February 26, 2012

I will not say Happy Birthday to you

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This was written 2 days ago.. but as I got net today I was able to publish it today!

It’s your birthday again. Last year I had nothing but my heart and love to offer but I felt it was not enough.

This year I have bought you a watch… Iida and I bought you headphones… We got you cards… I bought you clothes… Planned a whole surprise dinner in Zoe… And planning to take you to movies day after with Iida… Still not enough!!

I love you and I’m so happy to have shared hard times with you… Good times… Boring times and exciting times… You make me smile like no one ever does. You make me relax like one ever was able to do. You make Iida happy and return she keeps reminding how amazing man you to make sure my love to you just would keep on growing.

I don’t think any money, any gifts or any words could describe how grateful I am to God to have given me you… I can’t explain how this world is lucky to have someone like you walking in it. So I will not say Happy Birthday to you… But I will say Congratulations world for having this day when Ali Dadi was born.


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