February 24, 2011

Happy birthday sweet man of mine! :-*

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You!! I do not know how to describe or tell in words how you make me feel.

I am a very difficult person that no man can stay with for long. You seem to be stronger than I ever thought you would be! You are still around! And I feel you are so much stronger and more loving even.

You make me feel so safe being in your arms. You calm me when I’m angry in ways I never thought a man could! You get me to smile when I am so upset with you or with something you did! You get me all turned on when I think no man or anything could in this world and make me travel the skies each time you make love to me!

I never in my life felt so amazing with a man for this long! You are truly amazing! You came to remind me how life is worth living again! When the only reasons were left were my daughter and the sake of being strong! I was giving up the day you made me laugh! Even now with all the hard times and sad things going on around us in our life and the country, you get me smiling and get me looking at life in a good way!

You ever heard of butterflies in stomach??? Well you gave them to me when we kissed first on August 27th. And still those butterflies keep making me feel funny and nice when you kissed me today when you dropped me to work!

I guess it is true and I am in love! You just called me and asked me if I loved you, and I said a lot. You asked only? I said if you wanted me to jump off the balcony for you!? You said you would be lost then without me! True I won’t jump off a cliff nor a balcony for just being in love and I need to stay well for my little girl… But you give me the strength and believes that I would not get hurt as my wings will come out and I’ll fly.

Your face is memorized in my head and when ever I need to smile I get it out in front of my eyes and see your face and how you look at me and soon the smile on my face again… Thank you!

I thought just to let you know while I am sure I am around alive a little of how I feel with you! And thought to say it on your birthday to make sure you remembered this birthday you were with a woman who is crazy in love with you. So please don’t ask again why is your birthday important! It’s the date when an amazing man who got my soul living again was born!

Happy birthday sweet man of mine! :-*


February 1, 2011

I will not envy myself now


So it’s been 18 days since I posted last… Have to say a lot has happened… Ali Dadi took 3rd place in his first race in Riyadh and 2nd place in his second race there! There is a BLOG made to follow-up with the WGA Chevrolet Supercars Championship for any news.

I moved to a new apartment. Which is 3 bedrooms + big kitchen (which I am so excited about) + a good size living room + a hall (so walls to be creative on) + entry (small hall which is good for shoe cupboard and hanger for jackets which reminds me of Finland) + 2 toilets (one in my bedroom and one outside between the other 2 rooms and the living room)… Let’s not forget to mention it is 50BD cheaper than the one we were living in which was one bedroom + living room & kitchen together+ one toilet which was inside my room… Iida slept in the living room and I used to hate working in that kitchen! And above all the old apartment was so far from all my friends who all live so close to my new apartment! And another point which is SO IMPORTANT to me is BIC is like 15 min away instead of 30 min!!! I love my new place! 😀

Now to something more serious… My boss still didn’t provide me with Visa… He always has the answer on top of his tongue saying he is working on it… So even though I was happy to be the Event Coordinator manager I might have to say goodbye to this job as soon as I find somewhere else! 😦

Good news… My boyfriend and I are still together after 6 months have passed. I have fallen in love and I think he loves me too. Iida and him get a long fine, which makes things so much easier! And I am neither bored of him nor tired of him yet… And the sex is still so amazing!!! I guess I found someone I was hoping to meet long time ago!

I will not envy myself now… So I will say thank you Lord, thank you to my angels and good spirits… thanking the right energies surrounding us… and thanking mostly Ahmed Sami who pushed us together!!

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