May 25, 2008


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So I took longer than usual to post the details about this race… I know usually I do it in 10-20 mi9n after the race… but today I had to go to work, and as I came back home the race was on and we had to have lunch while watching the race as I have been on empty stomach all day…

So this is the race that makes Barrichello the pilot with biggest number of grand prixes in the F1’s all time!!

Another highlight was this race is 200th race for Fisichella…

As always Monaco is the most amazing race… non stop action and accidents… but that is Monaco and that is why we love watching that race every year!

So race details… circuit length is 3.340 km, which will have 78 laps so covering distance of 260.520 km… the lap record is held my Michael Schumacher in 2004 with 1:14.439

It was raining before the race started and it was expected for the rain to continue for a while and so it did…

In the warm up lap or the formation lap… Kovalainen was stuck on the grid and got pushed into the pit… and that was where he started from.

Lap 1; Hamilton takes Räikkönen over from take off! He was second right behind Massa. And Rosberg tapped Alonso, but both continue.

Lap2; Button pits because of his ran into Heidfeld. And joins the race in last place.

Lap 3; Very wet roads and seems Massa is still going to keep his lead.

Lap 4; Rosberg pits and get a new nose because of the touch with Alonso in first lap.

Lap 5; Massa sets a new fastest lap and his lead keeps getting further away from the rest of the pilots. And Glock pits for a new nose as hi did a spin in the last corner and lost the nose. And the rain was just getting harder… and pilots will start pitting for extreme wet tyres.

Lap6; Hamilton hits lightly the barrier and get punctured because of that and pits.

Lap 7; we see Kubica pushing Räikkönen to try to take P2.

Lap 8; the pace was slowing down… seemed that the pilots truly were in need of the extreme wet set of tyres… and we see Bourdais taking over Sutil for P12. and Alonso get a rear puncture, and Coulthard lost the control and ran right to the barriers aright after him Bourdais lose it too and runs into Coulthard’s back and both cars badly damaged and waiting for lift up. And safety car is out…

Lap 9; Alonso pits… and a replay of Coulthard and Bourdais’s collision was played.

Lap 10; safety car is back in and racing is back…

Lap 11; Räikkönen gets a drive through penalty for not having his tyres fitted the required 3mins before the start… that ruins the race for my ice man…

Lap12; We hear that the weather will be improving and the rain might even stop. Alonso passes Webber, as seems his extreme wet set are helping him a lot.

Lap13; Räikkönen takes his drive-through penalty and rejoins P4 behind Hamilton.

Lap 14; Alonso hits Heidfeld and the spin on my favorite corner of Monaco. They continue though right away.

Lap 15; Alonso pits, Massa loses control and spins to get back in track right after Kubica has taken him over.

Lap 17; Kubica leads with over 2s over Massa. Webber passes Heidfeld for P5 and Sutil passes him too… seems Heidfeld is having a problem.

Lap 18; Heidfeld pits and rejoins in P11. Rain stopped but the track is so wet. Kubica sets a new fastest lap.

Lap 19; seemed Heidfeld had a rear puncture and that’s why he was slow before his pit in the previous lap!!

Lap 20; Massa sets a fastest lap and Rosberg is flying and is the fastest in S1 and S2.

Lap 22; Sutil proving himself today… from P18 he is in P6… amazing driving for Sutil…

Lap 23; we see dry land at last… Not much but just a hint… Kovalainen and Piquet’s fight for P11…

Lap24; Kubica and Massa trading fastest laps… and as Piquet locks up for the Mirabeau Kovalainen takes him over and so does Vettel.

Lap 26; Kubica pits from the lead and stays on standard wet set of tyres… and rejoins in P4 behind Räikkönen, but seems Räikkönen has a front damaged wing..

Lap28; Räikkönen pits and changes the broken nose, keeps the on set of wet tyres. After 16s pit rejoins in P6. Keeps me wondering if he’ll be a one stopper.

Lap 31; I hear from Trulli’s radio telling him to try to keep the tyres. And we see Webber sets the fastest lap with 1:30.096.

Lap 32; Hamilton gets fastest lap, just for Webber to take it from him and Massa comes to take it from them both…

Lap 33; Ferrari ready for Massa to pit, stays with wet set, and after 11s stop rejoins a head of Kubica.

Lap 34; Webber sets fastest lap… but not for long…

Lap 35; Hamilton who is leading the race takes the fastest lap to himself with 1:29.420. and Kovalainen pits and rejoins in P15.

Lap 37; Sutil steals the fastest lap to himself with 1:29.055. while Hamilton leads after him comes Massa and Kubica.

Lap 38; Trulli pits and Hamilton sets the fastest lap. Trulli change the extreme wet set to standard as every one else been doing.

Lap 39; Glock spins but continues even with the damage he got to his rear wing. Fisichella who seem he was just in to pit retires from his 200th grand prix. I was very sad for that.

Lap 40; Glock pits… and Hamilton sets another fastest lap.

Lap 41; Barrichello sets the fastest lap… 1:27.168.

Lap 42; me and my husband arguing about Hamilton’s plan with the pit! But at least we were agreeing on one thing… Hamilton will need to stop, while Massa and Kubica might not!!!

Lap 46; Renault seems ready for a stop, and rain is expected in six minutes… strangely Alonso stops and changes to dry set even with the expected rain.

Lap 47; Rosberg takes over piquet in the tunnel… I get always excited with takeovers in that tunnel!

Lap 48; Piquet pits and takes dry harder set if tyres. And Alonso almost loses control with the new dry set he has on! And Rosberg took hold of the fastest lap.

Lap 49; And as Stelios was expecting piquet lost control with the dry set that was forced on him… and was out of the race… I think Renault needs to get their heads checked for this decision that was made and as a result lost a pilot off the race!

Lap 51; Button pits, followed by Glock and Kovalainen.

Lap 54; shows Glock’s spin which was his third for today… Alonso is with the fastest lap… and Räikkönen passes Sutil.

Lap 55; Trulli pits, Barrichello pits and Rosberg too. A replay for button’s spinning.

Lap56; Ferrari ready for a stop.

Lap57; Massa pits and rejoins right behind Kubica.

Lap 58; Kovalainen sets an amazing new fastest lap 1:20.801. and Räikkönen pits and gets softer tyres.

Lap 62; a huge accident or shunt for Rosberg… I was really glad to know he got out safely and un hurt… oils on the ground everywhere and marshals lifting up the remaining for the car… yellow flag and that meant Kubica and Massa will get close to Hamilton.

Lap 63; Heidfeld pits… but is the pit lane open??

Lap67; safety car is out…. And the racing starts again….

Lap 68; Räikkönen hits Sutil and get big damage!!! What a horrible mistake don’t by my ice man… so Sutil and Räikkönen end up in pit… Sutil retires… so sad for Sutil… force India wad almost there… in first 5… so sad!!!

Lap 71; shows Sutil crying… my god I feel I need to cry with him… I really feel like giving him a long hug! Räikkönen sets fastest lap in the mean while I’m still feeling bad for Sutil.

Lap 72; the Finns will me fighting for the P8… both breaking each other’s fastest laps one after another…

Lap 73; the commenter reminds me that Barrichello will be getting his first point since 2006..

Lap 75; Räikkönen flying and keeps the fastest lap with 1:16.689.

Last lap as the time ends for the 2 hour race… Hamilton is fist, Kubica in P2 and Massa in 3… Räikkönen is in P9 with no point for today.

Amazing race full of action… Next race will be in two weeks… how can I last that long?? 😛


May 22, 2008


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Ok people… first of all… I really don’t want you to take this personally, nor think I am trying to attack your believes or religion… remember ½ of my family are muslims and I love them truly!
I had a big fight with a friend today! He was telling about how he is happy as he is a muslim, and how I’m not happy because I’m a free spirited woman who is non muslim!!!
First thing came one was how happy I will be when my daughter decides to have sex… now my daughter is 8… she will always be a baby in my eyes… I will not even be able to imagine her having a husband and children… but it’s a fact she will grow up! Now I said I can’t stop her as I believe she has the full freedom and right to do what she wants after an age (here it’s 16-18)… he said so you’ll be ok if she has sex with a man that is his age (now he is 37 so by then it would be 45-47)… now I said no I will not be happy, but I can’t force her not to… and as I learned from my mother I am allowed to tell her I’m not happy about it, but if she is happy, then I am happy that she is happy!!! (now here he says I’m living an unhappy life because I can’t force my daughter to not to do what makes me unhappy)…
Later on he talks about islam and marrying other women… with my respect I did study islam and the woman has to know when he will do that and marry some one else while she is still his wife!!! Right??? Well here her agreed and said his wife is ok with it… now here when I said so you trying to convince me your wife is happy that you are having sex with another woman??? He said yes! Now he got angry when I told him there is no woman on earth that is happy that her husband is with someone else!!! Not even a sick woman that can’t give pleasure to her husband… she will still feel bitter and sad that he had to go with someone else!!!! And as I told him that (ok I was also using dirty words and he going and ******* another woman’s ***** and then coming home to put his **** in her *****)… so it was more of a fight!!!!
Now my question is… you as a man do you really believe your wife is happy (even when says ok you can get married to another) when you are sleeping with another woman????
And you woman… leave the religion aside and tell me the truth… will you be happy if your husband did that???
It might be just me that can’t see how a woman is happy when she is not allowed to complain and I am un happy because I have the freedom of choice and walking out with ½ of the house, car and everything else as well as kids will belong fully to me and he’ll have visiting rights if he ever touched another woman!!!
Please remember i’m NOT talking about islam… but about happiness in one subject!!!

May 11, 2008


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This circuit is one of the very few (this season only 3) which the direction of the race is opposite clock wise… as most races’ direction is clock wise… as a result this race is quite hard and heavy on the drivers necks, as their bodies and necks are more used to the usual direction…

Number of laps: 58, circuit length: 5.338 km, race distance: 309.396 km, and lap record held by JP Montoya: 1:24.770 in (2005)

As Kimi Räikkönen had problems with his gear box yesterday I was quite worried with him starting at 4th position…

And as I was happy to see Heikki Kovalainen is back in track with out any problems… And he even started in second position!

Lap1; safety car was out already… Kovalainen pushed Räikkönen back so ended up behind Alonso is 6th… Kovalainen lost his second position for that act and was 4th, and also as a result of his act Hamilton got the 2nd as he was 3rd

Lap 2; Vettel, Sutil and Nakajima pit…

Lap 3; Kovalainen pits. And Räikkönen takes a pass on Alonso and with no problems gets 4th position back to his hands…

Lap 4; Massa sets a lap record with 1:28.174…

Lap5; Kovalainen 18th and Räikkönen closing up on Kubica.

Lap 7; Hamilton gets the lap record with 1:27.427.

Lap 9; Kovalainen seemed to be too heavy as he was going relatively slow… Trulli closing on Coulthard…

Lap 10; Hamilton pushing hard and he sets a new lap record with 1:27.162….

Lap12; A new fastest lap for Hamilton…

Lap13; Kovalainen finally passed Sutil and was 17th position.

Lap14; Trulli is catching up Coulthard… and Hamilton sets a new lap just to break it again…

Lap15; 1:26.641 even a faster lap for Hamilton. And we saw the replay for Piquet passing Vettel.

Lap16; Alonso pits, Hamilton after him from position 2… earlier than most expected… Massa still leads…

Lap 18; Kovalainen passes Vettel and in 16th… Hamilton in 6th position…

Lap 19; Webber pits, and takes harder tyres… Massa pits, takes harder tyres and gets out in front of Hamilton..

Lap 20; Räikkönen sets fastest lap with 1:26.506…

Lap 21; Räikkönen pits and gets out in front of Kubica.

Lap 22; Massa leads, Hamilton in second and Räikkönen in 3rd… and Sutil pits from 18th position..

Lap 23; Vettel pits from 16th position..

Lap 24; Hamilton passes Massa and takes the lead… Coulthard pits, and Vettel pits again (seems he had a problem).

Lap 25; Rosberg pits from 5th… and Hamilton seems so light that he just flies in the lead…

Lap 26; Hamilton pulls even feather from Massa… Bourdais is out after spinning off to the gravel…

Lap 27; Kovalainen pits…

Lap 28; Barrichello pits from 9th position…

Lap 31; Hamilton still flying… and seemed Kubica was having some problems with the radio with the team…

Lap 32; Button and Glock pit…

Lap 34; Hamilton pits and seems he’s going for 3 stops strategy… coming out behind Räikkönen in 3rd!

Lap 35; Kovalainen fighting hard with Glock for the 13th position… amazing pass… it was really great one!!!

Lap 36; Piquet gives a nice show passing Button… but just to find Kovalainen pressing on him for position 11.

Lap 39; Hamilton getting closer to Räikkönen… and Sutil goes for his 3rd stop.

Lap 41; Massa pits and Räikkönen takes the lead… and Hamilton in 2nd… seems Ferrari is racing Hamilton.

Lap 43; Heidfeld pits from position 4.

Lap 44; Räikkönen pits from the lead and takes harder tyres and gets out to take 3rd position.

Lap 45; Hamilton pits from the lead and get out in front of Räikkönen in second position.

Lap 46; Coulthard pits, following him Piquet… and Kovalainen get his place in 12th position.

Lap 47; Hamilton is between the Ferraris with Räikkönen pressing hard on him. And as he came out with softer tyres which he doesn’t really like, that gives Räikkönen a better chance to pass him, but that we needed to wait and see…

Lap 49; Kovalainen passes Coulthard and I thought he would be getting a point… just to see him pit in the next lap…

Lap 51; Kimi is so close to Hamilton… big chance to take over… but all I could do is hold my breath and wait!

Lap 53; Hamilton is still under pressure from Räikkönen!!!

Lap 55; Kovalainen passes Glock taking 12th position.

Final lap; Massa finishes 1st for the third time in a raw… 2nd Hamilton and third for Räikkönen.

Great race… with only 3 retirements… I did enjoy it even my hopes were for Räikkönen in second, but it’s a race and never know what the results may be… 🙂

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