October 21, 2010

ALI DADI!!! you make me proud to be your friend!!! ;-)

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ALI DADI amazing talented young man! yes i’m saying it again and again!!! his news don’t stop shocking me! i am so glad to see a talented person like him fighting his way up in a jungle of jealousy and wasta (was6a)… if you do not know what wasta means, it’s simply knowing the right people in the right places… ALI DADI has no wasta nor a has famous last name to get him high!!! he has to do it all by himself!

so this time he called me. asked me for a meal to let me know of what is new and update me with his news! i was expecting news from jiddah. but instead he got my mouth open in shock with the news he poured into my ears!

jiddah is canceled!!!

what?? why?? did you lose the sponsors??? did your job refuse the leave??? i almost got hysterical wondering and almost shouting my questions.

no. i got a better offer i couldn’t refuse! he answered me calmly with a lovely smile on his face… ALI DADI has been invited to USA to get a full training as NASCAR’s driver. NASCARS!!!!!!!! wow!!! now that is real news! shocked and amazed listening to details!

i was so happy to hear ALI DADI and two bahraini marshals have been chosen from USA themselves to be taken for training in the states. after two weeks of intensive work and training they will be rewarded with acknowledged certifications that will put them on top of most marshals and in ALI DADI’s case drivers in bahrain!

i will be updating you with more news soon when i get more details. but seems this will make ALI DADI not participate in Toyota Tony Karting Championship that will be held in jiddah. nor will he be a F1 marshal in abu dabi. he will be doing much more amazing work in states driving nascars… wish i could join him and watch him do it with my own eyes!

ALI DADI!!! you make me proud to be your friend!!!


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