July 6, 2014

The worst ever commercial Kuwait ever allowed to air Ramadan 2014!!!

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Ramadan is in the Muslim world. In the gulf and Middle East means 100s of new TV series’ and TV commercials.

That is yearly used to… many cheesy commercials. But this year one specific commercial got me very upset and couldn’t believe my ears and eyes when I saw it first time… I had to watch over and over to be sure that Bayan Dental from Kuwait really made such a commercial…

Here is the link and I’ll try to translate the meaning of the commercial to you.

The commercial about 4 sisters and one brother who is the youngest. When they wake up the girls head to wash up and brush their teeth,,, while the brother is chowing gum and refusing to brush his teeth… Then the sisters move to get their hair done and changing their clothes,,, while the brother is eating a chocolate bar… Then the sisters are having their breakfast with healthy orange juice,,, while the brother is drinking a sugary soft drink… All this happening while the mother singing complaining about him…

The whole family head for a photo shoot and the father says “Leave the boy… When he grows like me we will change his teeth…”

What kind of a message this is??? It’s ok for the kids to damage their teeth to fix fake teeth when they grow up??? Where is the real dental advice in this commercial??? How did even the country allow for such a commercial to put in their TV channels as it is showing in many channels!!!

People wonder why many more people are healthier out in Europe (specially northern Europe)… Well for one reason… They have mothers, schools and media teach our children how to keep healthy for a longer time… My grandmother in Finland is close to her 90s and she is going for walks, doing sports, lives by herself, has all her natural real teeth and still has the energy to go out with her friends for dinner or concerts out.

There should be in the gulf and Middle East more restrictions on all media commercials specially when it comes to involve children!!

This was definitely the worst ever commercial Kuwait ever allowed to air Ramadan 2014!!!


June 14, 2009


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I have been through a car accident!!! My neck is hurt and so are my shoulders!!!

What pisses me off… how come when someone stops suddenly in front of you then give a single that he/she will be turning and because of that you end up crashing to them… and that considered your fault!!!! Same with the motorbike accident I was in over 11 years ago… I mean we were driving on the fast lain… and this slow care from the second lane (no cars in front of him) decides he would like to try our lane… so we crash into him and it ends up our fault as we hit him from behind!!!!

It’s unfair!!! :’-(

January 19, 2009


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So I did it!!! I had it done on Friday… I mean the colon hydrotherapy or the colon cleans!

It wasn’t the most pleasant experience, but I have to admit it wasn’t bad! The unpleasant part in it is the feeling that you need to go to the toilet so bad but you can’t get up! As the have a thin small tube in your rectum and that is not too bad as it’s so thin and you just feel something so small going in but it’s not as bad as I expected!!! 😛

After that the water flow starts… it’s quite warm so it’s quite comfortable, till… Till the feeling starts that you really need to run to the toilet… but of course you can’t! 😛

My therapist explained that a lot of shit came out… shit that are at least few years old… it’s true the words I feel like shit before doing the cleansing… as you are full of years of shit… and I really mean it years of shit!!!

As I found out the walls of large intestines hold a quite big part of the shit that pass through it around the years… I really mean exactly what I’m saying here!!! So all the shit hanging and pilling up on the walls makes the intestine’s muscles hard to work… So by time you start having digestion problems and toilet problems… your shit won’t move as fast as it should in the intestines which will cause it to dry up which makes it hard to move and get out… and the water that should have been inside it vibrate and takes the way it came in from… mouth way… so bad breath also will be unbearable!

In 3 days… I do feel less blotted, but she (the therapist) said it could be my small intestines which are bigger problem… but I have to say bad breath is gone! And I do feel better… and going to toilet is not a nightmare anymore! 😀

So I would advice this therapy to all… and regularly… as in at least once every couple of years!

Oh and an ex-friend once had to write her thesis about this therapy… so she made all researches and found a study done on a woman over 70 and never had the colon hydrotherapy done… so they did it for her to see what they can find… they found traces of medicine she had to take for little time once in her life time… before her 20s… so imagine if you are 30 years like I am… what are the stuff you stuffed your large intestines walls through those years!!! 😉

January 11, 2009


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So I need a colon wash or Colon hydrotherapy… you ask uncle Wiki about details!

I have had a blotted stomach for the last one and half year or more… I have done every diet in the book… I have been even medicated and got a camera shaved into my stomach through my throat! And nothing… I have been on detox diets so nothing that would cause the blotting was eaten for over 2 weeks… with no use… I mean I feel I have eaten a horse when I wake up in the morning… knowing I do not eat after 6pm… and when I have thought maybe it’s because I sleep on empty stomach I still got the same feeling next morning…

So I found out about the colon cleansing or wash from an ex-friend… and was confirmed by a great friend that was visiting me in Christmas time! So I went looking for in Cyprus found the closest one in Larnaca… will be giving them a call tomorrow and see where it goes from there!

In Finland and in Sweden it cost about €100-€200… so I hope nothing more than that here in Cyprus! I will be very mad if it did cost more!!!

Pray for me people! 😀

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