October 23, 2008


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So this post has to be dedicated to a new… not sure if I can still call her new… but well a fresh friend of mine!!!

Leen… she is from Bahrain… she didn’t have the easiest life… she grow up to be amazing woman! Now I was shocked how much we did have in common… but she made me smile…. I got a lovely (first ever) golden Guess purse from her for my birthday party… like the girl didn’t even know if we were going to be real good friends and she was already spoiling me… well that and 2 tops and lovely time with her made our friendship even stronger… I mean she didn’t even have to get me anything… I liked her from fist time I met her on facebook… total bitch just like me!!! 😀 So here we were great friends to be!!! 🙂

Then we kept in touch… as she had to go back to her country… (Soon I’ll find the way to keep her as I’m planning to keep Emmi here but they don’t know)!!! But she always finds a way to put a smile on my face… she would send me a text message or leave a comment after few days of cut off that makes me crack up a huge smile… and it feels nice!!! She has this sweet big smile that makes her look like a little kid, but still makes her look so much like a woman… she is amazing!!!

Now last night… I was just running through first day of flu… you know little headache, little throat ache, little pain in the body… well you get the picture… I get this message on my facebook saying I think I have some news that will make the flu disappear!!! She continues… I asked a friend of mine if he can get you a free ticket to the F1… he got it… and it’s not a normal F1 ticket… you will join the marshals in the zone!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! Yes that was my reaction… I couldn’t believe getting a ticket to the F1 for free, but also to join the marshals in the inside??? Oh my god!!! So didn’t sleep well… yes dreaming of F1… and here I am today still excited like a little girl! 😀

That was bit about a new friend of mine! LEEN! 😀

Now another news in the other hand… I cut my long hair short!!! 🙂


June 9, 2007


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Saturday morning! Just got my Nescafe ready… I miss the good coffee I used to drink in Finland! The coffee here is bad! 😦

I’m going to the GYM at 9am this time I’ll be taking Iida with me to start taking swimming lessons there… She doesn’t even know it yet! I tried to teach her last year but what can I say; I’m a bad teacher!! 🙂

Emmi; I hope you and the girls had a blast last night!! I’m sure you all looked so beautiful!!! So did Omppu enjoy it?? She hasn’t been out for long time and I know she is amazing fun going out with! So did you wear the white top and the belt, or did you change it to green one??

I still have to work today from 4pm-8pm! I have a coloring to do at 4 and it might be taking me 2 hours with getting her hair ready because another hairdresser just messed up her hair!!!

So I’ll be home maybe 20 mins late for the F1 qualifications in Montreal, Canada! It’ll be starting at 8 so if I drive from work fast enough I’ll get home in 20min and that includes a stop to pick up Iida!!! Well I might even be lucky to get to watch it at my mum in law if Iida is there! Then I would miss just the first 10 mins!! GO KIMI!!! I hope you’re luck is better in this race!

Weld El-ma6aba; I hope you get to see it this week! 😉 It’s at 8 pm so you don’t have work excuses this week! 😛

April 25, 2007



I’m enjoying my best friend Emmi!! We’re having so much fun! We’ll be going to the Trodos Mountains tomorrow for day time, and then we’ll be going for dinner in Limassol! We’re getting really excited!

I’m also happy because yesterday in the show SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE… GREECE?? Lukia the red headed bimbo is going for the elimination round! And if the judges don’t like her she could be cut off!

And yes I wanted to correct myself when I said Lukas was a Break dancer! He is a hip hop and street dancer! But he might be the only one in the show that actually could break dance! I do hope I get to see him dancing with Yiota!

Oh yes! And I did have my first client in my new work place! She walked out with a big smile on her face!! I was really happy with my work! 😀

April 4, 2007


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I’ll give you in this post 2 of my favorite companies: Schwarzkopf and KMS.

I’ll start with Schwarzkopf. With their 2 best lines ever… The first line is called:

BC Bonacure products

Identify your personal BC Bonacure Hair therapy by exploring the following 6 different BC Bonacure sub-categories:

Repair rescue

Strong repair effect for damaged hair providing healthy, strong hair full of long-lasting shine.

Color save

Prolongs and enhances color intensity and shine, protects against fading hair color caused by UV rays. Leaves hair healthy and vibrant with long-lasting color brilliance.

Moisture kick

Enhances and balances the moisture content of even the most dry and fragile hair type. Leaves hair healthy and re-hydrated with an extra surge of moisture.

Smooth control

Controls static, frizzy and flyaway hair, providing a smooth, polished effect for an extra flat finish. It tames even the unruliest of hair types, and leaves hair healthy, sleek and full of long-lasting radiant shine.

Light volume

Gentle, ultra-light care without overburdening the hair. Increasing the natural volume and giving healthy, lightweight.

Hair & scalp expert

Solves common hair and scalp problems. An expert at soothing scalps irritation, ensuring the hair and scalp remain dandruff-free and effectively accelerates hair growth.

BC Sun Guardian

Prescribe your hair a carefree summer!

To protect your hair from the stressing effects of sun exposure, effective quality products are required to guard against potential harm.

Sun affects the hair as much as the skin making it dry and dull. Therefore summer time requires special nurturing and protecting care for your hair.

Solar Care-Technology delivers just the right amount of moisture, protection and repair to sun-stressed hair. It is the first 3-step Sun therapy program that treats the hair before, during and after sun exposure leaving it healthy, smooth and shiny.

3-step Sun therapy

Step 1: Refreshes and cleanses with Aloe Vera extracts and rebalances the moisture level of the hair.

Step 2: Protects against UV-damage and discoloration with a combination of UVA- and UVB-filters and Vitamin E.

Step 3: Repairs the weakened inner hair structure with amino acid Glycine and re-hydrates with Aloe Vera extracts.

Hair is effectively recovered from sun exposure, remaining healthy, smooth and shiny, with long-lasting beauty.

BC MEN Hair therapy

Fast solutions, long-lasting effects

Make your selection from this range of ‘must have’ hair solutions just for men!

Vitalise Hair & Body

For vitalised, refreshed hair and body.

Activate Hair & Scalp

For increased stimulation and hair growth.

Hydrate Hair & Scalp

For a hydrated and soothed hair and scalp.

Dandruff Control

For long-lasting clean and healthy scalp.

Even if the first line is my favorite of the Schwarzkopf, I’ll still write about their other line:


Your daily luxury assortment

The NEW SEAH HAIRSPA offers a wide variety of products for all types of hair with superior performance and indulgence.

Dry hair

For normal to dry hair.

Colored hair

For color-treated and highlighted hair.

Stressed hair

For damaged, formed and bleached hair.

Sophisticated hair

For delicate, dry and mature hair.

Frizzy hair

For frizzy and un-manageable hair.

Hairspa Expertise Range

For specific hair and scalp needs.

Now I’ll talk about the KMS… It’s known as the best products in markets right now… Personally I only heard good results out of the clients that are using it. So their new line has:

Silk sheen

For individuals seeking soft, silky, shiny hair.

Moist repair

For individuals seeking repair and moisture.

Add volume

For individuals seeking volume and body.

Color vitality

For individuals seeking hair color protection and radiance.

Head remedy

For individuals seeking solutions for specific hair and calp needs.

Flat out

For individuals seeking straighter, smoother hair.

Curl up

For individuals seeking to enhance or manage curls.

Hair play

For individuals seeking flexible hold, texture and pliability.

Hair stay

For individuals seeking hold and control.

VERY EMPORTANT!!!!! NOW REMEMBER… Maybe one of those lines works perfect with you but that doesn’t necessary means that it’ll work and have as good results on your friend or mum! Each one has a different type of hair, and different reactions to each product. So don’t give up on yours… You might have to try few before finding yours! 😉


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So I promised to write about few hair products that are the best in my opinion in the markets now!

I was thinking for a very long time! There are so many good companies and professional products now in the markets… So I decided to tell write about 2 of them so you won’t get that bored! 😀

But before that I will write in this post the way you should be choosing your products, so you’ll get the best results! 😉

1.     Never use hot water when washing your hair! I know it feels nice, but it’ll mess up the condition of your hair and scalp! E.g. you have dry scalp or hair… It’ll make it just worse! If you have oily scalp… Same thing will mess it up more!

2.     With the right professional shampoo and conditioners you’ll need to wash your hair 1 or 2 times a week… But remember if you ever go out and fill your hair with products then you need to wash it well even if it’s been washed the day before!

3.     Always choose your shampoo to fit with your scalp condition! E.g. you have dandruff and very dry hair… Then you have to use shampoo for dandruff not for dry hair! OR… If you have normal well conditioned scalp and you have colored hair… Then you use shampoo for colored hair! 😉

4.     Always use conditioners after shampooing! But be careful!!! You have to choose that one well too, but this one has to fit your hair condition not the scalp! E.g. If you have oily scalp and the hair is in good condition… You’ll be using shampoo for oily hair and surface conditioner just on the hair not on the scalp!! OR if you have dry scalp, and the hair is not dry but it’s curly (natural or permed) then you use the shampoo for dry scalp and conditioner for curly hair!!

5.     Never use conditioner on the scalp! And be sure to wash it very well before getting out of the shower!


6.     For scalp problems, such as dandruff, dry scalp, sensitive that itches or hurts, oily, loosing hair and so on… My advice for you to use the shampoo for the type of scalp you have, and use regularly ampoule treatments.

7.     For damaged hair, after using the right shampoo, use the deep repairing conditioner… And as you use ampoule treatments for your scalp, there are conditioning reatments for your hair! Using conditioning treatment twice a week is recommended for at least 2 to 3 months.

8.     To keep your hair healthy always use products on it to protect it. I’m not saying fill your hair up with spray!! But there are good styling products that will give you the right look and still protect your hair from the sun and pollution around us!

9.     Always keep your hair safe from the direct sun be either covering it or using sun protection products that are available in every country these days.

10.  And always remember you never NEVER use heat appliances with out having the protection product on! E.g. you want to blow dry your hair, then you have to have some product that will protect your hair till about 150°c!!

For any questions about this matter please don’t hesitate to ask me! 😀

April 2, 2007


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Hair! That’s my job! I’m a hairdresser… And I love it! 😀

I hear many complaining about how their hair is in a bad condition! Well here are some advices for all who’s interested:



3.     Repeating 1 & 2!!!!!

Ok I’ll explain why is this a very important point! We did few tests at school on few (I won’t say names) shampoos. So we tried one dandruff shampoo on a wood that we put some paint on it… It took the paint off! YES it works very well that it’ll take paint off the wood!! Imagine what is it doing to your head, REMEMBER your head is not as strong as wood!!!

Those cheep shampoos will do the cleaning, drying and destroying your full head!! If you like go a head and destroy your hair!

Yes they are cheaper! I personally use BED HEAD TIGI that costs me £8 CYP = $18.5 USD! And the cheep shampoo at the supermarket will cost me £2 = $ 4.5!!! Yes a lot cheaper isn’t it??

Think again. I’ll need one 300ml TIGI every 3-4 months! And I’ll need 2 at least of the Supermarket shampoo every month! So make the math! 2×2=4… 4×3=12 so in three months I’ll be spending £4 extra with the supermarket’s shampoo!

But I’m not talking only about the shampoos, but conditioners, sprays, gels, mousses, etc… If you want to treat your hair right you’ll use the right stuff that you won’t find except in professional hairdressing saloons! I’ll post soon about the best products in markets now.

Now back to our points:

4.     USE PRODUCTS! SPRAY, MOUSS, GEL, ETC… They protect your hair! Not on your scalp!! On you HAIR!!

5.     SUN BURNS THE HAIR… As it dose to your skin it’ll do to your hair, so don’t think because your hair is getting lighter and blonder at the summer time means it beautiful! IT’S BURNED!!! So there are sun protection products for hair too… GO BUY ONE!

6.     WASHING YOUR HAIR DAYLY WITH SHAMPOO WILL DESTRY IT!! With a good professional shampoo you need to wash it 2 times MAXIMUM every week!

SPLIT ENDS!! So try to comb it 1 or 2 times a day with wide tooth comb or brush!

8.     BLOW DRYING AND ALL TOSE HEAT APPLICATIONS ARE DRYING AND BURNING YOUR HAIR!! So for your hair’s sake minimize such things, and use heat protection products before any blow dry or heat application!

9.     YOUR SCALP NEEDS TO BREATH!! So let your hair open and down every now and then at least at home.

10. DO NOT USE HOT WATER TO WASH YOUR HAIR! Hot water will dry and will not help with any skin or hair problems you have.

Please people love your hair and it’ll love you right back! 🙂

April 1, 2007


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So yesterday ended up to being ok! It did rain, the dust came down, and I had so much fun partying with my friend! 🙂  I wore jeans, my Thigh High (9 cm heels) black boots, a black sleeveless HALTER TOP (see through) and my violet bikini top to give just the right look under the HALTER TOP. I don’t use that much make up. My hair was put in Princess Leia’s classic ‘cinnamon bun’ hairstyle (but smaler)! I went out feeling good about my self! 🙂 I had 3 WKD vodka blue, 3 orange shots, 2 cocktails (tequila, lime & lemonade) and 1 blow job (coffee liquor, baileys and cream on top). My friend had even more drinks than me, so were kind of drunk! But I was still standing pretty well in the end of the night and no hang over today! 🙂 

Our men came with us in the beginning of the night but then left early so we can have a girl’s night out! I LOVE MY HUSBAND!! HE’S THE BEST MAN IN THE WORLD!!!

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