June 22, 2008


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Kimi Räikkönen starting in pole position as he won for Ferrari the 200 pole position and Massa right behind him witch made me excited about this race… Hamilton last the 10 positions and so Alonso took his place in third!

The race has 308.586 km in distance made in 70 laps on a 4.411 km circuit… lap record is still held by Michael Schumacher in 2004.

The race started with the forecast saying a possible rain in 30 min or less!

Lap 1; Trulli take over Alonso from the take off, and Hamilton passes Vettel. But the bad luck hit Coulthard who dropped down from 11th to 16th. And Hamilton touched Kovalainen but not sure if any damage happened!

Lap 2; Räikkönen sets the fastest lap… Hamilton fighting behind Kovalainen.

Lap 4; Barrichello got to P17 as he started in the back because of his gearbox change.

Lap 5; Räikkönen sets the fastest lap record ones again for the race… and keeps getting the gap between him and Massa bigger… Hamilton takes over Kovalainen but in my opinion he is being bit too impatient and might be having an accident for that!

Lap6; the impatient Hamilton seems to try to take over Piquet but seems the Renault is keeping the McLaren to the back!

Lap 8; the fight continues with Hamilton and Piquet and seems Hamilton is under investigation for cutting the chicane earlier.

Lap 10; Räikkönen is far a head and sets another fast time.

Lap 12; and Hamilton still hasn’t passed Piquet… and another fastest lap for Räikkönen.

Lap 14; Hamilton did get the penalty because and goes a drive in penalty… drops back to his 13th P!

Lap 16; and once again Räikkönen sets fastest lap! Alonso pits and Bourdais closing on Nakajima.

Lap 17; Räikkönen is almost five seconds clear from Massa. And Hamilton flying again.

Lap 18 button goes to the pit for the second time and stops his race.

Lap 19; Alonso got under pressure from Hamilton.

Lap 20; Hamilton passes Alonso and pits right after and switches to harder tyres which make me think if rain is coming he will be losing so much time as he will need to pit again.

Lap 21; Trulli pits, Kubica too and both stay on harder tyres… Räikkönen pits and keeps the harder tyres as well.

Lap 22; Glock pits, and so does Sutil.

Lap 23; Massa pits and rejoins in second.

Lap 24; Webber pits from third and seems McLaren is getting ready for a stop.

Lap 26; Piquet and Kovalainen pit and rejoin in the same order.

Lap 27; Coulthard and Bourdais pit and Kovalainen takes over piquet.

Lap 28; Hamilton takes over Rosberg for the 16th P and we hear rain is expected for at least 5 minutes.

Lap 30; and no rain yet. And Vettel pits.

Lap 33; Trulli fights for P3 with Kubica. And Fisichella makes his first pit which make you think if he is a one-stopper.

Lap 35; seems Massa catching up with Kimi bit too fast… made me wonder if there is something wrong with the my Ica-Man.

Lap 36; Nakajima pits.

Lap 38; Massa caught up with Räikkönen… Seems Räikkönen does have a problem.

Lap 39 shows the movement on the exhaust which might be the problem! And Massa takes Räikkönen over.

Lap 41; was the lap that Rosberg stops for first time…

Lap 43 Kovalainen passes Webber… Alonso pits and joins in P12.

Lap 44; Räikkönen seems to keep his speed but doesn’t seem that as the rest are catching up with him!

Lap 47; Kubica pits and switches to softer tyre.

Lap 48 Hamilton passes Alonso and Bourdais pits… Räikkönen pushing so hard to keep his P2…

Lap 50; Webber and Glock pit.

Lap 51; Trulli pits for P3 and swaps to softer tyres… Piquet pits as well.

Lap 53; Räikkönen pits, takes softer tyres. And Kovalainen pits right after.

Lap 54; Massa pits from 1st P and rejoins just to keep his position on the track.

Lap 58; Barrichello pits and Hamilton passes Glock for P10.

Lap 59; drops of rain seem to be in only few small places on the track… Massa’s speed drops…

Lap 60; Kovalainen giving so much pressure on Trulli. And Nakajima makes his second stop and proves my thoughts of him being one-stopper wrong!

Lap 63; Trulli fighting well for his first podium since 2005… seems he will not be losing it easy!!!

Lap 69; piquet passes Alonso and Kovalainen passes Trulli just to make a touch and lose the control for Trulli to get his 3rd P back.

Last lap; Massa passes the finish line as first followed by Räikkönen in second and Trulli makes it and he is third!


June 15, 2008


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I though I made a friend last year… I just thought! I’m bit hurt at the moment! Now I am the type of person I don’t get upset for someone not liking me, or not being able to be my friend… as we all are different and have different opinions about people and life! So no way I will find that all the people in this world loving me… and no way would they all hate me!

This story is different… a person used to read my blog, and I read and still read his/her blog… the he/she came to visit me with some friends… we had or thought we had 3 lovely days! We kept in contact, and got few small chats of him/her, few messages and few comments on my blog… then… then suddenly everything stopped… I sent messages, I commented on his/her blog every now and then, but nothing came back!

Suddenly one night I god a text message very late and it was from him/her… saying he/she is coming with some friends… so I sent back a message saying when next morning… but guess what??? No answer!

Last night was the last thing which really hurt me! I was walking in Agia Napa when I suddenly heard someone calls my name… I look and it was one of this person’s friends that came with him/her last summer!!! I hugged him/her, chatted for few minutes and huge smile on my face! Until he/she tells me that they told my friend about him/her coming so my friend would tell me!! Then went back to the Stelios’ work place and suddenly it hit… this person really has never been my friend… it was just for fun, or curiosity about this crazy ½ Kuwaiti girl that lives and strange life and maybe it was my F1 posts, or maybe just because I seemed different!

Now if you don’t think well about me, or you don’t like me, I have no problem with that what so ever! If you don’t want to have any contact with me that is ok too! But it is rude for a person to be sending me messages at 2am drunk telling me friend I’m coming to Agia Napa then ignores my messages next morning… and it’s rude when you are told to tell me that someone is coming as I saw clearly this person have been looking for me, and was shocked as I wasn’t told he/she was coming!!!

So my friend that I thought you was my friend! I did really care and still care about you as I thought you were a lovely person! But please delete my name from your phone, emails and your msn so I wouldn’t get messages again from you at 2am!!!

It always hurts when you lose a friend!!! 😦

June 9, 2008


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So writing this bit late! Most have seen it and know the results… I am writing thins while watching the repeat of the race!!! The sad part I have no live timing comment to help me understand everything happening as the commentary from the recorded race is all in Greek! 😦

So this race was in Canada! Number of laps of this race 70, the circuit length 4.361km, race distance is 305.270km… and the lap record is held by Barrichello from 2004!!

I started watching the race and the first 10 laps thinking it will be boring action free race… until Sutil had the smoke coming out of the left front side of his car and had to retire… as the flames came out of his car the safety car joined the race… slowed things down… I saw Button going to the pit and knew the pit lane was not open yet so I knew there was a penalty coming there just to hear from the race Team radio about he will be getting a penalty!

Then it was the 18th lap when the pit lane opened and suddenly beautiful view of everyone getting to the pit… there was Räikkönen, Kubica, Hamilton, Rosberg and few more… the shock come right at the time when it’s time to get out! As Räikkönen and Kubica beat Hamilton’s team work speed and well the location of the McLaren didn’t help him much in the pit either! So Hamilton got nervous lost concentration as all he thought of is the two guys beating him back to the race… so as he speeds to get out he didn’t even notice that the lights were red so Räikkönen and Kubica were waiting to be allowed to get out of the pit lane… Hamilton’s miscalculations and mental stage got him hit Räikkönen and as a result both cars were straight out of the race… sadly for me to see Räikkönen is out because of Hamilton! But the strange part for me was Kimi tapping on Hamilton’s shoulder and telling him the lights were red quite calmly as I knew if this has happened 5 years ago he would be shouting and out of his brains for the same situation!

So Rosberg had to get in the pit the next to get the nose he lost as he hit Hamilton in the clash and lost his nose…

As the best two drivers were out the race was ready for anything… not knowing what could happen was so exciting!!!

It was sad to see Piquet spin off… as he was given few more races to prove himself and if he doesn’t he’ll be replaced! But he joined the race with my prayers for him to do better!

Heidfeld pits close to the 30th lap and comes out right between Kubica and Alonso… as I call it the sandwich! So the sandwich was tight as those 3 will be fighting hard!

Watching seemed Massa was suffering, and getting few clear mistakes out there… but as he is he, he just continues strong!

By the time it was 38th lap I was thinking Kubica will have this one! And it might be his first ever win! I would like to see Kubica with a Ferrari or McLaren’s car…

Massa kept taking over other pilots which made me feel quite happy! But wasn’t sure if he could get himself in the point position…

29 laps left when I was watching the fight between Alonsos trying to take Heidfeld over and Heidfeld fight so keep his position… it was really beautiful fight… sadly right after I see Piquet out of the race… I really wish that young boy better luck in the next few races!

26 laps to go and all I see was Alonso fighting hard and suddenly loosing control and was out of the race!!! Sad as he had the chance of standing with the first three… seems he has no luck this year!

Kubica was flying… he was clearly the leader of this race… just hoping he will be the one… but was too early to be happy for him!

Massa climbed to 6th position! That was all what I was thinking of when I see Nakajima crashing in the pit as he lost his nose and got it stuck under his front tyres…

22 laps to go and I see Kubica pitting from the lead making a 7.5s stop… to come out just to claim his lead back… at this point I was sure if everything goes right, Kubica will stand as first on the podium and that was in my opinion as a great thing for the talented pilot!

20 laps to go when I was Massa taking over Barrichello and Kovalainen in one beautiful over taking!!!

18 laps to go and another car was out… Fisichella seems to have lost control and was out! And Massa got me nervous when he went to pit and I was not so sure if it was green light to pit! But seems he’s clear!

Less than 10 laps to go and all my eyes and brain were saying Kubica will be the winner! And seeing Massa taking over Barrichello got me back to the race! Now he had a chance of taking over Trulli for 5th position!

6 laps to go and I see Kovalainen having hard time… if he keeps it that way not him nor McLaren will be walking out this race with any points.

Seems BMW Sauber will be passing McLaren with points if the race ends up this way…

3 laps to go and Massa did pass Trulli and trying hard to pass the other Toyota with Glock… but don’t know if he has the time! But one thing for sure… he will be on top of Räikkönen in the point list!

Last lap and the first Polish man crosses the finish line as first and climbs up the point list to take over Hamilton by 4 points…

Amazing race… nothing as I expected… yes disappointed as my ice man lost for a fault which wasn’t his… but glad to see a good surprising race! And as I see Kubica is a true winner… glad he did win! He truly disserved it! If a man looses 7kgs to make his car lighter to help him win… this man deserve to win!!

So Kubica finished first, Heidfeld second and Coulthard in third!

Oh I just remembered Kubica’s situation last year on this track!!! I’m so happy it was different this year!

June 8, 2008


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Sorry as I will not be posting about the F1 tonight but I will do it by tomorrow after I see the repeat as sadly I will be out at the time of the race! But I’m writing this post to say few things I need to say to a lovely woman!

It’s my mother’s birthday today! Yes a lovely strong woman I know! EEVA… she keeps saying that the day she saw my bottom and breathed after hours of labor and smiled saying: it’s a girl!!! She keeps saying how proud she for having a strong woman like me for a daughter…

Well I really want to say this out loud… I’m nothing of a woman if it wasn’t for her! This woman went through hell and still walked out with head up and strong as any woman can ever be! This woman had her daughter kidnapped from her, lost her for 15 years with quite few hopes through out that period of time that made her think that life is coming back to her, just to loose it again… but she kept strong, what if that girl would show up one day on her door step!? And so that little girl did one day, but she was no little girl anymore… she was a woman and a mother herself.. she was lost, and didn’t know what to do! She was weak and she felt so lost even when she was over 20… so the next few years this amazing woman keeps teaching her lost girl how to be strong like her… if it wasn’t for her and her love, strength and advice her little girl would have grown to be as wise as I am today!

I love this wonderful mother of mine!!! I am so sad I can’t be with her today… even though she knows I am with her with all my heart as I was for in the 15 years I was forced to be far away from her! At least I was able to send her a lovely leather Gabor hand bag and some hallumi and Cyprus sausages for her to enjoy! I am truly lucky and honored to have Eeva as my wonderful mother!

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