November 25, 2010

last night i slept well


My heart was beating so fast. I wasn’t sure why. So excited all morning! I couldn’t concentrate at work! I don’t know what was coming into me! I was sweating and any one who knows me personally knows how hard it is to get me to sweat! But my ends were still cold! I was not sure if I was feeling cold or hot! My eyes were going around in my head. As if they were looking for something! But nothing! I did not find anything I was looking for! My stomach was starting to hurt and rumble!

Time was getting closer. I kept looking at the time waiting for 4:25. That was the time when his plain was landing! But why is time going so slow????? It was making me so upset! I just want that plain on the ground in Bahrain!

Left work at 3pm (15:00), as my head couldn’t handle anything or think of anything anymore! I couldn’t keep myself busy with work or anything else! Not even with facebook! I kept just looking at the time and doing my count down!

I was at the airport 4:10pm (16:10). I was so early and Jack’s advice was come home, leave the car and let’s go all together when I called him to complain about the parking, which was totally full! But I said that I couldn’t! I can’t leave the airport before seeing him walk out that gate, I thought to myself! So I found a parking place in the end of the world, it felt, but at least it was a parking spot and I couldn’t care less for walking the distance!

And so, I stood there waiting! It showed in the landing schedule that the airplane was 5 min late. It made my heart pound! Why??? I do not want him 1 min late! So I stood there. Waiting! Looking at people saying hellos and hugging, I saw a little young girl that is not even 10 years old hugging some ladies as soon as she was out of the gate and started crying. I saw a young man coming out and going straight through the women who were clearly waiting for him to pass them straight to the old man behind them to kiss him on his forehead and hold his hand and place a kiss on it too. The old man’s eyes shined. I guess they were full of tears! It was a beautiful scene that I just see only usually in movies or read in stories! Never thought I will see it there! It was very touching!

After seeing all those heart touching moments I saw in front of me, I realized those feeling I was feeling all day were natural! When waiting for a person you miss so much. Some one… (I guess I can say love.) I was happy to see Jacks and Iida next to me suddenly, they made bit fun of my messed up emotions and me. They had their laughs and it was time for me to just wait so maybe I could find a hint of his smell before he comes out of that gate! Then suddenly I saw him, my heart was beating so fast and I just wanted to run, but Jacks’ advice that I should control myself in public was keeping me still! I saw Iida running to hug him, I was jealous… I wanted to be the first to touch his skin and feel his hug right after walking out that gate! But true, she is a kid, and lucky her she can run to him and fill his face with kisses and body with hugs and no one can tell her a word! But I could see his eyes were fixed on me even when he was hugging her and kissing her! He walked to me with fast steps! He kissed me then gave me a hug. My face ended up right on his shoulder (specially with the 10cm heals I was wearing). My eyes got filled with tears and I didn’t want to let go! I told him not to ever leave me for such a long time ever again! He looked at me and smiled and answered: I do not want to ever leave you and be alone to go to anywhere for this long period myself ever again. Then took few steps to the back to start saying hi to Jacks and to Ahmed.

Last night I slept well! But I still feel like laying in his arms and not move just to make love again and again and go back to sleep again.



  1. 1st, Good to hear that you slept well and he come back to you in safe or I would say Congrats for you and insha-allah he will never go long time away from you !!

    2nd, really I loved your way in sorting and explaining your feelings and whats happened with you, you made me feel of you like if I were you and waiting someone I adore!!
    if that means anything, it means that you wrote the blog has been written 100% by your emotions and feelings !!


    Comment by Osamah Halaoa — November 25, 2010 @ 11:44 am |Reply

  2. osamah; your words meant a lot! and i did just write how i felt and went through my moments waiting for him yesterday!!! i guess i am in love and mostly in peace!!! i hope everything works out well for you! and hope you get to feel these feelings even if it would be for 1 day!!! that day would be worth all the pain and hard times you would have had years before and years to come!

    Comment by noracassandra — November 25, 2010 @ 12:46 pm |Reply

  3. Good to hear that the man in your life is back. You must be floating on cloud nine right now. There is nothing like loving someone and being loved in return.
    Take care
    P.S. 10 cm heels? 🙂

    Comment by Chrisximages — November 27, 2010 @ 1:14 am |Reply

  4. my dear chris; yes… i’m so happy!!! i’m happy because i felt some peace again! i’m happy to relax again… and for sure being able to argue and have small funny fights also makes my life full of taste “just silly things we argue just to kind of tease each other i guess!”… and yes Chris! the highest heels i have ever used and walked on were 11 cm… and that was on stage and was wearing them for over 9 hours!!!! so kind of used to it! 😉

    my BF will be holding safety-car of friday! i might join him later but not sure if i will help! my daughter will be around too! so you might catch us! 😉

    you take care dear and have a lovely wonderful day!

    Comment by noracassandra — November 29, 2010 @ 6:14 am |Reply

  5. Hi beautiful 🙂 I can just imagine the big smile you have on your face right now! I am glad you can still fine time to send me a reply!
    I am looking forward to the Race weekend. I will keep my eyes open for the Safety Car. You and your BF in the Safety Car at the same time, yes but not during the races 🙂
    Do you have any pictures of your time on the runway in 11cm heels? Just thinking about that gives me vertigo .. hehehe
    Take care always

    Comment by Chrisximages — November 30, 2010 @ 4:24 am |Reply

  6. i don’t have an photos of me sadly!!! 😛 not sure i will join him in the safety-car but i am sure i will be around on friday! and of course i will reply as long as i find the time to check my net and site!!! 😉 thank you for the comments you find the time to leave for me!!! please do try to get good shots of the safety-car of my BF!!!! 😉

    Comment by noracassandra — November 30, 2010 @ 7:35 pm |Reply

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