December 1, 2010

Kallemne Advertising 80001811 will not work!!!

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I guess every one is wondering about Kallemne and what is happening there… Everyone is wondering when is it going to start working! Well the sad news is Kallemne will not work!!!

On Monday November the 29th, around 30 employees from the new advertising company Kallemne got out in front of the office building in demonstration and asking for their unpaid salaries!

The G.M who is also the C.E.O and the biggest shareholder of the company. Mr. XXX has not paid his staff for months. There are employees that haven’t been paid for over 4 months.

As a result. Many of his staff has been late paying their bills, rents, loans, and even their hairdressers and barbers. The police want some for questioning because of late in payments. Some are not even going back to their homes worried the authorities would catch them!

Some had to leave their university this year for not paying their bills for few months! Another’s finding hard time to keep their own families together as problems continued for quite sometime in their homes. And some of the employees had to fight for their kids as no money meant no food, any school and no hospitals!

But coming to the cases that hurt me most to know about. The foreigners who were working for that company were promised visa’s… every one of them got the approval from the LMRA but not of their visas was paid. So some ended up sleeping in the company car on the beach not to get into trouble with authorities. Others couldn’t put their kids to school this year for not having the CPR number, which is given to the person living n Bahrain as soon as he/she has working visa or long term permit! Some had to watch their kids get to over 40degrees of fever but not being able to take them to public hospital because they had no CPR number and couldn’t take their kid to private hospital because they had no money as no salary been paid for months!

And as it seems this whole act happened after a Saudi investor’s visit to the company on the same day. And as it seems the staff were ordered to keep a smile and play a role of happy employees that had nothing to complain about. So the investor would be convinced to invest his money in the company! And so the staff one by one seems to have taken turns to tell the Saudi investor what kind of a company Kallemne is. Some even told him that he was fooled and was brought to the company to get his money stolen by Mr. XXX.

Well good news is the Saudi investor did not put his money to the company. And also the police came to take Mr. XXX to spend his night in a cell before transferring him to investigations and will be taken to court! For the employees they were in the Ministry of Labor today to give their complains. Some will be taking a small part of their salary, but sadly not all!

The only sad part that had no good news is the foreigners who have no visa and might have to be kicked out of the country! I hope their issue would get solved soon. They seem lovely group when I had my meeting with them!



  1. Go figure Nora-Cassandra, it was bound to happen tbh. All things considered this eventuality was the only one left on the table. As for Mr.XXX, well lets just say his promises fell short of the mark, his business is out in the open and left to dry. The only thing that may console him is the fact that he managed to get out of his cell. Problem is he’s bound to go back to that self same cell if he doesn’t resolve all of the company debts that he has incurred

    Comment by Ace Al Mahroos — December 3, 2010 @ 1:09 pm |Reply

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