September 29, 2010

KALLEMNE at 80001811

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it’s an amazing concept… so let’s see how they work!!?? 

A new advertising company called KALLEMNI coming out to public in Bahrain to give the definition of advertising new meaning! It’s coming with a great new concept… amazing new tools and the best of all unbelievable prices!


Now the word KALLEMNE means talk to me if translated to English. From the name you can guess it has to do with talking to someone… maybe a call center or a person…. But I’ll try to explain it to you in a simple and direct way!


KALLEMNE is the first comprehensive information and marketing call center in GCC! Callers to KALLEMNE can ask for information on almost anything in Bahrain and get answer sent to their mobile via SMS or MMS or even Email…. And all that is for free… so say goodbye to info call center of 181 that charges you by seconds, and that if they answer as personally had to call them often few times before they even answered my call… and say hello to KALLEMNE that will be for sure serving you as soon as you ring them… If you call the info call center of 181, you can’t be served unless you know the company or business’ name… but with KALLEMNE you don’t need to know the business or the company’s name you are looking for… you can simply call and tell them for what kind of shop, restaurant, café, club… etc. you are looking for and in which area and in what range of prices and KALLEMNE will simply give you answer all in few minutes and let’s not forget FOR FREE!!!


As for businesses that are sick of spending fortunes on advertising in newspapers and magazines and finding out the miss prints, and watching people just throw the new paper away after going through few pages without caring about you…. For businesses that know how annoying are the bulk messages that might be cheap for them to make an agreement with a telecom company to send for people randomly just to find out that most people delete the bulk message even before opening it as they clearly know it is bulk!!! KALLEMNE will target only the people you are searching for!!! KALLEMNE will provide you with all the advertising you need that’s on a hotline that will be operating to receive callers 24/7 from any place the caller is in Bahrain e.g. airport where they remembered they need to book a table in a restaurant for a business dinner that will take place in 1hour, on the side of a high way with a broken car, in the toilet when remembering the shower needs to be fixed or in a café with no internet connection and suddenly remembering they need to find a school for their child… etc.!!!


As a foreigner who arrived to Bahrain recently… I would have loved to have KALLEMNE as soon as walking out of the plane. I could have found out straight as soon as I have called them if any tables available in Don Vito (my favorite café) and about the time they closed… KALLEMNE would have helped me on the spot and I would have got my favorite table reserved for me that night!!! But sadly KALLEMNE will be launching on November the 1st, so I guess the people coming to Bahrain after that will have that great service available for them…. So if you are planning to visit Bahrain after 1st of November of 2010 just write down KALLEMNE’s free hotline to be able to ask about anything at any time while you are in Bahrain!

KALLEMNE at 80001811.


September 15, 2010

how come you try to judge me, and expect me to judge you???



so this is to some people who are new to my blog…


my first name is nora cassandra… i was born in finland september 1978… my mum is practically an atheist and some moments i think she believes if there was a god then it’s a woman… her mother (or family) are christian lutherans. my dad has introduced himself with many religions, one was chritianity when met my mum another is science and last i knew about was a muslim sheat… my dad’s family are sheat muslims… i was also baptised in a greek orthodox church before marrying my second husband…


i was raised for my first 7 years in finalnd… churches was somewhere i visited very often with my grandmother… so yes i did grow up thinking god’s name is jesus!!!! and it was also where i was taught women have rights and so does children and animals!!! then after i was kidnapped by my dad… i was beaten up for over 6 years to pray a prayer and do things without being convinced about them… i still have bruises at my age to remind me… and my dad’s family, when i became a teenager and after years of trying to do what they want me to do just to get their love… rejected me. i was called names behind my back as the christian’s daughter… not original… and of course the worst of all (my dad’s name)’s daughter!!!! at the age of 15 i knew i was and will never be a muslim… with all my respect to my muslim family they were never able to convince me… and with all my respect to my sunnat muslim teachers, they never were able to convince me either!!!


i was into cars, motorbikes, sports, politics but not shopping nor love… i was a man who was in a woman’s, body… but i wasn’t into girls and don’t think will ever be… so i’m straight!!! it was just that kuwaiti women were not kind of women i would get along with… so i hanged out with guys… never had sex nor real boyfriend with sexual relation… max i did was kissing but even that didn’t feel much so never was in love in my teenage years… so i wasn’t a bad girl not even if you go through islamic or any religion’s (laws)… i just liked things boys liked and was accepted by them as one of them!!!


i was very angry young woman… but i still believed that i had rights to choose my life and my actions just as i remembered i had the right in finalnd… i had my first sexual relationship when i was 20… i had real intercourse… i do not regret it and still would do it again with the same guy… no i was not in love with him, but we had such a connection that it felt right!!! months after that got married to a sunni muslim (not the man i had sex with) at the age of 20, what do we really know about love… i just wanted to get out of my dad’s house and away from a family that hates me because i’m different!! but sadly it didn’t work out… as i was alone in kuwait no family except a husband that we fell out of love in few months… i had no one!!!


i went to finalnd… in finalnd at first i was trying to do what ever my mum wanted me to do or i thought she wanted me to do… that what all the hate and beating in kuwait taught me… you should act and behave in the way people want you to do so you would be loved… but soon after i realized my mum was nothing like that!!!!


i could be a jew, muslim, christian, atheist or even a satanist as long as she cared… she just wanted to see me happy… came a day where i was dating tony… my big love and heartbreak… she did not like him at all.. well he was a dealer and a looser but i still fell for him… she said to me she didn’t like him and wishes i would see that he is no good for me, but in the end of the conversation she said nora cassandra, i love you and you are an adult… i will love you if you date the devil himself as much as i will love you dating a saint… nothing will change my love to you!!!


another thing she always reminded me with is that i’m a woman… i need men for one thing only in my life as a young lady… i need them for sex only… i do not need one to take care of me… i do not need a man to have kids as i have my daughter… i do not need them to make me feel safe as i can do all that myself… so when i meet a man i like a lot, feel comfortable to spend my time with, share my empty space with, sleep next to regularly, enjoy sex every time, and he is not trying to take over my life, that is a man i will keep dating for as long as this good feelings last!!!


i do not believe a woman should be virgin when she marries… i do not believe a woman should get engaged and suddenly move into a man’s house and live with for ever… i believe in sharing lives with people you think you can and try to live with for years before marrying or taking such steps… i’m a difficult woman to handle… very stubborn and such a pain… can’t relax sleeping next to someone in same bed easily… been married 2 times… been raised up and lived through different religions, culture and countries… i walk with finnish passport and a finnish name… so my kuwaiti part of family won’t be insulted with my view for life… i am NOT a muslim… i am NOT a christian… i am just a simple human who believes in her own believes and respect each one of you for yours… so if you are a woman who says you are 1/2 arab and 1/2 non arab and believe a woman should be a virgin i respect you for that… but in return you need to learn how to respect me for just being me… i do not advice any young girl from any religion or country to have sex or don’t have… as i said i believe in freedom of choice!!!


we are just human… how come you try to judge me, and expect me to judge you??? respect and love is all what there is that will keep peace in this world and can save it… war, hate, anger and human judgments will just bring destruction!!!!

September 14, 2010

why would i want to hurt you???

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i’m writing this post to make few points clear… the last post was not about someone specific… seems few ladies took it bit too personal!!! i wrote the last post after my boyfriend called me and told me about some lady who has sent him a message through a friend telling him that she was available and that she thought i was the wrong woman he should be spending his time with… and for you ladies who sent me the messages after i wrote the post just to let you know this post was not about you personally!!! actually non of you was even the reason for me writing this post and you’re threats and opinion were not even as 1/2 as important as the woman i really was trying to talk about! but as it seemed many think they are the center of my and my boyfriend’s life and our conversations… so thank you for making our relationship sound even more important… my boyfriend did read every single message that was sent (with out my editing on it) and he just smiled and said he never thought our relationship was that famous… he smiled and took me and my daughter out for karting and meeting up the friends then all went for dinner!!!


now i’m sorry if i did hurt any one’s personal feelings… once a great friend explained his divorce from an amazing woman who is a daughter of a prince in the gulf… he said…


you go to dolce & gabbana and find the most perfect orange shirt… the color is the most perfect color of orange you have ever seen… the shirt fits perfectly… the color for the first time in your life looks perfect and right on you… so you buy it… you can’t leave the only perfect orange shirt you ever seen that all your friends agreed with you that it is a MUST take for you!!!


then you go to the gucci shop few days later… you see most perfect turquoise pants… they flatter every single part of your lower body… the color is just right… no faults in the pants what so ever… your mum and brother both say that is the most perfect pants you have ever put on… so you had to take it!!!


you go home and remember the perfect d&g shirt and think to match it with the gucci pants… they are so perfect, but not together… you call your best friend who was one of the ones told you to take the shirt, he/she comes over and says the pants are perfect on you as you show them to him/her first as he/she hasn’t seen them before, you put on the shirt and he/she goes like NO…NO…NO!!!! they are wrong together… you call your mum and brother up, show them the shirt that they haven’t seen and both agree it was the most perfect shirt ever seen on you!! you put on the pant they have both already agreed had no faults and looked amazing on you… they both go NO… NO… NO!!!! they don’t match!!


so nothing is wrong with the shirt, nothing is wrong with the pants… both as perfect as clothes could get, but they are not made for each other…


it’s simple, if you have been in my boyfriend’s life and you are not in his life today doesn’t mean something is wrong with you, or him… just you were not made for each other… if you were there in front of his eyes and as a good great friend and showed him that you were interested in more than friendship for months… and he wasn’t interested, means you were not made for each other…


i am not saying i am made for him or he is made for me… but there is a reason for people who come into our lives, maybe for a day, week, month, year or even life time!!! maybe our relationship will last for few months, maybe for few years and maybe just for a day… i didn’t plan to have a relationship with him, he was a simple friend nothing more, and we realized we had much more in common… and we have much more than simple sexual attraction… so we did what we both felt was right… and we still doing that and will do that… and if one day we feel breaking up is the right thing to do, then we will do that!!!


again… sorry if i hurt anyone!!! i don’t even know you, so think about it, i don’t like to hurt my enemies so why would i want to hurt you???

September 13, 2010

grow up and be a WOMAN!!!

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too old????? when was 32 years too old??? i mean the man is almost 27 years old!!! so it’s just 5 years and few months that separate our ages??? the man likes me… and i like him a lot!!


am i going to go through the why the stranger came to my country and took our man from us here???


well for the little girls that are wondering… i am a real WOMAN… i know what i want… i do not and will not ask a man to marry me after few months of kissing and fooling around… i will have sex with my boyfriend, and just so you little girls know; men who are in my boyfriend’s age need sex (shhhh no one knows here that men have feelings and need sex so you can go a head and pretend that you are stupid and that you don’t know)…


another thing… i do not ask my man for money, gifts, full 24h attention just because we are dating… i am a WOMAN and real WOMAN knows that a man needs to have his hobbies, friends, privet time with family or with himself… he works hard for his salary so who the hell am i to ask him for it??? who the hell am i to ask him to buy me gifts with it??? if i want something, i work, get my salary and buy it myself!!! i do not need dinners in expensive restaurants… i do not need dates in expensive cafe’s… i do not need anything but few moments or some of his free time to show me how much he cares by hugging me when i’m sad, by calming me down when i’m angry, by making me laugh when i’m feeling low, by giving me company when i’m feeling lonely… and by giving me sex when i’m feeling horny (oh forgot you little girls have no idea how a real WOMAN feels) …and so, we have a real relationship of give and take!!!


i trust my man… and planning to do so until he himself gives me a reason not to… so in other words you little girls (and you little boys in this case), you can come and tell me what ever you feel like telling me, you can say what ever you want about him, i am a WOMAN who has heard and seen it all, so it won’t bother me!!! if he himself comes one day and says my dear nora cassandra the time has come where we need to walk separate paths, i’ll respect that… if one day comes and i feel i need to let him go and walk my own way without him, i’ll let him know and then i’ll leave!!!


now maybe… just MAYBE he is dating me and not you because i do not nag, i do not ask him to do me things that annoy him… maybe, just MAYBE it’s because i love him for who he is and do not want him to change a thing in himself, and maybe it’s because i love his family and friends and respect them all in all ages and ways of their thinking even if they don’t necessary like me or respect my way of thinking… and maybe, just MAYBE it’s because i am not waiting for him to marry me or ask me that even if he is making love to me very regularly…. maybe it’s because i think a WOMAN and a man need many many years to reach such decisions as i do like enjoy the months or years that i have meant to be spending with him and maybe i just trust his word when he says he is mine and i do not need him to give me some stupid paper to prove it to me or to anyone else!!! he is a MAN and his word is trust worthy to me and my heart!!!


so grow up and be a WOMAN!!!

September 6, 2010

2 karts for sale

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2 used karts on sale in bahrain… the price is 700BD each with a lot of spares, 5 days notice is needed to arrange meeting and showing the karts.


for info please email us on


please forward this message.


thank you for your support!

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