December 29, 2008



So Christmas went well. Had few nice gifts… 😀 And Iida had bit too many! Hehehe!

Well my good lovely friend Anne is visiting. She is from Finland and long time friend! Great friend we are talking about!!! She is a friend of Emmi and other friends of mine too… glad to have her! As I haven’t seen her for about 3 years! And she couldn’t make it to my birthday party in October! 😀

So we went out with sweet Kia and few other friends on Saturday in Agia Napa… we started in jasmine from there headed to Babylon and from there to car wash… and well ended in piazza then went for early morning snack at 5…

Now a story happened. Of course when Nora Cassandra is out some kind of stories has to happen… I don’t know it might be my crazy energy that attracts them!!! So… I was dancing… oh yeh moving with the grove with Anne on the dance floor in car wash, and… AND!!!! This man seems sober enough! Comes dancing close to me and Anne… ok we ignore as you get many of those… but as I was wearing my new baby look dress and my push up bra my boobs looked great… I mean amazing!!! So he was looking at them and I didn’t really care… but…BUT… he comes closer and puts his eyes like 10cm from my boobs… stairs for like 30sec… takes few steps back and looks at me and smile… now me… I did not smile… I was so pissed off how men could be so disrespectful and disgusting! So… SO!!!! I slapped! I slapped him really hard and looked at him so angry… he almost cries… and looks at me in such a shock… then leaves the night club…

Yep now I feel bit sorry for the man… but maybe next time he would think before doing such things!


September 24, 2008



So yes… I have been having loads of fun… I will be adding so many pics to my facebook as soon as I get back home!

So movie on Friday ended up being fully booked and we didn’t get in… Yes sad even though the movie has been in the theaters for many many weeks! Well maybe next time… so story continues… so Emmi and I decide to call and make our dinner reservations bit earlier!! And I still didn’t know what the restaurant we were going to is! And so we end up in Katajanukka which is a beautiful area in Helsinki… and then she walks with me to a hotel… my surprise is that hotel used to be a jail just 4 years ago or so… so here we are in this jail that looks so amazing as a hotel from inside… it was cool… then we go downstairs for the amazing meal in jailbird… … the meal was perfect, service was amazing… and the tour to the jail cell was so fun…

Then we head to the party… and we were going to barfly… where my friends where playing… I saw DJ Defkut… my god he hasn’t changed… still good music amazing style and perfect smile!!! and of course I had my good friend Olga and her man DJ Rahim… yes it was great having them around as they have been some of my best friends in Finland for years! You can see some photos of me and the party in this web add…

the day after was my cousin Lauri’s wedding… it was nice as well… so seems I couldn’t get any rest… as my birthday was on Sunday… and I can officially say and smile about being over 30!!! 😀

Story will continue later!!! :*

September 19, 2008



Holidays in Finland… Well good things… I mean amazing stuff… Emmi keeps making me happier everyday for being her friend… my mum look amazing after loosing the extra kilos she had on when I saw her last… so many friends and family to see…

So I arrived on the 13th… saw my mum, out of the door with Emmi for the evening as we went to a lovely Moroccan restaurant… Fez the name if I remember right… beautiful food, service and place!!! 😀

Next day… missed my F1 😦 … as I had to joined friends for lunch and bowling… in this new place called flamingo… I was impressed!! Well I don’t think I would have been the most excited one seeing Räikköenen loosing more points as I’m enjoying my time in Finland… spent the end of the evening with my mum…

Then came the week… much more to continue later as I have to run again to join Emmi for a movie, dinner and nightclubbing!!! 😀

Kisses to all…

May 20, 2007


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Hi every one! I’m going through my final exams and so much with in my life right now so sorry for not posting for so long…

This post will be all dedicated to Maria Fotiadi… The best female dancer so far that was on the So You Think You Can Dance … Greece… I wrote about her in my post  SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE… GREECE?? MY LIST!!

Sadly Greece is showing and proving all the time how corrupted country it is… Even with their dance and competition shows!!!

Why is it that they let a beautiful young Greek girl to continue while they kick out the less popular American Greek girl that was so far the best female dancer on the show! Eve the judges did admit more than ones that her talent does not exist in Greece! So why? Why are you so unfair?

Maria; I hope someday you get to read this! I was so happy watching you dance. I thought you were natural and the best talented female dancer I’ve seen! You are only 19! I know you must be so disappointed from the experience! It was hard and ruff on you! But just to let you know, you will be something big because you are so big talent already! It might have been for the best after all. Now you can concentrate on higher goals!

All the best wishes in life to you and your whole family! 🙂

May 13, 2007


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Euro vision is pure politics and I don’t think it’s fair at all! I won’t be caring about it next year anymore… Probably I’ll be watching it because my love for music! But no way I’ll get myself angry or stressed about it!

May 12, 2007


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I have to apologize for the fans of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE… GREECE?? I have just been so busy at school and work!!

So this is how it’s going…. So as I mentioned in the NOT SO HAPPY…HAPPY…HAPPY.. about the second cut in the show this is what happened…

Elpiniki is a Cypriot girl, she was so far the most beautiful girl on the show! She was only 18 years old…. But the truth to be told she wasn’t as talented as needed to be! She is sweet, nice, beautiful and from Cyprus but she needs to get more training!

Petros: The guy from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE… GREECE?? MY LIST!! He was good dancer, I mean he got all the steps right… But in his eyes was no passion for the dance floor… Greek dancing doesn’t need that passion, but when you go dancing Tango or Latin you need that passion! You need to feel that the man is going down on the dance floor as if he will make passionate love as he never has! But that look, and that passion was missing in Petros… Sadly good talent, but never enough!

The third cut:

The guy who was sent home was Vangelis He just was always lucky of having the right partner so he never got to the elimination round… He knows how to dance, but he needs years of work… Sadly he is 25 and it might be bit difficult for him to get to the level needed! Well I always say it’s never too late, you just need to put your heart to it!

Maria from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE… GREECE?? MY LIST!! Had a sister in the show… Kiki! She was good dancer, but she knew herself that she was ton as natural talented as her sister Maria!! I did like her for her personality, but it was a fair cut! What touched me most was seeing Maria crying when she found out that her sister will no longer continue the show! So she was 21 years old!

The fourth cut that was last night:

Dimitra is a dance teacher and a very talented dancer… I think the only problem was that she wasn’t so popular! She wasn’t so liked… I personally think she wasn’t nice and she was very rude to my friend when my friend (who’s also a dance teacher) tried talking to her… The sad part is to see her husband (or fiancé) Paulos with tears in his eyes… So now he has to continue the show with out his woman! I’m not sad about the cut, but I did feel it was bit unfair!

Now when this guy’s name was called to leave, I cried!! I think everyone cried including Metaxopoulos the judge who had to tell him that he had to leave! Petros Zlatikos was a great, I mean incredible talent!! I think he grow on my skin and made me just love him… The sad part he wasn’t popular, as Chiago from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE… GREECE?? MY LIST!! So Petros had to be chosen over Chiago that I really do not like and think can’t dance as well as Petros!! I saw Petros’s mum crying in the audience, and even the presenter couldn’t talk anymore because she couldn’t stop crying!!! Now this cut I didn’t like and I defiantly think it was so unfair!!!

May 1, 2007


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Happy first of May every one!!!!

I’m not so happy anymore, because Emmi is leaving tomorrow!

So you think you can dance, Greece… Did their second cut! It was the most beautiful girl on the show Elpiniki and the guy from my SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE… GREECE?? MY LIST!! Petros!!!

Elpiniki is from Cyprus and she was not a very talented dancer! But she was a beauty queen! I did wish that Lukia would be out, but to be fair Lukia did better than Elpiniki!

April 25, 2007



I’m enjoying my best friend Emmi!! We’re having so much fun! We’ll be going to the Trodos Mountains tomorrow for day time, and then we’ll be going for dinner in Limassol! We’re getting really excited!

I’m also happy because yesterday in the show SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE… GREECE?? Lukia the red headed bimbo is going for the elimination round! And if the judges don’t like her she could be cut off!

And yes I wanted to correct myself when I said Lukas was a Break dancer! He is a hip hop and street dancer! But he might be the only one in the show that actually could break dance! I do hope I get to see him dancing with Yiota!

Oh yes! And I did have my first client in my new work place! She walked out with a big smile on her face!! I was really happy with my work! 😀

April 20, 2007


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The first cut was made in the show! 1 lady and 1 man went home!

The girl who was selected by the judges was Liza 17 years old! Great talent, but needs more experience! I do hope she would not give up because of a bump on her way!

The gentleman was selected was Kostas 32 years old, from
New York… He is a great ballet dancer! I loved the way he moved, but he had to get a good choreography
in 3 days as for other 2 guys whose necks were on line as well! His performance wasn’t as strong as the other two! But he is an incredible dancer!

April 18, 2007


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There are now in the show 10 ladies and 10 gentlemen… All competing for the final prize witch is €100000 and a scholarship to one of the best dancing schools in England.

I have my personal opinion on all of the dancers but I just want to mention my top 4 and lowest 4 of them all:

My top 4:

1. Maria Fotiathi: 18 years old Greek living in the USA She’s the best of all the ladies so far, she might not be the prettiest, or the slimmest, but is defiantly a talented dancer.

2. Yiota Karioti: Now this 19 years old girl also is living in the US! She’s also not the sexiest nor prettiest, but she is a great talent! I do find myself not able to stop watching the way she excellently moves on the stage!

3. The miracle boy Mitch: He’s only 15 years, and just could do it all! He is the sweet, polite boy in the show… No one can deny that he is the winner so far! He just moves as if he is made on elastic… I love this boy! I think he’ll be, no he is something so bigger than he thinks himself! Now he comes from a Greek family that lives in

4. Loukas Kosmithis: Now this guy is 21, and he is from
Cyprus! So every one here is waiting for him to get to the final 5! He is a great talent and seems like he was born with wings because he really could fly, but he has 1 weak point: he’s a break-dancer, and in this show you need to do it all!

My lowest 4:

1. Diego: The Brazilian sexy man! 22 in age… Now he can move, but not as a professional dancer… He uses his sexy erotic looks to get votes to stay in. He was told more that once this is a dance show not an erotic show! But he is selling well!

2. Petros Fourniwtis: Now this guy is good for Greek dancing! He gets the steps right, but there is no feeling! He danced Tango as if he was counting his steps, no emotions in his eyes! That makes a person a bad dancer, even if he gets every step right… He’s 34…

3. Lukia: The red headed bimbo as I call her! She is SEXY! But this is a talent show not, a beauty contest! She can’t follow the choreographer at all; she is as Diego selling sex on the stage to get through! OH! I’m sorry, no she doesn’t need to sell sex to get votes, her multi millionaire daddy, gets her the votes! Oh yes she’s 19…

4. Liza: Now this 17 year old girl I really like, but she’s not as talented as the rest of the girls in the show… She is a lovely girl that works so hard, I wish she could do better to get through at least for sometime longer! She also misses the camera attraction, she is cute, but for some reason you feel the camera doesn’t like her!

Now there are few more I want to talk about but maybe next time!

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