November 25, 2010

last night i slept well


My heart was beating so fast. I wasn’t sure why. So excited all morning! I couldn’t concentrate at work! I don’t know what was coming into me! I was sweating and any one who knows me personally knows how hard it is to get me to sweat! But my ends were still cold! I was not sure if I was feeling cold or hot! My eyes were going around in my head. As if they were looking for something! But nothing! I did not find anything I was looking for! My stomach was starting to hurt and rumble!

Time was getting closer. I kept looking at the time waiting for 4:25. That was the time when his plain was landing! But why is time going so slow????? It was making me so upset! I just want that plain on the ground in Bahrain!

Left work at 3pm (15:00), as my head couldn’t handle anything or think of anything anymore! I couldn’t keep myself busy with work or anything else! Not even with facebook! I kept just looking at the time and doing my count down!

I was at the airport 4:10pm (16:10). I was so early and Jack’s advice was come home, leave the car and let’s go all together when I called him to complain about the parking, which was totally full! But I said that I couldn’t! I can’t leave the airport before seeing him walk out that gate, I thought to myself! So I found a parking place in the end of the world, it felt, but at least it was a parking spot and I couldn’t care less for walking the distance!

And so, I stood there waiting! It showed in the landing schedule that the airplane was 5 min late. It made my heart pound! Why??? I do not want him 1 min late! So I stood there. Waiting! Looking at people saying hellos and hugging, I saw a little young girl that is not even 10 years old hugging some ladies as soon as she was out of the gate and started crying. I saw a young man coming out and going straight through the women who were clearly waiting for him to pass them straight to the old man behind them to kiss him on his forehead and hold his hand and place a kiss on it too. The old man’s eyes shined. I guess they were full of tears! It was a beautiful scene that I just see only usually in movies or read in stories! Never thought I will see it there! It was very touching!

After seeing all those heart touching moments I saw in front of me, I realized those feeling I was feeling all day were natural! When waiting for a person you miss so much. Some one… (I guess I can say love.) I was happy to see Jacks and Iida next to me suddenly, they made bit fun of my messed up emotions and me. They had their laughs and it was time for me to just wait so maybe I could find a hint of his smell before he comes out of that gate! Then suddenly I saw him, my heart was beating so fast and I just wanted to run, but Jacks’ advice that I should control myself in public was keeping me still! I saw Iida running to hug him, I was jealous… I wanted to be the first to touch his skin and feel his hug right after walking out that gate! But true, she is a kid, and lucky her she can run to him and fill his face with kisses and body with hugs and no one can tell her a word! But I could see his eyes were fixed on me even when he was hugging her and kissing her! He walked to me with fast steps! He kissed me then gave me a hug. My face ended up right on his shoulder (specially with the 10cm heals I was wearing). My eyes got filled with tears and I didn’t want to let go! I told him not to ever leave me for such a long time ever again! He looked at me and smiled and answered: I do not want to ever leave you and be alone to go to anywhere for this long period myself ever again. Then took few steps to the back to start saying hi to Jacks and to Ahmed.

Last night I slept well! But I still feel like laying in his arms and not move just to make love again and again and go back to sleep again.


November 24, 2010

a real simple fact… i love BIC!


Not sure what happened to me! Personally I was not expecting to feel this way!


I sat there for 6+hours. Not even one toilet break! All I was seeing are the bikes passing me by! Helmet on my head and feeling hot sometimes, tired other times, stressed in sometimes, thinking or trying not to think sometimes. Lunch came late when I was almost starving already and the sun kept blinding my eyes for a long time! No accidents except for 3 minor ones! So the car I was sitting in had to stay in place! I read some of my book that I have borrowed from my friend Mr. Nabhan. An Arabic book to practice reading the language once again! For writing purposes!


Back to the safety-car I was sitting in! It was amazing! Even though it was boring as Jacks described. He said usually there must be action and especially it was 6 hour bike endurance! Meaning 6 hours nonstop the motorbikes would be racing! So almost impossible to our mind that it would have passed with no major accidents! But that is exactly what happened! And so, we just sat in that car on standby!


Strange as it might sound… I loved it! I loved being on the track! I loved sitting in the safety-car on standby! And I loved being in the event and especially as a SAFETY-CAR communicator! I would do it all over again if I get the chance!


What made my heart beat most was having the laps on the circuit when we had the safety-car training! One dream has come true with that! Now next dream me driving on the track!


I guess I will be participating in upcoming events as the speed weekend which will take place in BIC on the first weekend of December!


This time I will have my boyfriend with me so it will be even more amazing! 😀


 A real simple fact… I love BIC!

November 17, 2010

i will need my drug real soon just to sleep!!!

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i have fallen in love. with someone i never thought i would! because he made me put my fences down as i was not worried of fallen or him stealing from me in broad daylight…  this how he struck… and he took it all and got me to this strange mood i always try to avoid!!!

sitting down… having a coffee in my big bahrain starbucks mug that i love… wearing a t-shirt of a man i love… still having some of his smell in it. i know soon it will fade so i worry. i wanna keep him close even if it is just by his smell. he seems to be so far away. but still so close. how come when he is countries away… seems that took my heart away with him. i feel him holding it and it’s beating between his finger. would he come back soon? would he ever give what he stole back???

ok… i don’t want what he stole back as it feels so good with him taking care of it, but at least can i get his arms around me again putting me to sleep in peace??? have his smell all around me again as i seem to need that drug to calm me down! as what is left in the t-shirt seems won’t last me long! i will need my drug real soon just to sleep!!!

November 14, 2010

congrats to the youngest champion!!!

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Congratulations to the youngest F1’s champion, Sebastian Vettel!!!! The man I was cheering for this year… 😀

November 4, 2010

of course i will walk out with my head up high

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How do expect me to continue to work for a management that actually says: don’t say she is getting contracts because she is a girl and can use that with clients, there are places where they would love to have a man visiting them!


What??? Are you saying you want women and men in your company to sleep with clients to get you contracts??? Sorry… but that is not included in my work ethics! And i am not a Muslim… so those Muslims working for you, i have seen how religious they are and how high their work ethics reach; do you expect them to work as whores for you… for the sake of your company??? I’m sorry. But that is so unacceptable!


You are not helping them with the petrol needed for their cars, so they could go out and get you the contracts. You say everything is given to them… well they (me) worked for you since 25 of September. No money been paid to them since that day… where do you think they can manage to get you petrol to drive to go and get you contracts??? Should they offer their sexual services in this too???


How come you want someone to get a contract when me myself sat with a client and after the presentation he said: with all my respect to you Nora-Cassandra, but how do you want me to sign up a contract with a company that its owner has put out in market for sale? If the owner of your company doesn’t believe in it… do you really expect me (as a big business man he is) to sign in it???


When i asked him about your company on sale details he answered: If mr.X has opened the subject with me about 2 weeks ago and asked me what did I  thinks if we would buy the company… so ask mr.X for more details.

And so i did. i called mr.X (another big business man) to confirm. And it was confirmed! He told me that you haven’t paid for your advertising campaign. You haven’t paid for the cars rented, nor the cars you have today. You haven’t paid your staff’s salary for over 4 months and they been working for you for so long time over 6 months and more some of them…


So again… you want your staff to pay for your advertising campaign, your rented cars, the cars you bought and for their own salaries by offering their sexual services to the world???


Of course I will walk out with my head up high and not work for you… any one with ethics and principles will do the same!!! Wait and see!

November 2, 2010

writing, riding, reading and hunting for a new job is in my program


i met a writer. Mr. Nabhan. amazing personality. that made me remember suddenly who i was. what exactly my passion in life was all about! ALI DADI joined me in my meeting. he himself was amazed of Mr. Nabhan’s personality! he actually got ALI DADI thinking of reading! now i am so glad he started thinking of reading… that will get me back to reading even more… so reading and writing is back in my system… thank you Mr. Nabhan.

Kuwait Riders…… amazing group… met them at last in real life. they made me so proud being a Kuwaiti! amazing art work, amazing personalities… i did enjoy their visit and participation in the Bahrain Bike Week that took place last week! glad to see my friends winning trophies and going back home with good memories!

another person i met was from a company called azadea. she was amazing! she said my eyes shined when i spoke about arts and writing… she said maybe i should consider giving it more time! she said true you are good in your job as a sales woman but she also said that she thought i was wasting time and energy in something that doesn’t make my heart beat and my eyes shine!!!

so i guess… writing, riding, reading and hunting for a new job is in my program as all signs last week showed me!

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