March 22, 2013


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Been working for quite enough time in a place where I meet the high society of the country. Really a great experience, I like it and I think it’s very interesting to get to know so many different families from different origins, flavors, tastes and styles they go for.


That is all great… But then.


I meet the high society tails. Or people how hang around them trying to be them. Then coming want to live like them but don’t want to pay like them.


I see women who buy a purse for good € 1000 and then go to show it off in front of people who can’t afford € 20 purse. A woman ordering a dinner for € 500 and want to match it with a €1500 which her friend got just few weeks before her… After bargaining for hours she would agree on the € 500 with cheaper and less items.


The thing is. Not just at work, BIC, Friends, Family… Everywhere around here I see people as such.


You don’t have the money why try to pretend to be one of the ones who has? Why do you want to order cake that someone from the rich people ordered but you get angry when asked from you to pay as much as they paid? A wedding cake that coast someone else € 3000 will cost you € 3000 as well… You will not get it cheaper because your family name is not as wealthy as the one before you!


Why do you try to hurt people who can’t afford what you can?


I can’t afford many things… And well I think it’s stupidity pay € 1000 on a purse… But. I still can sit with my head high with high society and with all my respect with the more unfortunate in wealth part of society. I will be comfortable in an Opera or a ballet in an opera house, just as I will feel comfortable in a Whitesnake, an Iron Maiden’s concerts or even in Circus Mundus Absurdus’ show in a hockey arena…


I can be myself with an Orthodox priest in church, with a Jewish family on a dinner table, with religious Muslim man in his house… I can be myself with old, young, men and women. Maybe that’s why today I can say I am not some wanna be… I am not a tail to anyone… and for sure I Love me the way I am… I do not need to buy a € 1000 purse to belong or for someone to respect me.


So why do you need a €1000 purse and pretend to be rich when you don’t dare to live as the rich people you pretend to belong to do?



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