January 23, 2009


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People trying to sell you something… you have those??? Ever met one??? I’m sure you have been in one or more situations where you had to deal with one!

Now what bothers me is not they are trying to make a living… not that they are doing their jobs… but the manipulation they use!

Example… a woman (we all know how stupid most get when they go shopping)… so this woman walks into a cosmetic shop… 100s of names… 1000s of products… but she knows what she want… she wants the gosh new pink nail polish… but… as soon as she gets in

this woman tells her; do you know about our products from the dead sea?

She answers; yes and I have few at home… and tries to walk away…

but… the sales woman goes but you haven’t for sure tired our new skin pealing product, it would help with any problems with your dry skin… as I see you have a very dry skin madam…

the woman goes; oh ok I could try it… give me just one…

so the sales woman goes; but you can’t waste the offer we are having just for this weekend!!! If you buy 2 you will have the third for free… they will be enough for you for 3 years!

So the woman ends up walking with 3 of the skin peal that she didn’t even need in the first place!

Then you have the doctors… yeh sail people as I see them (specially here in Cyprus)… I go to a doctor saying dear doctor have you heard of this natural clinical process called colon cleansing?

Doctor; oh yeh… what about it?

My; I am looking for someone who does it in Cyprus.

Doctor; why???

Me; well I have this problem with blotting and problem with going to the toilet…

Doctor; no… no…. you need an operation…

Me in my head; f*#% you, you sales man… I will not buy this product I don’t need from you (meaning the op)… but out loud I say; well I will see about that so I walk away without continuing this subject!

Now why some people think they could read or know what exactly you need??? Why not having a job means I’m miserable?? Because I’m not… why not having the money to spend around like a spoiled brat means I am going to hang myself??? I have enough cloth (I mean so many)… I have my bills paid… I have enough money to have a coffee or a night out with my friends regularly… I still go out with my husband and enjoy dinners and still have enough to pay my girls dance school and my gas for the car… so why is is people think they have the answers for no questions that haven’t even been asked???

No I don’t want your help as this is not the issue I have… and for my issue (when ever one strikes) I have my great psychotherapist!!! So no thank you for what ever you are selling!


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