September 7, 2013


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Love is the answer

I was asked while ago how did I become who I am from someone at work. Why I love everyone even if someone hurts me I’ll still show love.


I think I changed a lot… It’s true. I can see it and feel it. I have forgiven people I thought I would never forgive. I have wished them well from bottom of my heart. Health and love is my biggest wish for everyone.


Was a day when someone speaks of me with lies and tries to get me in trouble meant revenge to me that I would plan slowly but painfully… I used to think the more I made them suffer the happier I would get…


Took me years but now I can say that was so wrong… When I planned the revenge it hurt me even more because that meant I had to think of the pain they caused me for long time, which caused even more pain…


When I noticed I changed my ways was a year or so back… Why would a beautiful woman, successful in higher position than I am and better financial situation talk about me lies trying to have some people fight with me… Yes I got angry for some hours, maybe a day… Slept on it. Woke up next morning calm… I started looking at the problem and reason from outside the situation. A beautiful woman used getting all eyes all attention all the compliments to her way, suddenly someone with more weight, always known with no make up, lower educational level and someone people never have to interact with much to now her way of thinking.


Suddenly I was there, had better answers to questions were asked, I had sexy still elegant dress on that made my extra kilos look like amazing beautiful curves, my makeup was low but enough to give a sine to my skin. All men around gave me compliments instead of her; every now and then loudly someone compliments how amazed they are of my answer… She was in a shock. She was angry… She was me 10 years back living in pain inside looking for revenge… So she said what she said…


Month later was sorry for what she did as I never even let her know that her painful words have reached me. I forgave her in less that 2 days after hearing what she said. People might see her as not very nice person, envious or even evil… But what I think she is ok and lovely person most of the time but maybe just hurt because of the community she grew in. Now when she talk to me she is even nicer than before unfortunate incident that happened.


Forgive… I can’t forget though, I wish I could forget it would help be even better!!


I Love myself. I love people around me as a result.


Also I was lucky to love a man who loves me back even more…


I guess I am better because of LOVE… LOVE is the answer!!!   


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