July 19, 2013


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Once upon a time. My mum said to me if you love someone so much you have to be ready to allow to set him/her free… This comes I guess because she knew me and my sister after growing up will move out and have a life of our own.

I have been once again in a situation where I loved someone so much. He was a true smile to us as work. He was amazing person that I enjoyed the way he always to advice, critic and orders with such a good spirit. Same time he was not afraid of me simply because I was his direct manager, instead he actually came to give me ideas and advice if he thought things might be better way he saw them. I appreciated that a lot!

My dear Antone is love as the other guys and girls I have around, but when he came to tell me he was leaving I knew it won’t be easy. He will be missed and big support to our group will be hurt at least for missing him. I asked if it was money and I believe him when he said no. I asked if it was position and I believed him when he said no. When he said Madam I love you but I feel it’s time for me to move on to something new and different I believed him.

Antone is dearly missed, and truly loved. We had to let him go! And from the bottom of my heart I wish him all success and happiness!

Antone, you were not just staff… You were a friend and family member! You will always be loved and remembered!

Ps; Thank you for the coffee!!



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