June 14, 2009


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I have been through a car accident!!! My neck is hurt and so are my shoulders!!!

What pisses me off… how come when someone stops suddenly in front of you then give a single that he/she will be turning and because of that you end up crashing to them… and that considered your fault!!!! Same with the motorbike accident I was in over 11 years ago… I mean we were driving on the fast lain… and this slow care from the second lane (no cars in front of him) decides he would like to try our lane… so we crash into him and it ends up our fault as we hit him from behind!!!!

It’s unfair!!! :’-(

June 9, 2009

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So I work! I think everyone noticed that I am! 😛 I’m too tired… and have no time to post!!! But some interesting things have happened! Some very interesting things have made me realize nothing is as it seems!!!!

Will be talking about them soon… as soon as I have the time to post! :-*

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