October 5, 2011


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So I rented a car in Bahrain from a company Elite Car Rental. Under the management of Mr. Nader or Nasser Jaber Al-Dosari.

½ of the things in the car were broken and damaged. I chose the best between the worst I saw… I mean for BD180 for one month I was not expecting to rive SLR but at least a decent enough car. I was late for work at noontime so I had to make my choice really fast also.

After I have discovered ½ things are in total mess I told them in the rental office about it, they said I should bring the car and leave it between 8am to noonish for them to take a look at it and fix it… That and they won’t give me a car to use in these hours I’m already paying for.

I said I could not afford doing that as my lunch break is between 1:30pm-3pm. And no chance I can leave the car and walk to work… So they said if you wanted to change it then just come and ask for another car and we see what we have… I asked if anything was available that time on the spot for me to change and of course they said no!

One week later from my conversation, which makes it, around 2 weeks from rental date my battery stops working in the middle of the day… and if you don’t know how hot it gets here it was a good 45degrees. And I was stuck for 45 min in a workers neighborhood where men look for women could be found… As the tailor of Iida’s school uniform was there and I had to go to pick up her clothes. So me a woman with my looks, skirt over knees (length) in a business suit standing for 45 min and having men drive by and harass me by words stopping and trying to give comments and it was HOT time of the day…  To have in the end a rude man from Elite Car Rental come to tell me the battery went off because I forgot the light inside open, when I told him I just drove the car here around 1 hour a go got down picked my daughter’s clothes and got back to the car and it did not work… so it was not a light!! He got upset and said ok ok madam what ever you say. They changed the battery and then I drove back to work.

Later that night, around 9:30 pm, I suddenly here strange noise and a park on side while I am in DANGEROUS neighborhood (as there was some trouble happening that day by protestors)… And so I got down to find my back left tire was ripped as if someone had been doing a drifting show on it. I called them to ask for help and they said they couldn’t come to help me as they are (MEN) afraid to come by the area where my car has stopped and JUST GET OUT AND FIX YOUR FLAT TIRE… I open the backs of the car to start trying to change the tire to find out they have not put a lug wrench into the car. Well I called Ali for help and he called a friend and I stayed with Iida at 10pm in the car in dangerous neighborhood just for the battery to go off again after 5 or 10 minutes. I called Elite Car Rental screaming my head off… I was showing how dare they have old tires not changed in the car for years at it seems and not even having a lug wrench??? How dare they pretended to have fixed my battery problem after the man who came to do it disrespected me and I was left for no less than hour in a disrespected area… And how dare they not even come to help a woman and her daughter who are stuck in their car because of their mistakes in a dangerous time in a dangerous neighborhood by saying just get out and fix your flat tire. (and just for your information that another tire was found totally messed up and flat up on pick up the car next day as tires were totally damaged and not less than 2 years old).

So Ali spoke to them as he was calmer than I was and the man Elite Car Rental told him that he will take the car in the morning to the shop and I can get another car to replace it, then he said for a apology they for the bad day with the car breaking down 2 times and for not having a lug wrench and also for not having a car in the morning to drive to work they will offer me a free extra day to replace the lost day.

I got a car next day it was bit better than the first one and I found out that they have actually had it from day 1 of my rent… same exact model but in better condition… But they never wanted to take their better cars out.

Yesterday I went to return the car after 1 month and 1 day has passed on my rental day. To find out I have been fined on the broken tire… Ok I know I have signed a contract saying if I damage a tire I will pay for it, but what woman at 2 pm in so much harry to get back to work would check if the tires of the car has been going through drift shows? I mean it was no less than 47degrees and I was wearing my work suit and I was sweating like a pig checking the car from our side from scratches and hits (which were quite many) and couldn’t wait to finish. THEY GAVE ME A CAR WITH DAMAGED TIRES and blamed on me. And I was told I have to pay for the extra day I kept the car for… So I had a peace of mind with Mr. Nader or Nasser Jaber Al-Dosari who from my screaming told me take the free day…

Well one thing for sure I have to say DO NOT RENT FROM Elite Car Rental!!!!

Update; When I was in the Elite Car Rental to return the car I met another person that his car been breaking up more than once and he has given up calling them and getting them fix it so he came to change it and agreed that Elite Car Rental are thieves and very untrustworthy company in Bahrain!

Another update; After searching a little about the Bahrain’s Elite Car Rental I found out that Mr. Nader or Nasser Jaber Al-Dosari gives special offer to special people. He actually allows the female prostitutes (which actually are working in hotels as prostitutes) to rent without any down payment except for special services they give him and rest of the rent which usually will be like 1/2 of the usual rent to be paid up on return of the car. So no wonder a man that is not making enough money (as sex don’t put food on his kids table) would try to manipulate and squeeze as much money he can from his customers (who are not prostitutes)!! So be careful if you are not a professional prostitute and can’t offer Mr. Nader or Nasser Jaber Al-Dosari professional SEX payment, do not rent from him or he will make you pay extra charges for any scratch that it was even put on the check up report which was written before you taken the car!!


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