August 3, 2008


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Number of laps: 70… Circuit length: 4.381 km… Race distance: 306.663 km… The lap record is held on: 1:19.071 by Michael Schumacher in 2004…

2,4,6 and so on…. Is the dirty side positions… how many would lose their position today??? That’s what I was waiting for!

Lap 1; lights when off and at the first turn Massa takes over Hamilton in a beautiful outside round… while my Iceman lost his position when was trying to take over Kubica when Kubica forced the fin to get back and in that point Alonso takes him over… and our new young birthday boy (Piquet) gets two position up to P8…

Lap3; Hamilton is pushing hard and was the fastest on track…

Lap 5; Massa takes the fastest lap off Hamilton with 1:22.215…

Lap 6; Massa sets a new fastest lap again 1:22.213… seems to be bit light Massa today!

Lap 7; another fastest lap for flying Massa 1:22.059… and shows him leading by two seconds!!!

Lap 10; seems everyone is keeping their positions for a while… the closest battle is between Barrichello and Vettel for the P14… and we see a replay for Sutil’s recovering from the off-track moment!

Lap 11; Glock is bit worried about the tyre pressure but the team tells him not to worry as he is doing perfect and getting closer to Kovalainen!

Lap 12; Räikkönen still behind Alonso in 7th P… and seems Coulthard is the only man with softer tyre and having hard time in P11… and Massa sets another fastest lap…

Lap 16; Glock is flying!!! But Massa once again sets fastest lap 1:21.355… will be Hamilton able to catch up with Massa???

Lap 18; Räikkönen is closing up on Alonso… Massa pits, stays on harder tyre and gets a 8.2s stop to rejoins in 4th right behind Glock!

Lap 19; Kubica pits, Webber in pit too…

Lap 20; Hamilton pits stays on harder tyre 9.4s stop… rejoins behind Räikkönen meaning he will be slowed down…

Lap 21; got upset with Glock’s pit stop… 13.5s!!! too long!!! Vettel pits and so does Kovalainen with 9.9s stop… McLaren is having a smart plan… let’s see if it works!

Lap 22; Alonso and Kimi both get in the pit… both with harder tyre and join the race with Alonso still a head! And almost touch on the first corner but they are safe!

Lap 24; Trulli pits and stays on harder tyre… 8.8s stop for him… Vettel is in again, seems having probs! While Trulli rejoins behind Räikkönen in P9.and replay shows Vettel baulking Räikkönen…

Lap 25; Vettel get into the garage… seems his race for today is over!

Lap 26; Piquet pits and rejoins behind Alonso and Räikkönen in P8.

Lap 28; Massa leads with three seconds… and Coulthard still on soft tyre yet to pit!!

Lap 30; Coulthard pits from P5 takes harder tyre in a 8.3s stop and rejoins a head of Barrichello… Fisichella pits from P18…

Lap 31; Rosberg pits and so does Sutil!

Lap 32; Button makes his stop from P12… Bourdais pits as well, but what seems to be a very long stop and replay shows the flames coming out of the fuel hose but quickly put off!

Lap 33; Barrichello and Nakajima pit… and replay that shows Barrichello’s and Nakajima’s fuel filler with flames also…

Lap 39; Heidfeld the only man hasn’t been in the pit yet! He is a one stopper for sure!

Lap 40; The only real battle is for P14 between Fisichella and Nakajima…

Lap 41; Hamilton get off track… that’s it… his tyre was gone… manages to get in the pit… but for sure… low point will be his score for this race… sorry people… but I’m smiling! :S

Lap 42; Hamilton rejoins in P10… seems he will be having a chance in getting a lot better position as soon as the second pitting starts!

Lap 44; Massa pits… Rejoins between Kovalainen and Glock with softer tyre..

Lap 45; Glock is the fastest on the track!

Lap 47; Sutil and Bourdais make their second stops…

Lap 48; Glock pits from P3… Webber pits… Kovalainen pits from the lead goes for softer tyre in a 6.8s stop and rejoins behind Räikkönen!

Lap 49; Hamilton in P9…

Lap 50; Räikkönen runs off track… just a briefly but costs him time!

Lap 51; Alonso pits from P2… and rejoins in P7!

Lap 52; Rosberg passes Nakajima… Räikkönen pits comes out with softer tyre as required right in front of Alonso…

Lap 53; Fisichella passes Rosberg…

Lap 54; Button pits…Trulli also pits as does Coulthard…

Lap 55; Piquet pits from P4… and rejoins in 7th!

Lap 56; Fisichella runs off track but makes it back!

Lap 57; Fisichella pits from P15…

Lap 59; Räikkönen sets a fastest lap 1:21.267…

Lap 60; Rosberg pits…

Lap 61; Heidfeld and Coulthard a very tight battle for P11…

Lap 62; new fastest lap for Räikkönen 1:21.195… and a replay show Sutil’s off track but he rejoins! But heads to the pit!

Lap 65; Räikkönen less than 1.5s behind Glock… can he make it to P3???

Lap 66; less than one second between the Iceman and Timo Glock… and Sutil is in the garage out of the race!

Lap 68; Massa is out… (And this one I’m not happy about)… huge cloud of smoke coming out of his car… and stops…

Last lap; Kovalainen finishing first for the first time in his carrier… Glock in second his first time on the podium… and Räikkönen in third after his team telling him to keep the third and not to push so he wouldn’t lose his engine… and the disappointed Hamilton finishes behind Alonso in fifth!


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