March 9, 2012

I am forced into small round tight cave and I’m not happy!!!

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So I was in bad car crash. Well how did it happen? Driving in highway with normal speed of 100km/h on left lane (if you drive as the do in UK wrong side of the road so think of it in the opposite lane which will be right for you)… And this driver suddenly appears from the right side of the road and has lost control of his car driving side way so not with the way nor opposite way. He hits the left front corner of the car I’m in and causes the car I’m in to spin and hit the highway barrier. Then he hits the car I’m in from the back where I spin again and finally hits me face to face.

I walked out fine, few bruises but no broken bones.

2 days after the accident I was back to work. As I felt fine just some ache in my neck but nothing that bad. Then come the day that I slipped at work, thank God had nothing in my hand. I fell on my left thigh and shoulder. I was fine some ache in my left knee and shoulder seemed nothing to worry about. Week later I suddenly couldn’t move my neck. I could turn, my neck has been so bad since.

After 5 Xrays… 3 doctor’s consoltations. I was told over and over I need to get an MRI scan taken as soon as possible. MRI??? Well all I know it’s this round cave like machine where people with cancer sometimes put in for check ups. I guess that was movie effect. I hate the idea walking through metal detector in Airports how about going to this Magnetic field of a cave? I am not bad claustrophobic but I do not like the idea of being in a tight place for over 20 min not allowed even to hum so no movement would occur!

Now battling with insurance company to approve my MRI but seems no way out of this one! But that won’t take more than couple of days.

My neck hurts SO BAD and those stupid migraines are not stopping! So here I am forced into small round tight cave and I’m not happy!


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