November 2, 2010

writing, riding, reading and hunting for a new job is in my program


i met a writer. Mr. Nabhan. amazing personality. that made me remember suddenly who i was. what exactly my passion in life was all about! ALI DADI joined me in my meeting. he himself was amazed of Mr. Nabhan’s personality! he actually got ALI DADI thinking of reading! now i am so glad he started thinking of reading… that will get me back to reading even more… so reading and writing is back in my system… thank you Mr. Nabhan.

Kuwait Riders…… amazing group… met them at last in real life. they made me so proud being a Kuwaiti! amazing art work, amazing personalities… i did enjoy their visit and participation in the Bahrain Bike Week that took place last week! glad to see my friends winning trophies and going back home with good memories!

another person i met was from a company called azadea. she was amazing! she said my eyes shined when i spoke about arts and writing… she said maybe i should consider giving it more time! she said true you are good in your job as a sales woman but she also said that she thought i was wasting time and energy in something that doesn’t make my heart beat and my eyes shine!!!

so i guess… writing, riding, reading and hunting for a new job is in my program as all signs last week showed me!


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  1. Good Luck dear and I hope you find the right place for you to work !

    Comment by Osamah Halaoa — November 3, 2010 @ 12:59 pm |Reply

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