November 4, 2010

of course i will walk out with my head up high

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How do expect me to continue to work for a management that actually says: don’t say she is getting contracts because she is a girl and can use that with clients, there are places where they would love to have a man visiting them!


What??? Are you saying you want women and men in your company to sleep with clients to get you contracts??? Sorry… but that is not included in my work ethics! And i am not a Muslim… so those Muslims working for you, i have seen how religious they are and how high their work ethics reach; do you expect them to work as whores for you… for the sake of your company??? I’m sorry. But that is so unacceptable!


You are not helping them with the petrol needed for their cars, so they could go out and get you the contracts. You say everything is given to them… well they (me) worked for you since 25 of September. No money been paid to them since that day… where do you think they can manage to get you petrol to drive to go and get you contracts??? Should they offer their sexual services in this too???


How come you want someone to get a contract when me myself sat with a client and after the presentation he said: with all my respect to you Nora-Cassandra, but how do you want me to sign up a contract with a company that its owner has put out in market for sale? If the owner of your company doesn’t believe in it… do you really expect me (as a big business man he is) to sign in it???


When i asked him about your company on sale details he answered: If mr.X has opened the subject with me about 2 weeks ago and asked me what did I  thinks if we would buy the company… so ask mr.X for more details.

And so i did. i called mr.X (another big business man) to confirm. And it was confirmed! He told me that you haven’t paid for your advertising campaign. You haven’t paid for the cars rented, nor the cars you have today. You haven’t paid your staff’s salary for over 4 months and they been working for you for so long time over 6 months and more some of them…


So again… you want your staff to pay for your advertising campaign, your rented cars, the cars you bought and for their own salaries by offering their sexual services to the world???


Of course I will walk out with my head up high and not work for you… any one with ethics and principles will do the same!!! Wait and see!


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