August 30, 2011

Eid Fitr Mubarik

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Wishing all Muslims around the World a very happy and peaceful Eid,
May this year’s Eid give you all the happiness and Joy.

Eid Fitr Mubarik!


August 22, 2011

I guess it counts as a GOOD year!!


Ramadan, I’m tried; lack of sleep and what they said will be a quiet month at work seems to be one of the busiest.

I love my job… thought of saying that once again.

At last I will reveal out loud where I’m working. I am working now full time at Lilou Pattísseríe. It is amazing!

I am not allowed to say much without consulting the marketing manager but something I have to say is 7 years in food & beverages field I have never been more amazed of how far this field can go.

I started in May and then I got the comment from Ali Dadi that he has never seen me this excited and happy. Of course there are ups and downs as any job but I am truly happy! I enjoy being in kitchens again and for first time ever experiencing sweets… True I have never been a fan of sweets but it is so interesting. Tasting sometimes feels like a challenge specially if I had tasted 2 or 3 different kinds already, then I seem not to have any sense of taste. But I am happy to be able to do it, as Chef Samer (who is such an amazing and creative chef that I never thought I could meet in my life time) asks me to taste and asks for my opinion. So I think I’m doing ok tasting sweets! 😛

There are of course the hot kitchens with all kind of pastas, stakes, Arabic, European, Asian and American kitchens (food)… God knows I could keep going on!

Iida is starting school in September and her birthday is that time, so big plans for her birthday! Hope she’ll have enough friends to invite! 😛

Ali and I are still doing well… ups and downs, stress took us down few times specially with his job being such a pain the last 6 months. But we still survive and find the way in between the hard times to lay down in bed, joke and make love…


1 year and 1 month has passed since I moved to Bahrain. I am in love with Bahrain, with Ali, with my work and my little Iida… I guess that counts as a GOOD year! 😉

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