May 11, 2008


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This circuit is one of the very few (this season only 3) which the direction of the race is opposite clock wise… as most races’ direction is clock wise… as a result this race is quite hard and heavy on the drivers necks, as their bodies and necks are more used to the usual direction…

Number of laps: 58, circuit length: 5.338 km, race distance: 309.396 km, and lap record held by JP Montoya: 1:24.770 in (2005)

As Kimi Räikkönen had problems with his gear box yesterday I was quite worried with him starting at 4th position…

And as I was happy to see Heikki Kovalainen is back in track with out any problems… And he even started in second position!

Lap1; safety car was out already… Kovalainen pushed Räikkönen back so ended up behind Alonso is 6th… Kovalainen lost his second position for that act and was 4th, and also as a result of his act Hamilton got the 2nd as he was 3rd

Lap 2; Vettel, Sutil and Nakajima pit…

Lap 3; Kovalainen pits. And Räikkönen takes a pass on Alonso and with no problems gets 4th position back to his hands…

Lap 4; Massa sets a lap record with 1:28.174…

Lap5; Kovalainen 18th and Räikkönen closing up on Kubica.

Lap 7; Hamilton gets the lap record with 1:27.427.

Lap 9; Kovalainen seemed to be too heavy as he was going relatively slow… Trulli closing on Coulthard…

Lap 10; Hamilton pushing hard and he sets a new lap record with 1:27.162….

Lap12; A new fastest lap for Hamilton…

Lap13; Kovalainen finally passed Sutil and was 17th position.

Lap14; Trulli is catching up Coulthard… and Hamilton sets a new lap just to break it again…

Lap15; 1:26.641 even a faster lap for Hamilton. And we saw the replay for Piquet passing Vettel.

Lap16; Alonso pits, Hamilton after him from position 2… earlier than most expected… Massa still leads…

Lap 18; Kovalainen passes Vettel and in 16th… Hamilton in 6th position…

Lap 19; Webber pits, and takes harder tyres… Massa pits, takes harder tyres and gets out in front of Hamilton..

Lap 20; Räikkönen sets fastest lap with 1:26.506…

Lap 21; Räikkönen pits and gets out in front of Kubica.

Lap 22; Massa leads, Hamilton in second and Räikkönen in 3rd… and Sutil pits from 18th position..

Lap 23; Vettel pits from 16th position..

Lap 24; Hamilton passes Massa and takes the lead… Coulthard pits, and Vettel pits again (seems he had a problem).

Lap 25; Rosberg pits from 5th… and Hamilton seems so light that he just flies in the lead…

Lap 26; Hamilton pulls even feather from Massa… Bourdais is out after spinning off to the gravel…

Lap 27; Kovalainen pits…

Lap 28; Barrichello pits from 9th position…

Lap 31; Hamilton still flying… and seemed Kubica was having some problems with the radio with the team…

Lap 32; Button and Glock pit…

Lap 34; Hamilton pits and seems he’s going for 3 stops strategy… coming out behind Räikkönen in 3rd!

Lap 35; Kovalainen fighting hard with Glock for the 13th position… amazing pass… it was really great one!!!

Lap 36; Piquet gives a nice show passing Button… but just to find Kovalainen pressing on him for position 11.

Lap 39; Hamilton getting closer to Räikkönen… and Sutil goes for his 3rd stop.

Lap 41; Massa pits and Räikkönen takes the lead… and Hamilton in 2nd… seems Ferrari is racing Hamilton.

Lap 43; Heidfeld pits from position 4.

Lap 44; Räikkönen pits from the lead and takes harder tyres and gets out to take 3rd position.

Lap 45; Hamilton pits from the lead and get out in front of Räikkönen in second position.

Lap 46; Coulthard pits, following him Piquet… and Kovalainen get his place in 12th position.

Lap 47; Hamilton is between the Ferraris with Räikkönen pressing hard on him. And as he came out with softer tyres which he doesn’t really like, that gives Räikkönen a better chance to pass him, but that we needed to wait and see…

Lap 49; Kovalainen passes Coulthard and I thought he would be getting a point… just to see him pit in the next lap…

Lap 51; Kimi is so close to Hamilton… big chance to take over… but all I could do is hold my breath and wait!

Lap 53; Hamilton is still under pressure from Räikkönen!!!

Lap 55; Kovalainen passes Glock taking 12th position.

Final lap; Massa finishes 1st for the third time in a raw… 2nd Hamilton and third for Räikkönen.

Great race… with only 3 retirements… I did enjoy it even my hopes were for Räikkönen in second, but it’s a race and never know what the results may be… 🙂


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  1. the problem with kimme, is that what we called a team order, this became very assential to the ascodria team, before it was one player team, now it is a construction champoinchip, thats why he is loaded with petrol in every race,..!
    masa in any experiences openion is no match what so ever for kimme,…but the straregies of the team have the final word as always!
    the team mclaren is playing with feelings of his audience, trying hard to do anything about the ferrari supremecy, even doing three stops in turky which is out of time, and nobody use it in fast track circuits.
    i’m only sorry for not seeing alnso and button in the places where they should be,…!!!!
    the race in general was much better than the previous ones , had more action all along the race!

    Comment by mohammed alficker — May 12, 2008 @ 6:26 am |Reply

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