October 21, 2010

i can’t judge you just because in my ethics i think what you’re doing is wrong!

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i am so so so sorry… i judged again… i try not to… i try to understand so i would not judge.

back to an old story my mum made me change a lot of my ways of thinking about whores or prostitutes!!! i remembered the story because once again after so many years i used that definition to insult a woman who is sleeping her way to top or to keep a good position at my work place.

sorry mum for doing that… sorry for using the name of whore in such situation! i know and still remembered what you said.

why do you use that word to curse someone with it?

it’s an insulting and bad job, that’s why!!!

well, you say bad and insulting job… why?

because the woman gets paid for sleeping with some disgusting man that she doesn’t even like most of the time!!

so as a single woman when you need sex (as we all do) what do you do?

i call a friend that i might be using for such situations.

the friend is out of town, what do you do?

go out with the girls and see if i get lucky and meet some good looking man i would use for some time! 😛

and the good looking single young man, when he needs to get laid what does he do?

goes out see if he gets lucky!

so you, and the good looking young man would simply go out to see if you get lucky, maybe not first night but sure few nights out you would… right?

yes! but i don’t see what does this have to do with whores.!?

well you are 23… let’s say till the age of 40 maybe even 50 this will work… same goes to the good looking young man… ok… so what about a man that is fat, ½ bold, maybe some skin problem, ugly, shy and not asb young as you, but not old… what would he do when he needs to get laid??


will he get lucky going to a club like you or the young good looking man??


so he doesn’t need to get sex???

well… yeh… i guess he does!!!

so 1 month, 2 months, 5 months maybe a year or 2… he is not getting laid!!! what do you think he will do???


oh… who will he rape? a young girl most probably… maybe your sister, your daughter… maybe you!?


don’t say anything… just answer me. why wouldn’t you have sex with him so he won’t go out and rape??

i can’t sleep with someone i am not attracted to!!!

so you’re saying sleeping with such man is a very hard work??

god yeh!

almost impossible?


so the whore… is doing this difficult job of sleeping with this man… very difficult job as you said yourself… keeps some women safe from getting raped… your daughter, your sister and yourself included… she gets paid for this amazing hard work she did… man is happy paying as he feels good, relaxed and over the moon at last he got laid… NORA-CASSANDRA!!! what is the bad thing in prostitutes again??? why do you use the name whore to insult someone???

i’m so sorry mum… never looked at it this way… i will never use it to insult a woman because i’m angry at her ever again!!!

 ok… so i did that the last 4 days… i had 20 min prayer today asked for forgiveness from god and asked from the world to forgive me as well! the girl might be using ways i find unjust … or i find them dirty… and she might be doing things to hurt her fellow workers. but who am i to judge??? i have no right! no right what so ever!!! if she can get high that way and feels good about herself, then good for her. if someday she’ll feel guilty and bad hope she will find the way to forgive herself… again… i’m so sorry. i can’t judge you just because in my ethics i think what you’re doing is wrong!


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