March 22, 2013


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Been working for quite enough time in a place where I meet the high society of the country. Really a great experience, I like it and I think it’s very interesting to get to know so many different families from different origins, flavors, tastes and styles they go for.


That is all great… But then.


I meet the high society tails. Or people how hang around them trying to be them. Then coming want to live like them but don’t want to pay like them.


I see women who buy a purse for good € 1000 and then go to show it off in front of people who can’t afford € 20 purse. A woman ordering a dinner for € 500 and want to match it with a €1500 which her friend got just few weeks before her… After bargaining for hours she would agree on the € 500 with cheaper and less items.


The thing is. Not just at work, BIC, Friends, Family… Everywhere around here I see people as such.


You don’t have the money why try to pretend to be one of the ones who has? Why do you want to order cake that someone from the rich people ordered but you get angry when asked from you to pay as much as they paid? A wedding cake that coast someone else € 3000 will cost you € 3000 as well… You will not get it cheaper because your family name is not as wealthy as the one before you!


Why do you try to hurt people who can’t afford what you can?


I can’t afford many things… And well I think it’s stupidity pay € 1000 on a purse… But. I still can sit with my head high with high society and with all my respect with the more unfortunate in wealth part of society. I will be comfortable in an Opera or a ballet in an opera house, just as I will feel comfortable in a Whitesnake, an Iron Maiden’s concerts or even in Circus Mundus Absurdus’ show in a hockey arena…


I can be myself with an Orthodox priest in church, with a Jewish family on a dinner table, with religious Muslim man in his house… I can be myself with old, young, men and women. Maybe that’s why today I can say I am not some wanna be… I am not a tail to anyone… and for sure I Love me the way I am… I do not need to buy a € 1000 purse to belong or for someone to respect me.


So why do you need a €1000 purse and pretend to be rich when you don’t dare to live as the rich people you pretend to belong to do?



April 18, 2012

Talk about me as much as you want and be happy

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I never meant for anyone to get hurt with this post… So if you did take it personal please don’t. I simply meant that I know of few people who are talking about me and Ali. And I know many bad things about those people, what they have done in past and doing now… I just do not care what you do in your personal life… and to be honest I really wish you and your family the best in life and for all your sins to be hidden from public and world so you will not be ever hurt.

Ali said something that made me smile… Nora Cassandra, You are so famous that the whole Bahrain has nothing but you to check and talk about… So… I’m Famous! 🙂

357 views from Bahrain Alone since February 25th. 2012. WOW… I am Famous here!! 😛

So I guess I will never be able to satisfy the world. And still if it makes you happy and gives you pleasure… and fills up your free time talking about The Famous Nora-Cassandra, I will not hate you nor will get angry at you for doing that! 

Peace and love to you all! :-*

March 9, 2012

I am forced into small round tight cave and I’m not happy!!!

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So I was in bad car crash. Well how did it happen? Driving in highway with normal speed of 100km/h on left lane (if you drive as the do in UK wrong side of the road so think of it in the opposite lane which will be right for you)… And this driver suddenly appears from the right side of the road and has lost control of his car driving side way so not with the way nor opposite way. He hits the left front corner of the car I’m in and causes the car I’m in to spin and hit the highway barrier. Then he hits the car I’m in from the back where I spin again and finally hits me face to face.

I walked out fine, few bruises but no broken bones.

2 days after the accident I was back to work. As I felt fine just some ache in my neck but nothing that bad. Then come the day that I slipped at work, thank God had nothing in my hand. I fell on my left thigh and shoulder. I was fine some ache in my left knee and shoulder seemed nothing to worry about. Week later I suddenly couldn’t move my neck. I could turn, my neck has been so bad since.

After 5 Xrays… 3 doctor’s consoltations. I was told over and over I need to get an MRI scan taken as soon as possible. MRI??? Well all I know it’s this round cave like machine where people with cancer sometimes put in for check ups. I guess that was movie effect. I hate the idea walking through metal detector in Airports how about going to this Magnetic field of a cave? I am not bad claustrophobic but I do not like the idea of being in a tight place for over 20 min not allowed even to hum so no movement would occur!

Now battling with insurance company to approve my MRI but seems no way out of this one! But that won’t take more than couple of days.

My neck hurts SO BAD and those stupid migraines are not stopping! So here I am forced into small round tight cave and I’m not happy!

March 5, 2011

Hoping things get better soon!!! :-(

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I don’t know… I can’t write about things happening in Bahrain as I promised to keep my pen down off doing that.

But what I can write about are my feelings… I feel so bad and sad for knowing about the F1’s postponement if not cancellation from Bahrain. I know other events will be coming. And I will somehow get to attend an F1 race this year but still it got to me!

I am feeling quite low these days. My weight has gone up as not as much movement. We are still going out, but not as much everywhere is quiet and empty!

I’m hoping to start a new job sometime soon. I need a visa and my boss has an excuse right on tip of his tongue every time the issue gets mentioned… now the excuse is the events and problems in Bahrain are preventing him from getting my papers done! Even if it means leaving Event Management and working in customer service for the visa I will do it!

My boyfriend is feeling low as well these days as the motor sports events been canceled and that is his passion. He also gained weight after quitting smoking and also after the movement got much less as well. This got him back to smoking again which I was sad but I do understand it… Finding myself asking for cigarette from someone just to calm myself down every now and then. Even if it maybe 2 a week it’s more than what I smoked before this sad events all started.

Iida also has had really bad time as her movement and going out is much less…

Hoping things get better soon!!! 😦

Update; I know it’s been just few hours since I wrote this post… But it’s already been a better day. I love my man a lot and he helps me smiling… Dana (who is a friend of my man’s) and I guess now Iida’s friend and mine was lovely to spend time with and to share few feelings from the past that was difficult to explain to someone else who has not been through them herself!!! So glad to have friends here!! 🙂

November 4, 2010

of course i will walk out with my head up high

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How do expect me to continue to work for a management that actually says: don’t say she is getting contracts because she is a girl and can use that with clients, there are places where they would love to have a man visiting them!


What??? Are you saying you want women and men in your company to sleep with clients to get you contracts??? Sorry… but that is not included in my work ethics! And i am not a Muslim… so those Muslims working for you, i have seen how religious they are and how high their work ethics reach; do you expect them to work as whores for you… for the sake of your company??? I’m sorry. But that is so unacceptable!


You are not helping them with the petrol needed for their cars, so they could go out and get you the contracts. You say everything is given to them… well they (me) worked for you since 25 of September. No money been paid to them since that day… where do you think they can manage to get you petrol to drive to go and get you contracts??? Should they offer their sexual services in this too???


How come you want someone to get a contract when me myself sat with a client and after the presentation he said: with all my respect to you Nora-Cassandra, but how do you want me to sign up a contract with a company that its owner has put out in market for sale? If the owner of your company doesn’t believe in it… do you really expect me (as a big business man he is) to sign in it???


When i asked him about your company on sale details he answered: If mr.X has opened the subject with me about 2 weeks ago and asked me what did I  thinks if we would buy the company… so ask mr.X for more details.

And so i did. i called mr.X (another big business man) to confirm. And it was confirmed! He told me that you haven’t paid for your advertising campaign. You haven’t paid for the cars rented, nor the cars you have today. You haven’t paid your staff’s salary for over 4 months and they been working for you for so long time over 6 months and more some of them…


So again… you want your staff to pay for your advertising campaign, your rented cars, the cars you bought and for their own salaries by offering their sexual services to the world???


Of course I will walk out with my head up high and not work for you… any one with ethics and principles will do the same!!! Wait and see!

October 21, 2010

i can’t judge you just because in my ethics i think what you’re doing is wrong!

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i am so so so sorry… i judged again… i try not to… i try to understand so i would not judge.

back to an old story my mum made me change a lot of my ways of thinking about whores or prostitutes!!! i remembered the story because once again after so many years i used that definition to insult a woman who is sleeping her way to top or to keep a good position at my work place.

sorry mum for doing that… sorry for using the name of whore in such situation! i know and still remembered what you said.

why do you use that word to curse someone with it?

it’s an insulting and bad job, that’s why!!!

well, you say bad and insulting job… why?

because the woman gets paid for sleeping with some disgusting man that she doesn’t even like most of the time!!

so as a single woman when you need sex (as we all do) what do you do?

i call a friend that i might be using for such situations.

the friend is out of town, what do you do?

go out with the girls and see if i get lucky and meet some good looking man i would use for some time! 😛

and the good looking single young man, when he needs to get laid what does he do?

goes out see if he gets lucky!

so you, and the good looking young man would simply go out to see if you get lucky, maybe not first night but sure few nights out you would… right?

yes! but i don’t see what does this have to do with whores.!?

well you are 23… let’s say till the age of 40 maybe even 50 this will work… same goes to the good looking young man… ok… so what about a man that is fat, ½ bold, maybe some skin problem, ugly, shy and not asb young as you, but not old… what would he do when he needs to get laid??


will he get lucky going to a club like you or the young good looking man??


so he doesn’t need to get sex???

well… yeh… i guess he does!!!

so 1 month, 2 months, 5 months maybe a year or 2… he is not getting laid!!! what do you think he will do???


oh… who will he rape? a young girl most probably… maybe your sister, your daughter… maybe you!?


don’t say anything… just answer me. why wouldn’t you have sex with him so he won’t go out and rape??

i can’t sleep with someone i am not attracted to!!!

so you’re saying sleeping with such man is a very hard work??

god yeh!

almost impossible?


so the whore… is doing this difficult job of sleeping with this man… very difficult job as you said yourself… keeps some women safe from getting raped… your daughter, your sister and yourself included… she gets paid for this amazing hard work she did… man is happy paying as he feels good, relaxed and over the moon at last he got laid… NORA-CASSANDRA!!! what is the bad thing in prostitutes again??? why do you use the name whore to insult someone???

i’m so sorry mum… never looked at it this way… i will never use it to insult a woman because i’m angry at her ever again!!!

 ok… so i did that the last 4 days… i had 20 min prayer today asked for forgiveness from god and asked from the world to forgive me as well! the girl might be using ways i find unjust … or i find them dirty… and she might be doing things to hurt her fellow workers. but who am i to judge??? i have no right! no right what so ever!!! if she can get high that way and feels good about herself, then good for her. if someday she’ll feel guilty and bad hope she will find the way to forgive herself… again… i’m so sorry. i can’t judge you just because in my ethics i think what you’re doing is wrong!

September 15, 2010

how come you try to judge me, and expect me to judge you???



so this is to some people who are new to my blog…


my first name is nora cassandra… i was born in finland september 1978… my mum is practically an atheist and some moments i think she believes if there was a god then it’s a woman… her mother (or family) are christian lutherans. my dad has introduced himself with many religions, one was chritianity when met my mum another is science and last i knew about was a muslim sheat… my dad’s family are sheat muslims… i was also baptised in a greek orthodox church before marrying my second husband…


i was raised for my first 7 years in finalnd… churches was somewhere i visited very often with my grandmother… so yes i did grow up thinking god’s name is jesus!!!! and it was also where i was taught women have rights and so does children and animals!!! then after i was kidnapped by my dad… i was beaten up for over 6 years to pray a prayer and do things without being convinced about them… i still have bruises at my age to remind me… and my dad’s family, when i became a teenager and after years of trying to do what they want me to do just to get their love… rejected me. i was called names behind my back as the christian’s daughter… not original… and of course the worst of all (my dad’s name)’s daughter!!!! at the age of 15 i knew i was and will never be a muslim… with all my respect to my muslim family they were never able to convince me… and with all my respect to my sunnat muslim teachers, they never were able to convince me either!!!


i was into cars, motorbikes, sports, politics but not shopping nor love… i was a man who was in a woman’s, body… but i wasn’t into girls and don’t think will ever be… so i’m straight!!! it was just that kuwaiti women were not kind of women i would get along with… so i hanged out with guys… never had sex nor real boyfriend with sexual relation… max i did was kissing but even that didn’t feel much so never was in love in my teenage years… so i wasn’t a bad girl not even if you go through islamic or any religion’s (laws)… i just liked things boys liked and was accepted by them as one of them!!!


i was very angry young woman… but i still believed that i had rights to choose my life and my actions just as i remembered i had the right in finalnd… i had my first sexual relationship when i was 20… i had real intercourse… i do not regret it and still would do it again with the same guy… no i was not in love with him, but we had such a connection that it felt right!!! months after that got married to a sunni muslim (not the man i had sex with) at the age of 20, what do we really know about love… i just wanted to get out of my dad’s house and away from a family that hates me because i’m different!! but sadly it didn’t work out… as i was alone in kuwait no family except a husband that we fell out of love in few months… i had no one!!!


i went to finalnd… in finalnd at first i was trying to do what ever my mum wanted me to do or i thought she wanted me to do… that what all the hate and beating in kuwait taught me… you should act and behave in the way people want you to do so you would be loved… but soon after i realized my mum was nothing like that!!!!


i could be a jew, muslim, christian, atheist or even a satanist as long as she cared… she just wanted to see me happy… came a day where i was dating tony… my big love and heartbreak… she did not like him at all.. well he was a dealer and a looser but i still fell for him… she said to me she didn’t like him and wishes i would see that he is no good for me, but in the end of the conversation she said nora cassandra, i love you and you are an adult… i will love you if you date the devil himself as much as i will love you dating a saint… nothing will change my love to you!!!


another thing she always reminded me with is that i’m a woman… i need men for one thing only in my life as a young lady… i need them for sex only… i do not need one to take care of me… i do not need a man to have kids as i have my daughter… i do not need them to make me feel safe as i can do all that myself… so when i meet a man i like a lot, feel comfortable to spend my time with, share my empty space with, sleep next to regularly, enjoy sex every time, and he is not trying to take over my life, that is a man i will keep dating for as long as this good feelings last!!!


i do not believe a woman should be virgin when she marries… i do not believe a woman should get engaged and suddenly move into a man’s house and live with for ever… i believe in sharing lives with people you think you can and try to live with for years before marrying or taking such steps… i’m a difficult woman to handle… very stubborn and such a pain… can’t relax sleeping next to someone in same bed easily… been married 2 times… been raised up and lived through different religions, culture and countries… i walk with finnish passport and a finnish name… so my kuwaiti part of family won’t be insulted with my view for life… i am NOT a muslim… i am NOT a christian… i am just a simple human who believes in her own believes and respect each one of you for yours… so if you are a woman who says you are 1/2 arab and 1/2 non arab and believe a woman should be a virgin i respect you for that… but in return you need to learn how to respect me for just being me… i do not advice any young girl from any religion or country to have sex or don’t have… as i said i believe in freedom of choice!!!


we are just human… how come you try to judge me, and expect me to judge you??? respect and love is all what there is that will keep peace in this world and can save it… war, hate, anger and human judgments will just bring destruction!!!!

November 4, 2008


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So now… after days of cooling off my disappointment and anger… here am writing about the F1 champion of 2008…

Lewis Hamilton… he is born in January 1985… a very young talented English formula1 driver… now I have nothing against his talent… I have nothing against him… I just don’t feel right with it… he seems fake for me all the time… there is something that can’t be touched… I‘ll explain… Kimi Räikkönen was hard headed bad loser (bad in losing) with a horrible attitude… he laid it out there for every one to see from the start… he didn’t play the good sweet Finnish guy… yes by years he learned how to control it and hide it but he still doesn’t feel fake… ok you say maybe I say that because I’m a fan… so give you another example… Alonso… a man I despised from the day he gave his stupid attitude with press about how much better he was from Schumacher and bad mouthed him in a public… but he was there with his real horrible attitude… yes he learned how to be more polite and learned how to suck up his anger and stupidity through the years… but he was never a fake… with Hamilton I don’t get that… how can a 21 years old boy have perfect answer a polite reply and right words for every single question??? How can he get so high suddenly with no flaws on his record… anything…? I mean it’s not normal!!! Even the children of the best families raised by perfect well spoken people are never this perfect at that age… time passed and he’s closing up to 24. Still perfect words perfect attitude perfect smile that never fades… but still I do like his talent with his car! Ok maybe the only ever (problem) Hamilton got in was the incident in France… but even that it was just over speeding!!! So not good enough mistake for a man in early 20s!!!

Now my biggest prob with the picture of Hamilton are the things surround him! Where should I star from… ok…

Carmen Lockhart is Hamilton’s mum she is white English… and you can find a lot of pictures of her and news of her on the net… she seems nice enough not to have anything in my opinion which is bad written about her… and frankly I just saw her picture first time like 3 months ago and then found out her name… so didn’t know the lady!!!

Dad… oh no don’t want to talk about him yet… the brother or the ½ brother… Nicolas didn’t look much about him as I just know he is younger and he suffers from Cerebral Palsy which is a condition that cause physical disability in human development… we saw him many times in the races… bless him I always loved that boy… something in him makes me feel peace!!!

Dad… oh god… yeh most know I hate this person… I hate Anthony Hamilton so much that when I see his face on the TV screen I change the channel if it’s not F1 or if is about F1 then I need to turn my face away… I mean it… something in that man…(he reminds me of my feeling when i see George Bush’s face). Any way… this guy wants to support his son… so he babysits him every race… yes we see other fathers in race every now and then showing support but this man is there in every single second… ok ok he is his manager along with his second wife Linda who helps in that… but I don’t see any pilots’ managers every single race and every single qualification on tack with them… so what’s the deal with the babysitter?? Doesn’t he think he has another son that might need bit more babysitting, help and attention??? I think this boy (Lewis) is all grown up and could take care of himself… but no… money and fame is behind this son… so the other son could just hang along behind waiting for his 5 mins every now and then!!!

Then ok I don’t and never follow F1’s pilots, mechanics or anyone else’s privet lives (dating and such)… I think your privet life and person you/he/she or they are sleeping with is none of my business or problem as long as it’s not my husband or close family member! But I was looking at this old woman… ok not old but a woman as old as 38-40 that was all the time on cameras who was standing with Anthony (Hamilton’s dad)… and I was thinking to myself I have seen this woman before somewhere… and my god took me 2 days to actually realize that was Nicole Scherzinger the lead singer from Pussycat Dolls if you know them… my god and I used to think she was dead up gorgeous… she looked like 100 years ok she looked 10 years older than what she really is… and I tell you that girl is just 3 months older than me, makes her almost 7 years older than our champion.. But who am I to judge???? I’m sure her pussycat moves helped a lot and well I don’t know if she really talented in anything else, but I know men see that alone as good enough talent!!! Yeh… I never liked her and will never like her… I call her the pussycat doll girl and if you really know what that mean… it’s a stripper!!!! As I think talents are many but she is not one… but as I said I do not care who the F1 pilot sleeps with as long as he makes me enjoy the show when he drives the car!!!

So!!! No!! I’m not happy Hamilton is the champion… I don’t think he deserved it quite yet… I wish Massa got it… I wish Button (another English pilot) or Kubica… Of course my real wish was for Räikkönen to get it but still I wouldn’t have even mind if Alonso got it rather than Hamilton!!! 😦

June 15, 2008


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I though I made a friend last year… I just thought! I’m bit hurt at the moment! Now I am the type of person I don’t get upset for someone not liking me, or not being able to be my friend… as we all are different and have different opinions about people and life! So no way I will find that all the people in this world loving me… and no way would they all hate me!

This story is different… a person used to read my blog, and I read and still read his/her blog… the he/she came to visit me with some friends… we had or thought we had 3 lovely days! We kept in contact, and got few small chats of him/her, few messages and few comments on my blog… then… then suddenly everything stopped… I sent messages, I commented on his/her blog every now and then, but nothing came back!

Suddenly one night I god a text message very late and it was from him/her… saying he/she is coming with some friends… so I sent back a message saying when next morning… but guess what??? No answer!

Last night was the last thing which really hurt me! I was walking in Agia Napa when I suddenly heard someone calls my name… I look and it was one of this person’s friends that came with him/her last summer!!! I hugged him/her, chatted for few minutes and huge smile on my face! Until he/she tells me that they told my friend about him/her coming so my friend would tell me!! Then went back to the Stelios’ work place and suddenly it hit… this person really has never been my friend… it was just for fun, or curiosity about this crazy ½ Kuwaiti girl that lives and strange life and maybe it was my F1 posts, or maybe just because I seemed different!

Now if you don’t think well about me, or you don’t like me, I have no problem with that what so ever! If you don’t want to have any contact with me that is ok too! But it is rude for a person to be sending me messages at 2am drunk telling me friend I’m coming to Agia Napa then ignores my messages next morning… and it’s rude when you are told to tell me that someone is coming as I saw clearly this person have been looking for me, and was shocked as I wasn’t told he/she was coming!!!

So my friend that I thought you was my friend! I did really care and still care about you as I thought you were a lovely person! But please delete my name from your phone, emails and your msn so I wouldn’t get messages again from you at 2am!!!

It always hurts when you lose a friend!!! 😦

January 25, 2008


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I have no idea what is this virus that’s been going on here! I felt sick on New Years Eve… today I’m still ill! I have been bad and then better just to get worse… I have been off work for few days with not much change! I mean I just have a flu! No need for anti-biotic the doctor said but because it’s been for so long and this ban he put me on 2 different ones! I hate medicine if you don’t know! I rather get better myself with maybe few teas and some aromatherapy oils! I tried and nothing worked… not even the anti biotic! I need a vacation, from my illness… I hate being sick, not because of the pain that comes with that but because I feel weak! I hate feeling helpless, in need of love and in need of attention! I hate that! I think that is for men that usually are dying because they got a cough! I love you men, but I’m used seeing you always dying when ill! I had the skin peeled off 2 arms, 1 leg cut open and other leg broken and I was still smiling and telling my friend not worry because things will be ok! I have been 42degrees fever and taking care of my kid and going to gym and school with out even noticing I was that hot! I don’t like feeling weak! Even when the doctor was telling me he’ll give me 1 week to stay home and get better, I was crying (I really was crying) and asking him please I can’t stay that long a way from work! i do hope it passes, not many can see I’m still very sick, but I know I still am!  😦

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