December 29, 2008



So Christmas went well. Had few nice gifts… 😀 And Iida had bit too many! Hehehe!

Well my good lovely friend Anne is visiting. She is from Finland and long time friend! Great friend we are talking about!!! She is a friend of Emmi and other friends of mine too… glad to have her! As I haven’t seen her for about 3 years! And she couldn’t make it to my birthday party in October! 😀

So we went out with sweet Kia and few other friends on Saturday in Agia Napa… we started in jasmine from there headed to Babylon and from there to car wash… and well ended in piazza then went for early morning snack at 5…

Now a story happened. Of course when Nora Cassandra is out some kind of stories has to happen… I don’t know it might be my crazy energy that attracts them!!! So… I was dancing… oh yeh moving with the grove with Anne on the dance floor in car wash, and… AND!!!! This man seems sober enough! Comes dancing close to me and Anne… ok we ignore as you get many of those… but as I was wearing my new baby look dress and my push up bra my boobs looked great… I mean amazing!!! So he was looking at them and I didn’t really care… but…BUT… he comes closer and puts his eyes like 10cm from my boobs… stairs for like 30sec… takes few steps back and looks at me and smile… now me… I did not smile… I was so pissed off how men could be so disrespectful and disgusting! So… SO!!!! I slapped! I slapped him really hard and looked at him so angry… he almost cries… and looks at me in such a shock… then leaves the night club…

Yep now I feel bit sorry for the man… but maybe next time he would think before doing such things!


December 23, 2008


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Christmas Eve… That’s the day we Scandinavians wait for all year long to celebrate so well…

This is the time when I miss my mum… this is the time I miss Emmi… miss my grandmother… miss the food at my fam’s home… miss the smell of evergreen coniferous tree or joulukuusi as we call it back in Finland… I do miss my family and friends but glad to know they are all around me with their thoughts… the love and in my memories…

So merry Christmas everyone… I love you!

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