August 25, 2010

now… how many friends do i have???

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if you die with a hand full of friends… meaning; if you dies with 5 real friends… it means you have lived a good life! that is what my mum once told me!! but how many do you really have???


i know i have emmi, anne, ida, kia, denise and alaadin…. i know those 5 a real true friends… maybe few of them sometimes don’t ask for days, weeks or even months… i know some of them i had more than one up and down with them!!! but non of them ever gave me his/her back when i needed the mental support!!!


a friend is not the one that gives you 1000 euros just because he/she has the money… the friend is the one who says to you come for a walk and buys you coffee and maybe a salad or snack to share (knowing you can’t afford it) while listening to the things you need to say. without making you feel cheep and that you need to pay anything back… make you feel of their support without making you feel that they are feeling sorry for you…. and when your true friend goes through the hard times all he/she expects is the same from you!!!


a true friend will tell you that he/she hates your hair cut but doesn’t care about a stupid hair cut because it’s your friendship that he/she really loves more than anything else… a true friend will tell you that they are so jealous of a woman/man you have met and you like….. not because they feel jealous you found someone to have your head on her/his shoulder but because they worry you will not need the friendship between you two after starting this relationship or falling in love, but they wish you all the best in love and in life with this person!!


sadly you have to get your heart-broken by few you thought were true friends, but it’s ok, life goes on and don’t ever regret trying or trusting…. remember the good moment, good laughs, good advices and the love you had if don’t still have for that friend… wish him/her the best in life, smile when you see his/her picture, comments or anything that reminds you of him/her… and just knowing you learned a lesson from the untrue friend is good enough experience!


now… how many friends do i have??? hmmmm… i know for sure i have those 6… but do you know how many friends do you have??? i do think i am getting to find out few other true friends i have… as it seems ebrahim is one that seems to be added to the list… big j, ali and diennah are not bad either… but time will show who is a true friend…


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