

August 2, 2012

Loving Finland


We are here for few days now. Well almost 1 week has passed, but it seemed just few days. The best part we have done so much already!! 🙂

Ali seems to be having fun and Iida asking when are we moving back means she is really loving it.

For me it’s just simple. I’m Loving Finland!!

July 22, 2012

I hope Ali Dadi will love this trip


I can’t wait to see my mum, friends and family… only few days left and I will be breathing that air I missed!

But this time I’ll be with the man I love. Ali Dadi is joining Iida and me on this trip. So much in plan not sure what we can and can’t do in this short time we are there!

We are even visiting Sweden! How we will manage to do all what are planning to do!? 😛

I can’t wait for my mum to hug me!! I can’t wait to go out with Emmi!! I can’t wait to go for the Cruise to Sweden with Kerttu!!! I can’t wait to see my little niece and my sister Sara and talk about Bahrain!!! And now knowing we have family gatherings at my Aunt Anna-Liisa’s place made me so happy!!! 

I hope Ali Dadi will love this trip. Hoping he will love my Family and friends! Well… I’m sure he will love everyone because he loves me!

February 26, 2012

I will not say Happy Birthday to you

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This was written 2 days ago.. but as I got net today I was able to publish it today!

It’s your birthday again. Last year I had nothing but my heart and love to offer but I felt it was not enough.

This year I have bought you a watch… Iida and I bought you headphones… We got you cards… I bought you clothes… Planned a whole surprise dinner in Zoe… And planning to take you to movies day after with Iida… Still not enough!!

I love you and I’m so happy to have shared hard times with you… Good times… Boring times and exciting times… You make me smile like no one ever does. You make me relax like one ever was able to do. You make Iida happy and return she keeps reminding how amazing man you to make sure my love to you just would keep on growing.

I don’t think any money, any gifts or any words could describe how grateful I am to God to have given me you… I can’t explain how this world is lucky to have someone like you walking in it. So I will not say Happy Birthday to you… But I will say Congratulations world for having this day when Ali Dadi was born.

August 30, 2011

Eid Fitr Mubarik

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Wishing all Muslims around the World a very happy and peaceful Eid,
May this year’s Eid give you all the happiness and Joy.

Eid Fitr Mubarik!

February 24, 2011

Happy birthday sweet man of mine! :-*

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You!! I do not know how to describe or tell in words how you make me feel.

I am a very difficult person that no man can stay with for long. You seem to be stronger than I ever thought you would be! You are still around! And I feel you are so much stronger and more loving even.

You make me feel so safe being in your arms. You calm me when I’m angry in ways I never thought a man could! You get me to smile when I am so upset with you or with something you did! You get me all turned on when I think no man or anything could in this world and make me travel the skies each time you make love to me!

I never in my life felt so amazing with a man for this long! You are truly amazing! You came to remind me how life is worth living again! When the only reasons were left were my daughter and the sake of being strong! I was giving up the day you made me laugh! Even now with all the hard times and sad things going on around us in our life and the country, you get me smiling and get me looking at life in a good way!

You ever heard of butterflies in stomach??? Well you gave them to me when we kissed first on August 27th. And still those butterflies keep making me feel funny and nice when you kissed me today when you dropped me to work!

I guess it is true and I am in love! You just called me and asked me if I loved you, and I said a lot. You asked only? I said if you wanted me to jump off the balcony for you!? You said you would be lost then without me! True I won’t jump off a cliff nor a balcony for just being in love and I need to stay well for my little girl… But you give me the strength and believes that I would not get hurt as my wings will come out and I’ll fly.

Your face is memorized in my head and when ever I need to smile I get it out in front of my eyes and see your face and how you look at me and soon the smile on my face again… Thank you!

I thought just to let you know while I am sure I am around alive a little of how I feel with you! And thought to say it on your birthday to make sure you remembered this birthday you were with a woman who is crazy in love with you. So please don’t ask again why is your birthday important! It’s the date when an amazing man who got my soul living again was born!

Happy birthday sweet man of mine! :-*

February 1, 2011

I will not envy myself now


So it’s been 18 days since I posted last… Have to say a lot has happened… Ali Dadi took 3rd place in his first race in Riyadh and 2nd place in his second race there! There is a BLOG made to follow-up with the WGA Chevrolet Supercars Championship for any news.

I moved to a new apartment. Which is 3 bedrooms + big kitchen (which I am so excited about) + a good size living room + a hall (so walls to be creative on) + entry (small hall which is good for shoe cupboard and hanger for jackets which reminds me of Finland) + 2 toilets (one in my bedroom and one outside between the other 2 rooms and the living room)… Let’s not forget to mention it is 50BD cheaper than the one we were living in which was one bedroom + living room & kitchen together+ one toilet which was inside my room… Iida slept in the living room and I used to hate working in that kitchen! And above all the old apartment was so far from all my friends who all live so close to my new apartment! And another point which is SO IMPORTANT to me is BIC is like 15 min away instead of 30 min!!! I love my new place! 😀

Now to something more serious… My boss still didn’t provide me with Visa… He always has the answer on top of his tongue saying he is working on it… So even though I was happy to be the Event Coordinator manager I might have to say goodbye to this job as soon as I find somewhere else! 😦

Good news… My boyfriend and I are still together after 6 months have passed. I have fallen in love and I think he loves me too. Iida and him get a long fine, which makes things so much easier! And I am neither bored of him nor tired of him yet… And the sex is still so amazing!!! I guess I found someone I was hoping to meet long time ago!

I will not envy myself now… So I will say thank you Lord, thank you to my angels and good spirits… thanking the right energies surrounding us… and thanking mostly Ahmed Sami who pushed us together!!

January 14, 2011

I guess these are few of my updates


So… I know it’s been such a long time since I wrote something. A lot has happened. Not sure where to start from, but I’ll try to fill up some gaps in what I have not posted.

  1. Ali Dadi has been chosen to race for Chevrolet Supercars Championship in the (SC06) category. And he will have his first debut in Riyadh at the Reem International Circuit on Wednesday and Thursday (19th & 20th of January).

  2. I got paid my first ever salary in Bahrain… it was little but it made me pay off the rent…

  3. I found a new apartment… 3 bedrooms, kitchen and living room… Same price and much closer to all my friends so I am moving by 1st of February.

  4. I had a lovely Xmas and a great new year… No big parties but just small ones with people I love a lot.

  5. I love BIC. Oh well this is not new but I had to say it… I just love that place and been spending time in helping there… Saw the Pirelli F1 testing last week there… Attended few events there… Even enjoying barbeques… Also seems to be spending a lot of time in race-control, and safety car in those events! 🙂 YEEEHHHH I love it!

So when a STUPID SPOILED KUWAITI girls tried today to not let us in because some Kuwaiti girls having some kind of racing thing got me totally pissed off!!! Ok true I am Kuwaiti and proud of it, but who the hell do some of those Kuwaiti people think they are going to places and think they own them!!!??? Who the hell do they think they are when they sent some guy to ask us to close our garage door where we were working so we won’t get to see those spoiled asses plying race day??!!! We did get in… And we were not interested in seeing some girls with full make up trying to make a show of being racing heroes… We had much more important thing that needed to be done there in our garages… And we had fun! So I’m not pissed any more at them and I forgive them… Actually took me less than an hour not get over my anger but had to mention it!! 😉

I guess these are few of my updates… Love you all! :-*

November 25, 2010

last night i slept well


My heart was beating so fast. I wasn’t sure why. So excited all morning! I couldn’t concentrate at work! I don’t know what was coming into me! I was sweating and any one who knows me personally knows how hard it is to get me to sweat! But my ends were still cold! I was not sure if I was feeling cold or hot! My eyes were going around in my head. As if they were looking for something! But nothing! I did not find anything I was looking for! My stomach was starting to hurt and rumble!

Time was getting closer. I kept looking at the time waiting for 4:25. That was the time when his plain was landing! But why is time going so slow????? It was making me so upset! I just want that plain on the ground in Bahrain!

Left work at 3pm (15:00), as my head couldn’t handle anything or think of anything anymore! I couldn’t keep myself busy with work or anything else! Not even with facebook! I kept just looking at the time and doing my count down!

I was at the airport 4:10pm (16:10). I was so early and Jack’s advice was come home, leave the car and let’s go all together when I called him to complain about the parking, which was totally full! But I said that I couldn’t! I can’t leave the airport before seeing him walk out that gate, I thought to myself! So I found a parking place in the end of the world, it felt, but at least it was a parking spot and I couldn’t care less for walking the distance!

And so, I stood there waiting! It showed in the landing schedule that the airplane was 5 min late. It made my heart pound! Why??? I do not want him 1 min late! So I stood there. Waiting! Looking at people saying hellos and hugging, I saw a little young girl that is not even 10 years old hugging some ladies as soon as she was out of the gate and started crying. I saw a young man coming out and going straight through the women who were clearly waiting for him to pass them straight to the old man behind them to kiss him on his forehead and hold his hand and place a kiss on it too. The old man’s eyes shined. I guess they were full of tears! It was a beautiful scene that I just see only usually in movies or read in stories! Never thought I will see it there! It was very touching!

After seeing all those heart touching moments I saw in front of me, I realized those feeling I was feeling all day were natural! When waiting for a person you miss so much. Some one… (I guess I can say love.) I was happy to see Jacks and Iida next to me suddenly, they made bit fun of my messed up emotions and me. They had their laughs and it was time for me to just wait so maybe I could find a hint of his smell before he comes out of that gate! Then suddenly I saw him, my heart was beating so fast and I just wanted to run, but Jacks’ advice that I should control myself in public was keeping me still! I saw Iida running to hug him, I was jealous… I wanted to be the first to touch his skin and feel his hug right after walking out that gate! But true, she is a kid, and lucky her she can run to him and fill his face with kisses and body with hugs and no one can tell her a word! But I could see his eyes were fixed on me even when he was hugging her and kissing her! He walked to me with fast steps! He kissed me then gave me a hug. My face ended up right on his shoulder (specially with the 10cm heals I was wearing). My eyes got filled with tears and I didn’t want to let go! I told him not to ever leave me for such a long time ever again! He looked at me and smiled and answered: I do not want to ever leave you and be alone to go to anywhere for this long period myself ever again. Then took few steps to the back to start saying hi to Jacks and to Ahmed.

Last night I slept well! But I still feel like laying in his arms and not move just to make love again and again and go back to sleep again.

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