March 29, 2009


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It’s Sunday 29.3.2009… First race is Australian grand prix… The number of laps is 58. On a circuit length of 5.303 km… Making the race distance: 307.574 km! And of course as no one has still broke the lap record of 1:24.125 it’s still held by Michael Schumacher which he made in 2004.

My bad luck is the F1 has changed its TV channel in Cyprus… It’s now shown on LTV which is a paid channel while last year it was on Rik (TV) which was the main Cyprus free TV… The commentary was amazing on rik… Now on LTV the old man commenting sounds like a dead old man! He is really horrible and the young man with him (who is quite ok) keeps correcting his mistakes at all times… I mean for god sakes I am paying to watch this… I think the least they can do is put great commenter!!!

So as it seems the race will be very interesting! And great new surprises were shown yesterday in the qualification! Now the race will start so to the race!

Lap 1; red lights went off, the cars lounged and a horrible start for Barrichello… But great one for my favorite man (Räikkönen) and for Massa… Räikkönen who is now in 5th and Massa who is P3 now! Seems good for the red team! Heidfeld pits because of the puncture in his rear tyre… Webber pits too… and seems Kovalainen follows them!

Lap 2; seems Kovalainen having problems and might be stopping… the team still working on him!

Lap 3; Hamilton passes Fisichella and in P11 now… Button seems to be doing well in the front of the pack and keeping his lead! And yes… sadly Kovalainen is out… too bad for the Finnish man on his first race for this season!

Lap 4; fastest lap for Vettel with 1:28.999. And we hear Barrichello’s radio telling him he has damage on his left side!

Lap 5; Vettel goes faster and closes the gap between him and button… Hamilton is trying to pass Piquet for P9…

Lap 6; Button pushes and goes faster to set a new fastest best lap…

Lap 7; But Vettel is behind him pushing harder and takes back the best lap time from Button… Hamilton passes Piquet and now driving in P9.

Lap 8; Button and Vettel seem to be swapping fastest lap time… Rosberg is trying to pass Räikkönen…

Lap 9; Button is about 4 seconds leading the pack…

Lap 10; Rosberg passes Räikkönen on turn 1… Barrichello tyres to pass Räikkönen but end up touching his car and sending him to pit! Trulli pits too.

Lap 12; Massa pits and takes the medium tyre… Hamilton pits and goes for harder tyres…

Lap 13; Kubica pits and changes to medium!

Lap 14; button and Vettel are still there in the head of the pack leading the race!

Lap 15; Barrichello still carrying the damage in his front wing from touching Räikkönen’s car in lap 10!

Lap 16; Vettel closing on Button…

Lap 17; Vettel pits and goes harder tyre… Rosberg pits and seems to have a slow pit and problems with his front left tyre comes out in p12 and see Räikkönen passing him!

Lap 18; button sets the fastest lap… Nakajima hits the wall and gets out of his car and he seems ok! And safety car been asked out!

Lap 19; Barrichello pits and takes a new nose… Buemi pits and so does Glock… Button pits and stays on hard tyre…

Lap 20; safety car is out… Heidfeld pits… Piquet pits… Fisichella and Alonso pit too… and seems Fisichella forgot where his pit stop is and made it a mess causing him much longer in the pit!

Lap 21; Button leads behind the safety car and making his gap shorter with the pack behind him!

Lap 22; Bourdais pits… and race control tells the lapped cars to take over so they would take the right position they should be in behind the safety car…. it seems all Button’s hard work just went to waste and has to do it all over now…

Lap 23; Sutil pits… Hamilton reporting that lack of temperature in his new harder tyres could be a problem!

Lap 24; safety car is going back in after this lap… and we see Massa and his trick in keeping his tyres warm… 🙂 …. Piquet spins out of the track!

Lap 25; and the cars recharge… Hamilton passes few cars to take P11… Alonso passes Glock… and a replay to Piquet’s incident which shows he just got nervous when Rosberg came out of the pit as he thought they might touch and lost his control!

Lap 27 ; button is leading with 2 seconds now… Vettel behind him in second… Massa in P3 followed by Kubica in P4 and P 5 is Kimi Räikkönen!

Lap 29; we hear from Buemi’s radio a warning that Rosberg is closing up to him!

Lap 30; we see Button’s father in the pit sitting and watching with all his nerves!! 🙂

Lap 31; Button leads over 4 seconds…

Lap 32; Massa pits and takes harder tyres. And rejoins in P14 behind Fisichella…

Lap 33; Trulli pits from P6, takes harder tyres… in P13 right behind Fisichella as well!

Lap 35; Kubica is the fastest man on the track… 1:27.989… Sutil pits from P17…

Lap 36; seems Räikkönen, Hamilton and Glock all pushing hard and set personal best laps… Webber who has been not the best race in his home race. He goes in for his second pit stop!

Lap 37; Kubica is the fastest man on track in P3!!!

Lap 38; seems BMW Sauber getting ready for a pit stop!

Lap 40; Kubica pits from P3 and harder tyres for him… Räikkönen pits and harder tyres for him too… they rejoin to have two cars between them!

Lap 41; Kimi Räikkönen in 10th while Kubica in P7… but Räikkönen passes Glock after he span and now Räikkönen is in P9…

Lap 42; Buemi makes his second stop from P8. And we see Button leading the race with about 5 seconds!

Lap 43 Hamilton is closing up to Rosberg and makes us think would he be trying for P4 before he goes in for the second pit?

Lap 44; Hamilton pits from P5 and harder tyres for him… out in front of Massa…

Lap 45; Rosberg in the pit… Heidfeld pits… and Räikkönen hits the wall!!! At least he is still running!

Lap 46; Vettel pits from P2 and out in front of Barrichello… Barrichello tries to take him over but it was a lost attempt!

Lap 47; Massa has a problem… seems he is going in! Button is in the pit too!

Lap 48; Massa is pushed in the garage. He is out of the race 😦 …. Button still in the lead!!! And Räikkönen in P15!

Lap 49 Rosberg sets fastest lap with 1:27.706… a slow lap for button and Vettel closing up!

Lap 50; Hamilton trying hard to pass Trulli but still can’t!!! Fisichella pits… Kubica will be trying to pass Barrichello sometime soon for P3!!!

Lap 51; Glock pits! Softer tyres…

Lap 52; Barrichello pits from P3 and rejoins behind Rosberg in P5… Alonso pits…

Lap 53; Barrichello passes Rosberg for P4… but far from Kubica who is over 20 seconds in P3!!!

Lap 54; Hamilton is in 6th now after passing Glock and Rosberg! 😦 … (Yes I still really don’t like the guy)…

Lap 55; Alonso also takes over Rosberg for P8!!!

Lap 56; 3 laps to go. And sadly Kubica and Vettel collide when Kubica tries to take Vettel over… and both out of the race!!! 😦

Lap 57; Vettel still on track on three wheels driving his car to the pit…

Lap 58; Räikkönen pits for the fifth time and seems he stays in… and Vettel couldn’t make it to the pit and stopped his car on the side of the track!

Last lap; Trulli third, Barrichello second, Button first!!! Passed the finish line! It was a sad race to Vettel that I would have liked to see him on the podium after his hard work… and very sad race for the red Ferrari… as both drivers out of the first race of the season!


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