April 19, 2012

Short and fast and straight to the point!!!

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Short and fast and straight to the point!!! My post today!!!

I love Ali Dadi… SO MUCH!!! And happy to spend as many days, months, years or even minutes to come with you!!!


April 18, 2012

Talk about me as much as you want and be happy

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I never meant for anyone to get hurt with this post… So if you did take it personal please don’t. I simply meant that I know of few people who are talking about me and Ali. And I know many bad things about those people, what they have done in past and doing now… I just do not care what you do in your personal life… and to be honest I really wish you and your family the best in life and for all your sins to be hidden from public and world so you will not be ever hurt.

Ali said something that made me smile… Nora Cassandra, You are so famous that the whole Bahrain has nothing but you to check and talk about… So… I’m Famous! 🙂

357 views from Bahrain Alone since February 25th. 2012. WOW… I am Famous here!! 😛

So I guess I will never be able to satisfy the world. And still if it makes you happy and gives you pleasure… and fills up your free time talking about The Famous Nora-Cassandra, I will not hate you nor will get angry at you for doing that! 

Peace and love to you all! :-*

April 17, 2012

Ali… You are lucky!!!

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A woman… Religious Muslim. Loving mother. Very hard-working.

A man… Also Religious Muslim. Strict Father but Deeply Caring. And also amazingly hard worker.

They got together many years ago and had together 7 Sons. Yeh that reminds me I never got to read the famous Finnish story (7 Brothers).

Ok back to my story. So these two people had 7 sons. Lived around the world raising them while father studying and working. But mainly their life has been in Bahrain, where the boys went to most years of their schools and grew up.

I have met personally 6 of those 7 and spoken to 5 of those 6 long conversations. I have to say I was shocked. I sued to think if you come from a religious Muslim family you would be against all other ways of living and other believes. But what I saw was respect. I saw educated MEN. Respectful and strong. All can take responsibilities and lay it over their shoulders with great strength.

Then came the day where I met the mother and father. And that was the day where I understood where did that respect, thinking, love and great personally came from.

The father was bit quite and studying me. But head high and great presence. He spoke little but meant a lot. What an educated man. I saw his respect even though he knew my life and believes are not the kind he would actually approve on for himself.

The mother was so sweet. Nice and loving. She kept showing love I don’t get unless from my own mother or my grandmother. She made even cry as I miss that feeling so badly.

This was when I really understood how it is not a religion… not a culture… not believes the name nor money that makes who you are… it all start with PARENTS!! And those two had my respect before meeting them… Had my good words every time they came to conversations… Got my admiration when ever I met one of their sons… And got my true pure love when I met them…

Their sons are lucky to have them. I push Ali even more to spend time with them even if it means not having him all for myself on my day off… And I keep reminding him to ask them if they need anything because I know when I ask their pride will always say no need for anything.

Ali… You are lucky!!!

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