November 4, 2008


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So now… after days of cooling off my disappointment and anger… here am writing about the F1 champion of 2008…

Lewis Hamilton… he is born in January 1985… a very young talented English formula1 driver… now I have nothing against his talent… I have nothing against him… I just don’t feel right with it… he seems fake for me all the time… there is something that can’t be touched… I‘ll explain… Kimi Räikkönen was hard headed bad loser (bad in losing) with a horrible attitude… he laid it out there for every one to see from the start… he didn’t play the good sweet Finnish guy… yes by years he learned how to control it and hide it but he still doesn’t feel fake… ok you say maybe I say that because I’m a fan… so give you another example… Alonso… a man I despised from the day he gave his stupid attitude with press about how much better he was from Schumacher and bad mouthed him in a public… but he was there with his real horrible attitude… yes he learned how to be more polite and learned how to suck up his anger and stupidity through the years… but he was never a fake… with Hamilton I don’t get that… how can a 21 years old boy have perfect answer a polite reply and right words for every single question??? How can he get so high suddenly with no flaws on his record… anything…? I mean it’s not normal!!! Even the children of the best families raised by perfect well spoken people are never this perfect at that age… time passed and he’s closing up to 24. Still perfect words perfect attitude perfect smile that never fades… but still I do like his talent with his car! Ok maybe the only ever (problem) Hamilton got in was the incident in France… but even that it was just over speeding!!! So not good enough mistake for a man in early 20s!!!

Now my biggest prob with the picture of Hamilton are the things surround him! Where should I star from… ok…

Carmen Lockhart is Hamilton’s mum she is white English… and you can find a lot of pictures of her and news of her on the net… she seems nice enough not to have anything in my opinion which is bad written about her… and frankly I just saw her picture first time like 3 months ago and then found out her name… so didn’t know the lady!!!

Dad… oh no don’t want to talk about him yet… the brother or the ½ brother… Nicolas didn’t look much about him as I just know he is younger and he suffers from Cerebral Palsy which is a condition that cause physical disability in human development… we saw him many times in the races… bless him I always loved that boy… something in him makes me feel peace!!!

Dad… oh god… yeh most know I hate this person… I hate Anthony Hamilton so much that when I see his face on the TV screen I change the channel if it’s not F1 or if is about F1 then I need to turn my face away… I mean it… something in that man…(he reminds me of my feeling when i see George Bush’s face). Any way… this guy wants to support his son… so he babysits him every race… yes we see other fathers in race every now and then showing support but this man is there in every single second… ok ok he is his manager along with his second wife Linda who helps in that… but I don’t see any pilots’ managers every single race and every single qualification on tack with them… so what’s the deal with the babysitter?? Doesn’t he think he has another son that might need bit more babysitting, help and attention??? I think this boy (Lewis) is all grown up and could take care of himself… but no… money and fame is behind this son… so the other son could just hang along behind waiting for his 5 mins every now and then!!!

Then ok I don’t and never follow F1’s pilots, mechanics or anyone else’s privet lives (dating and such)… I think your privet life and person you/he/she or they are sleeping with is none of my business or problem as long as it’s not my husband or close family member! But I was looking at this old woman… ok not old but a woman as old as 38-40 that was all the time on cameras who was standing with Anthony (Hamilton’s dad)… and I was thinking to myself I have seen this woman before somewhere… and my god took me 2 days to actually realize that was Nicole Scherzinger the lead singer from Pussycat Dolls if you know them… my god and I used to think she was dead up gorgeous… she looked like 100 years ok she looked 10 years older than what she really is… and I tell you that girl is just 3 months older than me, makes her almost 7 years older than our champion.. But who am I to judge???? I’m sure her pussycat moves helped a lot and well I don’t know if she really talented in anything else, but I know men see that alone as good enough talent!!! Yeh… I never liked her and will never like her… I call her the pussycat doll girl and if you really know what that mean… it’s a stripper!!!! As I think talents are many but she is not one… but as I said I do not care who the F1 pilot sleeps with as long as he makes me enjoy the show when he drives the car!!!

So!!! No!! I’m not happy Hamilton is the champion… I don’t think he deserved it quite yet… I wish Massa got it… I wish Button (another English pilot) or Kubica… Of course my real wish was for Räikkönen to get it but still I wouldn’t have even mind if Alonso got it rather than Hamilton!!! 😦



  1. damn it has been a long time!!
    How r u?? And how has been the 2008 season? I cant believe my life has been so hectic that i only saw 3 races this season!
    Keep in touch and say hi to stelios and kiss iida for me 🙂

    And btw, i have moved to bahrain .. So the formula one 2009 bahrain gp is on me .. Get tickets and i have the apartment and the tickets.. We will have a blast 🙂

    Comment by weld elma6aba — November 4, 2008 @ 10:28 pm |Reply

  2. The best is Alonso…………………CHAMPION.

    Comment by ESTER — November 9, 2008 @ 8:29 pm |Reply

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