September 14, 2010

why would i want to hurt you???

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i’m writing this post to make few points clear… the last post was not about someone specific… seems few ladies took it bit too personal!!! i wrote the last post after my boyfriend called me and told me about some lady who has sent him a message through a friend telling him that she was available and that she thought i was the wrong woman he should be spending his time with… and for you ladies who sent me the messages after i wrote the post just to let you know this post was not about you personally!!! actually non of you was even the reason for me writing this post and you’re threats and opinion were not even as 1/2 as important as the woman i really was trying to talk about! but as it seemed many think they are the center of my and my boyfriend’s life and our conversations… so thank you for making our relationship sound even more important… my boyfriend did read every single message that was sent (with out my editing on it) and he just smiled and said he never thought our relationship was that famous… he smiled and took me and my daughter out for karting and meeting up the friends then all went for dinner!!!


now i’m sorry if i did hurt any one’s personal feelings… once a great friend explained his divorce from an amazing woman who is a daughter of a prince in the gulf… he said…


you go to dolce & gabbana and find the most perfect orange shirt… the color is the most perfect color of orange you have ever seen… the shirt fits perfectly… the color for the first time in your life looks perfect and right on you… so you buy it… you can’t leave the only perfect orange shirt you ever seen that all your friends agreed with you that it is a MUST take for you!!!


then you go to the gucci shop few days later… you see most perfect turquoise pants… they flatter every single part of your lower body… the color is just right… no faults in the pants what so ever… your mum and brother both say that is the most perfect pants you have ever put on… so you had to take it!!!


you go home and remember the perfect d&g shirt and think to match it with the gucci pants… they are so perfect, but not together… you call your best friend who was one of the ones told you to take the shirt, he/she comes over and says the pants are perfect on you as you show them to him/her first as he/she hasn’t seen them before, you put on the shirt and he/she goes like NO…NO…NO!!!! they are wrong together… you call your mum and brother up, show them the shirt that they haven’t seen and both agree it was the most perfect shirt ever seen on you!! you put on the pant they have both already agreed had no faults and looked amazing on you… they both go NO… NO… NO!!!! they don’t match!!


so nothing is wrong with the shirt, nothing is wrong with the pants… both as perfect as clothes could get, but they are not made for each other…


it’s simple, if you have been in my boyfriend’s life and you are not in his life today doesn’t mean something is wrong with you, or him… just you were not made for each other… if you were there in front of his eyes and as a good great friend and showed him that you were interested in more than friendship for months… and he wasn’t interested, means you were not made for each other…


i am not saying i am made for him or he is made for me… but there is a reason for people who come into our lives, maybe for a day, week, month, year or even life time!!! maybe our relationship will last for few months, maybe for few years and maybe just for a day… i didn’t plan to have a relationship with him, he was a simple friend nothing more, and we realized we had much more in common… and we have much more than simple sexual attraction… so we did what we both felt was right… and we still doing that and will do that… and if one day we feel breaking up is the right thing to do, then we will do that!!!


again… sorry if i hurt anyone!!! i don’t even know you, so think about it, i don’t like to hurt my enemies so why would i want to hurt you???



  1. I can say nothing but I can stand behind the screen and APPLAUD WARMLY !!!!!

    I love that example about the T-Shirt and the Pants, really it’s a wisdom more than an example !!!!!

    you are a great woman Nora and best wishes for you and your boyfriend !!

    ~~ have a wonderful day with full of love and peace ~~

    Comment by Osama Halaoa — September 20, 2010 @ 11:48 pm |Reply

  2. thank you osama!!! and wish you you all the love a peace to you too!

    Comment by noracassandra — September 22, 2010 @ 12:50 pm |Reply

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