June 30, 2013


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I come to work every day, put my hand on a steward’s shoulder and look at his eyes and ask him how is he today… Sadly I’m bad with names so I did not remember his name, but the smile I gave him, my gentle tap on his shoulder and question about how he was were so true that made him smile and eyes lid. He carried on his work.


I went to the kitchen and saw one of the ladies so busy deep in her cake make with a slight frown on her face (this one I remembered her name) so by name spoke to her told her good morning a passed my hand on the arm to make sure she lifted her eyes up and looked at me and suddenly smile was placed her face returning to work instead of the slight frown…


I walk deeper to the kitchen to see the chef with tired look and a loud AHHH coming out of him before I hug him with a smile and tell him good morning chef… Smile!!! It’s a good day. Suddenly he was smiling and seemed ready for work!


Human touch… A true friendly smile. Very sincere how are you today makes work family and loving atmosphere…


When you are someone like me or someone who works with me a person who leaves his family and social life behind to work 10-12 hours daily you need to make your work more of a family. More of a comfort zone where you can talk, smile joke and hug… Have a family love running around between everyone to make people work and stay for love, not simply work for salary.


Unfortunately my believes do not work in this country. I was told I was unprofessional and never to exceed a hand shake with anyone working. I can do that! But that will change from my work family to work colleague… That will change for me caring about a stranger I do not remember his name simply because he is just someone who works under the same roof, but has nothing to do with me… I will always care as human being, but I will want to run back home to me FAMILY now… Do not expect me to want to stay 1 hour or even 30min extra with someone I can’t call family!!


I will miss my brothers that I made at work who now are changed with in one day into work colleagues… I will miss joking and making the day easier for my staff and work collogues… But always look up at the bright side… Now there is a clear line drawn between WORK and FAMILY!!! And when you will ask me who do you want to spend more time with, which do you care of more… It will be FAMILY not WORK!!!


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