August 31, 2010

would you love???

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i know i haven’t done this in years… posting 2 posts in less than 24 hours… but i had the urge to write this…


seems so many ended up talking about love in one way or the other in the past 24 hours… is love in the air??? and why everyone afraid of it???


true in most cases love is short… most love stories have an end… and usually it ends with a heart-break… but take off that broken-heart, take off the end and the pain… keep the good moments… amazing memories and ask yourself… were those good moments and memories worth you doing all you did… were those smiles you had worth allowing your heart to love and break again???


for me… i would say it would be worth everything!!! and you know why?? because it would have showed me i can still love, i can still feel young and naughty… it would have made me feel alive and made me feel that i’m a real woman with feelings and still know how to use them… and that is worth getting my heart-broken for!!! so i will do it again and again even if a broken heart has to come with my love story!!!


so??? would you love??? and would you love if you know your heart will be broken in the end of your love story???


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