August 2, 2012

Loving Finland


We are here for few days now. Well almost 1 week has passed, but it seemed just few days. The best part we have done so much already!! 🙂

Ali seems to be having fun and Iida asking when are we moving back means she is really loving it.

For me it’s just simple. I’m Loving Finland!!


August 30, 2011

Eid Fitr Mubarik

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Wishing all Muslims around the World a very happy and peaceful Eid,
May this year’s Eid give you all the happiness and Joy.

Eid Fitr Mubarik!

April 22, 2009


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Sorry everyone for not posting about the F1 as usual!!! I’m too busy in Bahrain and won’t have time at all to be posting!!! So I will try to post as soon as I’m back in Cyprus!! 🙂

And just so you know…… Bahrain is perfect!!!! 😀

April 5, 2009


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So I’m going to Bahrain!!! For the F1 race!!! Got my free tickets from a good friend!!!

So what else??/ I will be going all alone, so no my man no my girl!!! 😦 … it was first planned as the whole family… but seems money problems didn’t help or allow doing so!!!

I will be staying at my good friend’s place Leen… she is the lovely lady who came for my big 30th birthday party back in October!!! I did wish Emmi could come at least for few days too… but I guess I only can hope she finishes here thesis soon so she will be a free woman again!!!!! Emmi… do it girl… and I’ll see you soon after!!! 🙂

I will be meeting up with Aladdin who is another friend who came over for my birthday too… then of course few other friends!!

I will enjoy the race up close…. And my god the food, tanning, all the crazy stuff going around… I am so excited!!!

I also might be getting close to some real expensive cars and taking a lot of pictures! 🙂

December 23, 2008


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Christmas Eve… That’s the day we Scandinavians wait for all year long to celebrate so well…

This is the time when I miss my mum… this is the time I miss Emmi… miss my grandmother… miss the food at my fam’s home… miss the smell of evergreen coniferous tree or joulukuusi as we call it back in Finland… I do miss my family and friends but glad to know they are all around me with their thoughts… the love and in my memories…

So merry Christmas everyone… I love you!

September 24, 2008



So yes… I have been having loads of fun… I will be adding so many pics to my facebook as soon as I get back home!

So movie on Friday ended up being fully booked and we didn’t get in… Yes sad even though the movie has been in the theaters for many many weeks! Well maybe next time… so story continues… so Emmi and I decide to call and make our dinner reservations bit earlier!! And I still didn’t know what the restaurant we were going to is! And so we end up in Katajanukka which is a beautiful area in Helsinki… and then she walks with me to a hotel… my surprise is that hotel used to be a jail just 4 years ago or so… so here we are in this jail that looks so amazing as a hotel from inside… it was cool… then we go downstairs for the amazing meal in jailbird… … the meal was perfect, service was amazing… and the tour to the jail cell was so fun…

Then we head to the party… and we were going to barfly… where my friends where playing… I saw DJ Defkut… my god he hasn’t changed… still good music amazing style and perfect smile!!! and of course I had my good friend Olga and her man DJ Rahim… yes it was great having them around as they have been some of my best friends in Finland for years! You can see some photos of me and the party in this web add…

the day after was my cousin Lauri’s wedding… it was nice as well… so seems I couldn’t get any rest… as my birthday was on Sunday… and I can officially say and smile about being over 30!!! 😀

Story will continue later!!! :*

September 19, 2008



Holidays in Finland… Well good things… I mean amazing stuff… Emmi keeps making me happier everyday for being her friend… my mum look amazing after loosing the extra kilos she had on when I saw her last… so many friends and family to see…

So I arrived on the 13th… saw my mum, out of the door with Emmi for the evening as we went to a lovely Moroccan restaurant… Fez the name if I remember right… beautiful food, service and place!!! 😀

Next day… missed my F1 😦 … as I had to joined friends for lunch and bowling… in this new place called flamingo… I was impressed!! Well I don’t think I would have been the most excited one seeing Räikköenen loosing more points as I’m enjoying my time in Finland… spent the end of the evening with my mum…

Then came the week… much more to continue later as I have to run again to join Emmi for a movie, dinner and nightclubbing!!! 😀

Kisses to all…

June 15, 2008


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I though I made a friend last year… I just thought! I’m bit hurt at the moment! Now I am the type of person I don’t get upset for someone not liking me, or not being able to be my friend… as we all are different and have different opinions about people and life! So no way I will find that all the people in this world loving me… and no way would they all hate me!

This story is different… a person used to read my blog, and I read and still read his/her blog… the he/she came to visit me with some friends… we had or thought we had 3 lovely days! We kept in contact, and got few small chats of him/her, few messages and few comments on my blog… then… then suddenly everything stopped… I sent messages, I commented on his/her blog every now and then, but nothing came back!

Suddenly one night I god a text message very late and it was from him/her… saying he/she is coming with some friends… so I sent back a message saying when next morning… but guess what??? No answer!

Last night was the last thing which really hurt me! I was walking in Agia Napa when I suddenly heard someone calls my name… I look and it was one of this person’s friends that came with him/her last summer!!! I hugged him/her, chatted for few minutes and huge smile on my face! Until he/she tells me that they told my friend about him/her coming so my friend would tell me!! Then went back to the Stelios’ work place and suddenly it hit… this person really has never been my friend… it was just for fun, or curiosity about this crazy ½ Kuwaiti girl that lives and strange life and maybe it was my F1 posts, or maybe just because I seemed different!

Now if you don’t think well about me, or you don’t like me, I have no problem with that what so ever! If you don’t want to have any contact with me that is ok too! But it is rude for a person to be sending me messages at 2am drunk telling me friend I’m coming to Agia Napa then ignores my messages next morning… and it’s rude when you are told to tell me that someone is coming as I saw clearly this person have been looking for me, and was shocked as I wasn’t told he/she was coming!!!

So my friend that I thought you was my friend! I did really care and still care about you as I thought you were a lovely person! But please delete my name from your phone, emails and your msn so I wouldn’t get messages again from you at 2am!!!

It always hurts when you lose a friend!!! 😦

March 2, 2008


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I had I great time on my short holidays! I mean the mountains are amazing!!! We even got to do some skiing! 😀

I want to write bit more… but don’t know why I just feel so lazy!! I mean just so annoyed! I can’t find words! I don’t know what’s going on with me… I think I’ll wait few more days when my worst time of the month has passed… I have so much to write about… about work… about the holiday… and about the 2 hotels we stayed in Troodos… and some pics… 🙂

Now I’ll go play some final fantasy on ps2!! Love you all…

December 31, 2007

Happy new year to you all

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Happy new year to you all!!!   😀

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