September 13, 2010

grow up and be a WOMAN!!!

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too old????? when was 32 years too old??? i mean the man is almost 27 years old!!! so it’s just 5 years and few months that separate our ages??? the man likes me… and i like him a lot!!


am i going to go through the why the stranger came to my country and took our man from us here???


well for the little girls that are wondering… i am a real WOMAN… i know what i want… i do not and will not ask a man to marry me after few months of kissing and fooling around… i will have sex with my boyfriend, and just so you little girls know; men who are in my boyfriend’s age need sex (shhhh no one knows here that men have feelings and need sex so you can go a head and pretend that you are stupid and that you don’t know)…


another thing… i do not ask my man for money, gifts, full 24h attention just because we are dating… i am a WOMAN and real WOMAN knows that a man needs to have his hobbies, friends, privet time with family or with himself… he works hard for his salary so who the hell am i to ask him for it??? who the hell am i to ask him to buy me gifts with it??? if i want something, i work, get my salary and buy it myself!!! i do not need dinners in expensive restaurants… i do not need dates in expensive cafe’s… i do not need anything but few moments or some of his free time to show me how much he cares by hugging me when i’m sad, by calming me down when i’m angry, by making me laugh when i’m feeling low, by giving me company when i’m feeling lonely… and by giving me sex when i’m feeling horny (oh forgot you little girls have no idea how a real WOMAN feels) …and so, we have a real relationship of give and take!!!


i trust my man… and planning to do so until he himself gives me a reason not to… so in other words you little girls (and you little boys in this case), you can come and tell me what ever you feel like telling me, you can say what ever you want about him, i am a WOMAN who has heard and seen it all, so it won’t bother me!!! if he himself comes one day and says my dear nora cassandra the time has come where we need to walk separate paths, i’ll respect that… if one day comes and i feel i need to let him go and walk my own way without him, i’ll let him know and then i’ll leave!!!


now maybe… just MAYBE he is dating me and not you because i do not nag, i do not ask him to do me things that annoy him… maybe, just MAYBE it’s because i love him for who he is and do not want him to change a thing in himself, and maybe it’s because i love his family and friends and respect them all in all ages and ways of their thinking even if they don’t necessary like me or respect my way of thinking… and maybe, just MAYBE it’s because i am not waiting for him to marry me or ask me that even if he is making love to me very regularly…. maybe it’s because i think a WOMAN and a man need many many years to reach such decisions as i do like enjoy the months or years that i have meant to be spending with him and maybe i just trust his word when he says he is mine and i do not need him to give me some stupid paper to prove it to me or to anyone else!!! he is a MAN and his word is trust worthy to me and my heart!!!


so grow up and be a WOMAN!!!



  1. You Are a _Bold Women !
    I like that …..

    You’re boyfriend is Lucky to Have you Then …

    Nice Article 🙂

    Comment by samira — September 13, 2010 @ 1:10 pm |Reply

  2. thank you samira… this 32 years old granny (still 31 though) looks like 23… makes the 26 year old boyfriend feel like a real man… so i am sure he is lucky to have me or he would not have gone all around the country walking hand by hand and took me to all his friends and made me meet many of his family members… he wouldn’t have asked me to join him in the world races and happenings… we are truly happy and because of our matured brains and young souls and good young looks, we look AMAZING together… specially in magazines that been posting our photos already…

    hope you find someone like that too some day!!! thank you dear for your comment!!

    Comment by noracassandra — September 13, 2010 @ 4:04 pm |Reply

  3. “CLAPS” “VIVA NORA ” what else can I said for you?!
    really you have what a real woman is and what a man need from a woman!! ….

    I like this too much wallah!!!!!!!!

    keep your fairly pen up and Happy Birthday Mrs.Nora ^^

    Comment by Osama Halaoa — September 13, 2010 @ 4:06 pm |Reply

  4. thank you dear… some people still seem to think a woman who is open and talks about her life and personal feeling is a slut these days… i mean life is so different… i am a finnish woman after all even if i am 1/2 arab… i do respect people’s ideas and believes even if they are so different than mine, but seems people here still didn’t learn how respect other cultures and believes which is sad!!!

    Comment by noracassandra — September 13, 2010 @ 4:58 pm |Reply

  5. Well as long as you’re both Happy that what counts!!! 😀

    Comment by samira — September 13, 2010 @ 8:49 pm |Reply

  6. thank you samira…

    Comment by noracassandra — September 13, 2010 @ 10:39 pm |Reply

  7. […] by noracassandra @ 4:52 pm i’m writing this post to make few points clear… the last post was not about someone specific… seems few ladies took it bit too personal!!! i wrote the […]

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