June 8, 2008


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Sorry as I will not be posting about the F1 tonight but I will do it by tomorrow after I see the repeat as sadly I will be out at the time of the race! But I’m writing this post to say few things I need to say to a lovely woman!

It’s my mother’s birthday today! Yes a lovely strong woman I know! EEVA… she keeps saying that the day she saw my bottom and breathed after hours of labor and smiled saying: it’s a girl!!! She keeps saying how proud she for having a strong woman like me for a daughter…

Well I really want to say this out loud… I’m nothing of a woman if it wasn’t for her! This woman went through hell and still walked out with head up and strong as any woman can ever be! This woman had her daughter kidnapped from her, lost her for 15 years with quite few hopes through out that period of time that made her think that life is coming back to her, just to loose it again… but she kept strong, what if that girl would show up one day on her door step!? And so that little girl did one day, but she was no little girl anymore… she was a woman and a mother herself.. she was lost, and didn’t know what to do! She was weak and she felt so lost even when she was over 20… so the next few years this amazing woman keeps teaching her lost girl how to be strong like her… if it wasn’t for her and her love, strength and advice her little girl would have grown to be as wise as I am today!

I love this wonderful mother of mine!!! I am so sad I can’t be with her today… even though she knows I am with her with all my heart as I was for in the 15 years I was forced to be far away from her! At least I was able to send her a lovely leather Gabor hand bag and some hallumi and Cyprus sausages for her to enjoy! I am truly lucky and honored to have Eeva as my wonderful mother!


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  1. Beautiful words…

    Comment by Emmi — June 8, 2008 @ 12:58 pm |Reply

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