November 24, 2010

a real simple fact… i love BIC!


Not sure what happened to me! Personally I was not expecting to feel this way!


I sat there for 6+hours. Not even one toilet break! All I was seeing are the bikes passing me by! Helmet on my head and feeling hot sometimes, tired other times, stressed in sometimes, thinking or trying not to think sometimes. Lunch came late when I was almost starving already and the sun kept blinding my eyes for a long time! No accidents except for 3 minor ones! So the car I was sitting in had to stay in place! I read some of my book that I have borrowed from my friend Mr. Nabhan. An Arabic book to practice reading the language once again! For writing purposes!


Back to the safety-car I was sitting in! It was amazing! Even though it was boring as Jacks described. He said usually there must be action and especially it was 6 hour bike endurance! Meaning 6 hours nonstop the motorbikes would be racing! So almost impossible to our mind that it would have passed with no major accidents! But that is exactly what happened! And so, we just sat in that car on standby!


Strange as it might sound… I loved it! I loved being on the track! I loved sitting in the safety-car on standby! And I loved being in the event and especially as a SAFETY-CAR communicator! I would do it all over again if I get the chance!


What made my heart beat most was having the laps on the circuit when we had the safety-car training! One dream has come true with that! Now next dream me driving on the track!


I guess I will be participating in upcoming events as the speed weekend which will take place in BIC on the first weekend of December!


This time I will have my boyfriend with me so it will be even more amazing! 😀


 A real simple fact… I love BIC!


November 2, 2010

writing, riding, reading and hunting for a new job is in my program


i met a writer. Mr. Nabhan. amazing personality. that made me remember suddenly who i was. what exactly my passion in life was all about! ALI DADI joined me in my meeting. he himself was amazed of Mr. Nabhan’s personality! he actually got ALI DADI thinking of reading! now i am so glad he started thinking of reading… that will get me back to reading even more… so reading and writing is back in my system… thank you Mr. Nabhan.

Kuwait Riders…… amazing group… met them at last in real life. they made me so proud being a Kuwaiti! amazing art work, amazing personalities… i did enjoy their visit and participation in the Bahrain Bike Week that took place last week! glad to see my friends winning trophies and going back home with good memories!

another person i met was from a company called azadea. she was amazing! she said my eyes shined when i spoke about arts and writing… she said maybe i should consider giving it more time! she said true you are good in your job as a sales woman but she also said that she thought i was wasting time and energy in something that doesn’t make my heart beat and my eyes shine!!!

so i guess… writing, riding, reading and hunting for a new job is in my program as all signs last week showed me!

July 8, 2007


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Yesterday was a long day!

We got our bike! 😀 I’m in love with it! I just adore it! It’s a he but still haven’t named him! I will be getting driving lessons from Panayiotis, Iida’s Godfather!! He is a real biker, which makes me really excited and comfortable!  

So our bike is a Honda… Honda X4! It’s candy blue customized colour! It’s been having a lot of extras! It goes as fast as 215km/h and it takes less than 15 second to get from 0 to 190 as my husband tried it today! I don’t think I’ll be trying to do that anytime soon! It’s 13 horses or 1300cc as some calls it! It’s bit heavy but because Panayiotis said I’ll manage just well and will get it riding right I feel comfortable and ready for my first lesson!!!  

Stelios been really over welled even though he has never been a motorbike person! He was like a little child couldn’t sleep for days because he was so excited and of course he tried his best to keep me a wake with him for few nights!  

But it was all worth it now that I have my new family member in our garage safe and sound! 😀





Stelios passing me on the way out of Larnaka;


Then I over take him before we get to the highway!! 😛



Then our new baby stays safe and sound in our garage;


May 21, 2007


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Ok I did great in the exam today! YES!!!

But I have to admit I was really bad and naughty and stupid today! Please don’t say anything!

I went after the exam to meet up with Stelios and my daughter’s God father (Panayotis)… Panayotis is just as much biker as me or even more, I love talking to him I just feel that he understands me! So any way Panayotis has bought a new motorbike… Honda CBX 1985… If you are a biker you would know what that is! There are only 6 in Cyprus and one is with my best man now!!!

So here where I was bad, I was so excited seeing the bike that I have never really seen except in magazines and heard about! I was jumping around like a little child! So he told me he didn’t have extra helmet and would I still go for a ride! I just jumped on and told him show me what this baby could do! We went for 15 min ride! It was amazing… the sound of the six cylinder engine made my heart fly! I just didn’t want for the ride to end!

Well a helmet has saved my life ones ( I FLEW WITHOUT WINGS WHEN I WAS 20… ) and I did say I would never go riding with out one! But today, just today I couldn’t resist!

May 10, 2007


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I made a comment on Marzouq’s blog about the engine problems Ducatis have been going through the last 5 years…

Well this is the thing, I love Ducati! I think that’s the best race bike name you can hold between your arms… But what’s been happening is many Ducati buyers complain about problems they face in the bike in the first year… I have friends that are in bike repairing and selling, so all what I heard when asked about buying a Ducati is advices not to. Ok I love the bike. So would I stay so loyal to it that even though people with a lot of expiriance are telling me not to buy one because of the ECU and engine problems it’s been having, and buy one???

For people who talk cars not bikes, if you get the chance to get a Lamborghini, but you have heard about some problems that the car been having for the last few years, would you still buy it? Or would you check your choices even though you love that car and buy something like a Ferrari instead?

Does that decision a traitor if I end up choosing another bike or the Ferrari? My love for the Ducati and the Lamborghini still stands strong and just waiting for the problems to get fixed…

So people, tell me what you think!??

April 16, 2007


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Holidays are over! I didn’t get to go to school today; I had to visit doctors because of my neck problems! I ended up wearing my collar for the next 2-4 weeks as the doctor advised! No medicine because no medicines are killing the pain anymore! 

It was middle October 1998 Friday night… I was still living in Kuwait… My father was in one of his 3 months touring in China and Philippians… I was only 20 so men that only meant PARTY time for me…

I was with a friend S on a motorbike, Honda CBR 900 Red and white!! It was beautiful!!! By that time I really liked S and we were very close, but not boyfriend and girlfriend yet… We went to party and riding almost everyday! He was 24 then… I remember going to harass police men and showing them the finger then just riding off while they try to chase after us… I love speed,,,, I love cars,,,, but most of all nothing compare my feeling when I’m on a motorbike…

So back to the story! Middle Oct. midnights ride with my S and about 20 others of his friends! There were like 4 girls only, well it was in Kuwait and not many are crazy and careless enough to go out that time (I was just out of control)… We start riding, along the gulf road, we notice a friend of S that he hasn’t seen for a while… Both had CBR 900 and both wanted to show its pour! We were flying; we passed the 200 k/h!! I loved it! Suddenly I feel the back wheel was rising because of the hard braking! I just pushed my back bit to the back to balance the bike and lower the back wheel! I looked to the front and I see a 1983 Chevrolet Caprice Classic… Any way we slow down and his friend passes us… But the Egyptian driver opens for us and we say what the hell lets go! I had my head up till the wind was so hard so it was after passing 140 k/h at least… and we kept going just faster… Suddenly he pushes the brakes so hard I just looked to the front and saw that the stupid Chevrolet has just turned in front of us and we didn’t have more than 20 meters between us and he (we were one the left lain) and I knew we were going to hit! And so we did, over 160 k/h (S said we were about 200 k/h) as our speed and the metallic Chevrolet no chance of avoiding it what so ever… I was flying!!! And then rolling on the ground… I remember seeing the dark clear night sky with all its stars for a second, and then the ground for another second and so on for a little while… I had a helmet (a damn good one if I might say) and my eyes were open all the time… I was rushed with my S to the hospital, I had a cut in my right leg that was open and you could see the bone (the whole meat and skin was just pulled down)… My left foot had fractured toes… Skin was off in both of my arms and also from my lefts underarm pit… But I was out of the hospital next morning! Thank God S just lost the skin off both of his hand, but no broken bones, and he also had a good helmet on!! It was only the next day when I found out that the bike flew after us and fell only 1 meter away from me! I had a hell of a night, but I was on a bike after 1 week when I was better with my walking! And now I’m planning for a motorbike driving license and my own bike in the next 3 years! I’m glad that my husband (TO STELIOS WITH LOVE!!) supports me even if doesn’t really understand me… I LOVE HIM!!! 

When people ask me what would I change if I go back to that night?? I simply say, I’ll remember to take my sunglasses from the hospital, because I really loved them… But about the accident! I wouldn’t change a minute of it! I am who I am because of my experiences in my life… I don’t hate my scars. I only would like my headaches and neck aches to stop!

April 8, 2007


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9:00am: woke up…


9:30am: eat my Easter breakfast (Flawnes & Eggs) and watch my SWEET ICE MAN get the third position 😦 then interviewed:

Q: Kimi, you must be very happy the way the weekend has gone for you, to be on the podium for the second successive race.

KR: Yeah, of course I’m happy to get some points but a bit disappointed how the race ended up. The whole weekend was quite difficult but I think we needed to compromise too many things and we lost too much speed because of those things, but it was one of those weekends where we needed to do what was most important and try to get as many points as we could. We just didn’t have enough speed today and couldn’t do much more.

Q: Well, you had a terrific spectator position for that battle between Lewis and your team mate Felipe Massa. Talk us through that from your point of view; you nearly passed Felipe. Well, you did pass Felipe eventually.

KR: Yeah, in the end when he made a mistake but unfortunately I didn’t have enough speed in a straight line to try to challenge either of them when I got behind Lewis. I got close to him but I didn’t have as much speed as Felipe so he could always challenge him but I was not able to do that. I always tried to get close to them because I knew that they would have a fight and I thought that maybe I could get passed one of them, and in the end it worked out but unfortunately I didn’t get past Lewis. But I think we did the best we could and at least we scored important points, so we need to make everything 100 percent right at the next race.

Q: It looked like your car was much more competitive in the closing stint than the middle stint.

KR: Yeah, it wasn’t difficult to drive but it was just not fast enough. I think we know the reasons why we were not quick in this race, but unfortunately, as I said, we were in a position where we couldn’t do anything else. Hopefully we can turn the tables in the next race and fight for a win again.

11:00am-2:00pm: checking what’s new on the net…3:00pm: drove my husband to work…

3:20pm: go for a long walk on a beautiful sunny spring day with my daughter… 


3:30pm: I fell in love all over again with the Z1000… 


3:45pm: I saw another Z1000 and fell even deeper… 


4:00pm: I got to the harbor and saw the fishing boats and nets, reminded me of old

4:10pm: saw the beach and it’s ready for tourists… oh GOD a long summer is coming…

4:30pm: Stelios (from TO STELIOS WITH LOVE!!) calls and asks me if I’ll go to eat with him…

5:00pm: we eat and I end up feeding my cloths as usual with me!! 😀

5:30pm: an old friend from
Egypt passes in the restaurant and orders to eat… we had a nice talk!!!

2007-63.jpg  2007-57.jpg

6:30pm: I go to my mother-in-law’s and we make some Finnish doughnuts… (don’t ask me for the recipe)!!! 


7:30pm: we have coffee and enjoy the doughnuts… they were so GOOD!!! 😀

9:30pm: I get back home…

10:00pm: start working on my blog…

1:00am: I’m still here… 😉

March 27, 2007


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My husband and I are planning for another child! (We have a 7 years old daughter).  The exciting part for me is after having the child (that is not on the way yet), I’ll be going to get my motorbike driving license!! I’ve been waiting and dreaming of this for such a long time. When living in
Kuwait it was considered as a very bad thing for me to want to ride! 3EEB (Shameful)!! That what they said!

I’m 28 years now and hopefully by 29 something I’ll be riding!!

My choices are open but the bike that has stolen my heart is Kawasaki Z1000! I just love the way that bike has this muscular appearance!! Also the Z1000 engine has been tuned to satisfy the most demanding big-bore power riders, with torque boosted across the rev range, particularly in the low- to mid-range to provide loads of muscle when and where it’s most needed out there on the street. Even from cruising speeds a twist of the throttle really delivers the goods, and the engine will keep on pulling hard right through the rev range as the world around you seems to switch to fast forward. My husband told me he’ll buy for us (me and him) a used bike to make our tests on and ride till we are ready for new ones. So my sweet baby to be, Z1000 (or another) won’t be under me till 2009 for sure! But I’m still so excited! 🙂

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