August 18, 2014


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i love my unborn

My doctors said it was not possible for me to conceive as I am suffering from ovulation problems. I had to go through a lot of medication, therapy and observation. So I told my sweet husband Ali Dadi that when we started dating. I was honest and told him I am not ready and will not go through doctors pumping me up with medicines! I told him there is huge chance we will not have any children.

His answer was: If it’s not meant for us to have a child I have you and we have Iida… That is enough for me!

And he really meant it!! 🙂


It gave me comfort and made me get on with my life with him not worrying that he will ever ask from me to go through any medical frustration with medicine and doctors! And so almost 4 years passed… He never asked me to visit doctors unless I got really sick… and a day came when I was not well… I was bleeding not normally, gaining weight without eating, and I was over depressed. It was time to see a doctor… I went to American mission hospital where the General doctor directed me to OBS & GYN department to see Dr. Alka Gupta who was on duty and free that time.


I sat next to her desk while Ali waiting very worried out side. She asked very few short questions.

And suddenly she said: well nothing to worry about!!! You are pregnant. 🙂

I said: It’s not possible Doctors, not one or two but three told me I cannot get pregnant without medical assistance…

She smiled so friendly and said: Well Bahrain has it’s own magic. Lay down and I’ll prove it to you!

I was bleeding so did not believe a word she said until I saw a pea sized little thing…

Dr. said with amazing care: That is your baby.

I started crying not sure why when she looked into my eyes and asked: Do you love your husband?

I said: So much!

She said: then you have the answer to this…


Baby was conceived on our anniversary… On F1 Grand Prix Race day… Looking at the photos of that day reminds me of how happy and in love I am with Ali and with our life together! Baby was conceived with love… The baby is the fruit of Love.


I haven’t felt this way over 15 years ago!!!


I felt I love a person that is not in this world yet… Talk to my tummy… Keep touching my tummy and smiling… I remember I felt this way 15 years back and never thought I will feel it again. And this time I have someone who really shares this experience with.


I have Ali and Iida… I am so happy and in love with all 3…


Can’t wait for my Christmas gift this year!!! My Christmas baby and my sweet husband and daughter next to me what Santa bringing us this year!!


April 26, 2013


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dreams come true

“Who said F1 is all about Metal, Oils, Amazing Cars and Fights For Podium??” Said Fabrizio “It’s also about Romance and love!”  He gave me a big hug and congratulated me!!

He said that to me after Jo Bauer has just congratulated me in person.

21. April. 2013… Was the most perfect day in my last many years…

I was a Scrutineer For GP2 and observer and trainee for F1 Scrutineer which allowed me to get on the grid for the first time in my life while F1. I was in cloud 9 as they say… I was doing my job, but still overwhelmed and excited of my dream coming true and being there where the race will start in 15 minutes…

God I was not ready to find my love Ali Dadi pulling me for the 3rd time to Kimi Räikkönen’s car and stands in front of it. I was standing literally 75 cm from the Kimi Räikkönen’s car, while Kimi was behind me getting ready putting on his gear. When  Ali Dadi held my hands  “This is how it all started, this is what brought us together.” He Said… Then went down on one knee. “I love you and would love to spend the rest of my life with you!! Would you marry me?”

I was in shock. Totally blown away. Not sure how to feel. Excitement, Love, and Overwhelming feelings I didn’t know even existed in me! Tears falling out of my eyes… Couldn’t stop them… I SAID YES!!!

How can I say no if Charlie Whiting approved of my engagement before I did myself… Well I would have said yes even if no one else approved… But Charlie Whiting and Shaikh Salman Bin Isa helped in my approval even more!!! 🙂

I would love to thank all friends, family, BIC staff, marshals  and the whole FIA officials and personal that made my dreams come true on F1 Grid… In front of Kimi Räikkönen’s car…

I am no longer in cloud 9 I’m flying in cloud 12 very happy… I am not just getting married to the most amazing man in the world, but also spending my life around Metal, Oils, Amazing Cars and Fights For Podium, BUT ALSO Romance and love!!!

May 18, 2012

diet for 10 days

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I’m going once again on diet for 10 days… I hope! 😛

I had a lunch… Actually 2 lunches with Ali’s parents in the last week.

What I said about them in couple of posts earlier was assured for me even more. I also got to meet Ali’s eldest brother who was he also a very respectful nice person but very quiet. I think it to do because he did not expect a stranger (ME) to be present in his parents’ house. His kids were lovely and well I was glad to see also very familiar faces around as well. And I got to watch ½ of Spanish Qualifying with very interesting people who seemed all were into the F1 which made me very happy! 😀

The food though… The food is just too good to be true! I am glad I do not live in that house or I will make Ali’s head explode from complains of being FAT… I mean I do complain and give him constant headache now being the way I am… But I have to say again the FOOOOOODDDD… That food is good! As Ali’s mum said you got to dive in the fish today (All different fish dishes)!

Lucky me I got to eat again couple of days ago… This time it was Persian style stew with lamb and small home-made kebab on the side with white rice…… AHHHH…

Ok. So I looked at my body yesterday when was enjoying my one-day spa (once a week Routine)… And I have gained weight! So now back on diet for 10 days… But how when there is so good food I’m invited to??? 😦


March 5, 2011

Hoping things get better soon!!! :-(

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I don’t know… I can’t write about things happening in Bahrain as I promised to keep my pen down off doing that.

But what I can write about are my feelings… I feel so bad and sad for knowing about the F1’s postponement if not cancellation from Bahrain. I know other events will be coming. And I will somehow get to attend an F1 race this year but still it got to me!

I am feeling quite low these days. My weight has gone up as not as much movement. We are still going out, but not as much everywhere is quiet and empty!

I’m hoping to start a new job sometime soon. I need a visa and my boss has an excuse right on tip of his tongue every time the issue gets mentioned… now the excuse is the events and problems in Bahrain are preventing him from getting my papers done! Even if it means leaving Event Management and working in customer service for the visa I will do it!

My boyfriend is feeling low as well these days as the motor sports events been canceled and that is his passion. He also gained weight after quitting smoking and also after the movement got much less as well. This got him back to smoking again which I was sad but I do understand it… Finding myself asking for cigarette from someone just to calm myself down every now and then. Even if it maybe 2 a week it’s more than what I smoked before this sad events all started.

Iida also has had really bad time as her movement and going out is much less…

Hoping things get better soon!!! 😦

Update; I know it’s been just few hours since I wrote this post… But it’s already been a better day. I love my man a lot and he helps me smiling… Dana (who is a friend of my man’s) and I guess now Iida’s friend and mine was lovely to spend time with and to share few feelings from the past that was difficult to explain to someone else who has not been through them herself!!! So glad to have friends here!! 🙂

January 14, 2011

I guess these are few of my updates


So… I know it’s been such a long time since I wrote something. A lot has happened. Not sure where to start from, but I’ll try to fill up some gaps in what I have not posted.

  1. Ali Dadi has been chosen to race for Chevrolet Supercars Championship in the (SC06) category. And he will have his first debut in Riyadh at the Reem International Circuit on Wednesday and Thursday (19th & 20th of January).

  2. I got paid my first ever salary in Bahrain… it was little but it made me pay off the rent…

  3. I found a new apartment… 3 bedrooms, kitchen and living room… Same price and much closer to all my friends so I am moving by 1st of February.

  4. I had a lovely Xmas and a great new year… No big parties but just small ones with people I love a lot.

  5. I love BIC. Oh well this is not new but I had to say it… I just love that place and been spending time in helping there… Saw the Pirelli F1 testing last week there… Attended few events there… Even enjoying barbeques… Also seems to be spending a lot of time in race-control, and safety car in those events! 🙂 YEEEHHHH I love it!

So when a STUPID SPOILED KUWAITI girls tried today to not let us in because some Kuwaiti girls having some kind of racing thing got me totally pissed off!!! Ok true I am Kuwaiti and proud of it, but who the hell do some of those Kuwaiti people think they are going to places and think they own them!!!??? Who the hell do they think they are when they sent some guy to ask us to close our garage door where we were working so we won’t get to see those spoiled asses plying race day??!!! We did get in… And we were not interested in seeing some girls with full make up trying to make a show of being racing heroes… We had much more important thing that needed to be done there in our garages… And we had fun! So I’m not pissed any more at them and I forgive them… Actually took me less than an hour not get over my anger but had to mention it!! 😉

I guess these are few of my updates… Love you all! :-*

November 14, 2010

congrats to the youngest champion!!!

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Congratulations to the youngest F1’s champion, Sebastian Vettel!!!! The man I was cheering for this year… 😀

October 21, 2010

ALI DADI!!! you make me proud to be your friend!!! ;-)

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ALI DADI amazing talented young man! yes i’m saying it again and again!!! his news don’t stop shocking me! i am so glad to see a talented person like him fighting his way up in a jungle of jealousy and wasta (was6a)… if you do not know what wasta means, it’s simply knowing the right people in the right places… ALI DADI has no wasta nor a has famous last name to get him high!!! he has to do it all by himself!

so this time he called me. asked me for a meal to let me know of what is new and update me with his news! i was expecting news from jiddah. but instead he got my mouth open in shock with the news he poured into my ears!

jiddah is canceled!!!

what?? why?? did you lose the sponsors??? did your job refuse the leave??? i almost got hysterical wondering and almost shouting my questions.

no. i got a better offer i couldn’t refuse! he answered me calmly with a lovely smile on his face… ALI DADI has been invited to USA to get a full training as NASCAR’s driver. NASCARS!!!!!!!! wow!!! now that is real news! shocked and amazed listening to details!

i was so happy to hear ALI DADI and two bahraini marshals have been chosen from USA themselves to be taken for training in the states. after two weeks of intensive work and training they will be rewarded with acknowledged certifications that will put them on top of most marshals and in ALI DADI’s case drivers in bahrain!

i will be updating you with more news soon when i get more details. but seems this will make ALI DADI not participate in Toyota Tony Karting Championship that will be held in jiddah. nor will he be a F1 marshal in abu dabi. he will be doing much more amazing work in states driving nascars… wish i could join him and watch him do it with my own eyes!

ALI DADI!!! you make me proud to be your friend!!!

August 27, 2010

i’m smiling today!!! :-)

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i’ll be seeing a good friend of mine that we have fallen out for sometime… this is what i was talking about real friends…. know you can fall out, have few downs but in the end of the day you will end up contacting each other to say how much you care about each other!!!! yeehhhhh i will see my friend after almost a year… i did miss her a lot!! 🙂
another good news… tickets were bought for my iida… she will be arriving on saturday 28.08… that is tomorrow… that is about 30 hours from now…i’m excited, happy and relaxed!!! 🙂
ali was here at my place to watch F1, P1 and that was nice having someone who has common interests with to share with me! i still think the commenter’s on abu dabi sport 2 are so hmmm… what is not a cursing word that could describe them…. STUPID… but i’m still happy to watch it on mute! 🙂

May 10, 2009


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So it’s F1 time Number of Laps: 66…… Circuit Length: 4.655 km…… Race Distance: 307.104 km….. Lap Record: 1:21.670 – Kimi Räikkönen last year (2008)…

Very interesting race this will be! Ferrari seems to have solved some of the technical problems at last and Massa will be starting gin P4! But the problem is that no one since 2000 (if I remember right it was Häkkinen winning after starting from P2) has won this race without being in pole position! So I will not get excited for Ferrari but hoping at least top 3 for Massa! As it is almost impossible for Räikkönen to get there from P16!

Lap 1; Massa passes Vettel, huge collide on turn one still not sure who’s involved! Seems like Toyota! Safety car is out! Lots of marshals out on track to clear up the track!

Lap 2; So from the live timing I see Trulli, Buemi, Bourdais and Sutil all out of the race! Hamilton seems to be the fastest man on track with 2:24.326… but from P15!

Lap 3; Our TV (LTV) channel goes to advertisements and just pisses me off! I see from live timing Nakajima Pits from P12.

Lap 4; Rosberg now is fastest man on track with 2:17.745. And also from the live timing it says Further examination of the reply suggest Trulli was tagged by Rosberg tipping the Toyota into spin! But I still can’t see it with all the replays! Maybe I’m just missing something!

Lap 5; Nakajima is fastest man on track now with 2:15.374… Safety car going in this lap!

Lap 6; Barrichello in first starts the racing! Alonso and Webber go into beautiful over taking and fight for P5… but seems like Webber will be keeping it for at least some time more!

Lap 7; Barrichello fast fast fast with 2 fastest laps till now! Hamilton passes Piquet for P13! Kovalainen in the other hand seems to be bit low!

Lap 8; Kovalainen has gone to pit after dropping to last place! Hi car pushed in to the garage… seems his race is over!?

Lap 9; Button is fastest man right now! 1.1 seconds down on his teammate who is in P1!! Vettel is closing up on Massa… and it’s getting me nerves!

Lap 10; Barrichello and Button trading fastest laps and we hear Button telling his teammate if he could drive bit faster!

Lap 13; we see Räikkönen and Heidfeld fighting for P9! About 0.2s what is between Räikkönen and P9!

Lap 14; Barrichello seems pulling off at last with his fastest laps! From live timing I read Alonso and Button will be going for their first pit stop in the next 5 laps!

Lap 15; Räikkönen seems to be so close to pass Heidfeld but the BMW Sauber seems to not making it any easy and keep him back!

Lap 17; LTV goes to commercials again!!! Live timing I love you!!! Not sure how to survive with out you!!! As it tells me the battle is still going on between Räikkönen and Heidfeld but no changes yet!

Lap 18; Glock pits… Button pits… Alonso in too!

Lap 19; LTV is back to the race! Just in time for me to see Räikkönen having a problem slowing down and stops! 😦

Lap 20; Massa and Vettel pit… Massa rejoins in P4 and Vettel in P5…

Lap 21; Barrichello leads again with Rosberg who didn’t pit yet in P2!

Lap 22; I see Räikkönen talking to press after this year’s new rule that the driver has to answers to questions of press after any misfortunes on track to explain what happened! Piquet Pits from P11…

Lap 24; Brown’s radio goes on telling Button that they are back to plan A and not doing plan B! Does that mean more stops for his teammate?? Kubica pits! Hamilton now in P7 😛 !!!

Lap 26; Rosberg pits from P2 and rejoins in P9! And I read from the Live timing that the reason for Kovalainen’s stopped race is the gearbox!

Lap 27; Barrichello making the gap between him and his teammate (Button) bigger! Vettel in the other hand not letting Massa relax in his P3 and pushing!

Lap 28; only Heidfeld and Hamilton who hasn’t stopped yet!

Lap 31; the Brown team getting ready for a pit! Barrichello going in for the bit and Fisichella pits too!

Lap 32; Heidfeld pits and so does Hamilton! Hamilton rejoins in P10! Kubica seems to have pushed passed Glock that ended up with a short run on the grass!

Lap 35; LTV goes once again to commercials! Live timing back to you!

Lap 36; live timing makes a very interesting statement with pointing to the battle between the Brown team mates! It will be interesting how it will develop and end!

Lap 37; LTV is back to the race! Nakajima pitting!

Lap 39; Button now is far a head in front!! And Vettel is still close to Massa trying to fight for his position! And seems will not let him relax! And Barrichello who is in P4 after his rejoin from his last pit seems tot be loosing time and ground!

Lap 40; Rely shows Massa loosing his front left wheel rim that goes flying off the circuit!

Lap 41; Vettel is pushing hard!

Lap 43; Hamilton seems to have a problem with his rear tyres!

Lap 44; Massa pits, so does Vettel and they do rejoin in same order Massa in P5 and Vettel in P6!

Lap 45; Alonso pits! And we hear the brown radio telling Barrichello that the drivers in front of him went to the pit faster than they thought! Alonso rejoins right in front of Hamilton that is not making it easy for him!

Lap 47; Kubica pits! Piquet pits too!

Lap 48; Glock pits, Button pits from lead…

Lap 49 Hamilton pits! Rejoins in P10!

Lap 50; Rosberg pits and rejoins in P6. Barrichello o pits and so does Webber! Barrichello rejoins in P2… and Webber in P3!

Lap 51; Heidfeld pits… Webber now seems to have kicked off Massa from P3 and maybe Ferrari will not be standing in podium in this race either!

Lap 52; LTV went to commercials AGAIN!!!! Live timing says Nakajima makes his third stop! Button much quicker on the harder tyres!!!!

Lap 53; still on live timing Vettel close enough to try to pass Massa! Fisichella pits from P 13!

Lap 54; Massa being told from his engineer to conserve fuel!!!

Lap 55; Fisichella pits for the fourth time! Does he have a problem?

Lap 57; I hear the Ferrari radio going on again telling Massa he is using a lot of fuel! He answers back that he needs to push for the position and so he can’t do anything! And Vettel is like stuck on his back!!! I’m thinking is it better if he settles for P5 just so he won’t need to stop again and get even further!

Lap 59; Glock chasing Hamilton!

Lap 63; Vettel passes Massa! I think he is going for the P5 just so he won’t do another spot! How come a big team like Ferrari keeps doing so stupid mistakes??? I mean for god sake they don’t know how much fuel needed till the end of the race??? 😛

Lap 65; Hamilton gets lapped by Button!!! Glad the chimp is doing worse than Massa! 😛

Last Lap; Alonso trying to over take Massa! The race finishes with Button ion first followed by Barrichello, Webber, Vettel, Alonso who took Massa over and then Massa in P6!

April 22, 2009


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Sorry everyone for not posting about the F1 as usual!!! I’m too busy in Bahrain and won’t have time at all to be posting!!! So I will try to post as soon as I’m back in Cyprus!! 🙂

And just so you know…… Bahrain is perfect!!!! 😀

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