April 27, 2008


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Length of the circuit: 4.655 km – the number of laps: 66 – with a race distance: 307.104 km and the lap record: 1:22.680 – Felipe Massa (in 2007)

First pole position for Kimi Räikkönen this year… and first time this year for Alonso to be in the top three to start!

From first lap yellow flag and the safety car were both slowing down the drivers as the result of Vettel and Sutil’s colliding… and both were out from the race.

Lap3; safety car went in… Räikkönen, Massa, Alonso, Hamilton, Kubica were the first 5 leading the race!

Lap 5; showed Piquet and his off going into the gravel, and to rejoin as 18th place. I also saw Michael Schumacher in the Ferrari control station.

Lap8; Piquet off the track again but this time he stops.

Lap 10; and all I see in Kimi Räikkönen flying in the front and increasing the gap between him and the other pilots. And just to make a new fastest lap record with 1:22.508.

Lap 13; amazing show from Räikkönen just to break the lap record once again with 1:22.178.

Lap 14; we see Hamilton trying to push to get the 3rd position from his former team mate Alonso.

Lap 15; Kimi Räikkönen finishes it with 1:21.971. And keeps me with huge smile! 😀

Lap 17; Alonso pits from 3rd position, meaning he was with a light tank and that shows the reason of his 2nd position in the qualification! He gets out with full tank that should keep him going for at least 30laps… the surprise for me was the choice of soft tyres as I think it’s a risk taken for the 30 laps strategy. And on the other side was Räikkönen breaking the lap record again with 1:21.827.

Lap 20; Massa pits from 2nd position and Räikkönen pits from first potion right after him.

Lap 22; the young Finn; Kovalainen has a horrible accident on the turn 9… I can’t understand what was going on as they talk in Greek, and all I can do is worry and almost cry! He flow in over 200km/h speed from the turn to the tyre barrier and got under… I couldn’t see and it wasn’t clear what was happening!

Lap 26; with safety car still out, Barrichello driving with his front nose hanging off his Honda.

Lap 27; I was able to relax and concentrate on the race again as I saw Kovalainen carried up and showed his thumb-up to the crowd. And replay showed how his front left tyre broke and lost control on the turn!

Lap 28; safety car was in…

Lap 31; Heidfeld gets a stop/go penalty for going in the pit when pit line was closed earlier under the safety car.

Lap 32; Trulli and Rosberg fighting for 8th position. And reports are coming in saying that Kovalainen is stable..

Lap 34; Heidfeld pits to take his penalty.

Lap 35; we saw Alonso’s car stopping and flames coming out of the rear of the car. He gets out disappointed and climb to give his fans some hand shakes and gets back to be taken to his station.

Lap 40; I see Hamilton pushing hard to get a faster sector than Räikkönen…

Lap 42; Rosberg gets a smoking car and stops from 7th position and as he stops right on the other side of the wall from the pit, he just climbs the wall and walk to his station.

Lap 46; Räikkönen once again breaks the lap record with 1:21.670.

Lap 47; Massa pits from 2nd position and takes harder tyres. And Räikkönen pits right after him… coming out, Räikkönen 1st, Massa 2nd and Hamilton after them in 3rd.

Lap 48; news comes about Kovalainen is taken to the Barcelona hospital with a yellow helicopter ‘I just liked the colour’…. For more check ups.

Lap 49; 9 pilots are out, but the battles still continues on the circuit…

Lap 52; Nakajima and Glock pit.

Lap 54; Glock pits to change the nose and Coulthard gets his rear left tyre punctured…

Lap 61; even though the race is almost over still we see Coulthard and Sato fighting for the 12th position.

Lap 63; Sato makes it and passes Coulthard.

Last lap; ends with Räikkönen in 1st position followed by Massa in 2nd, Hamilton is 3rd, Kubica in 4th and Webber in 5th.



  1. Hi!
    Great race, hey?! I’m happy to find another girl on here, commenting on the F1 in a similar way to me! I thought I was the only one when I sat down today and decided to do a real time updated commentry!
    I’m guessing you’re a Raikonnen fan and very happy right now? He’s a great driver and a humble and deserved champ… although I obviously would have preferred Hamilton to take it 🙂


    Comment by ragdoll84 — April 27, 2008 @ 3:10 pm |Reply

  2. p.s. on second thoughts, you’re a Kovalainen fan, and rather worried. Was great to see him give the thumbs up while being stretchered off. Let’s hope that they find no concussion etc.

    Comment by ragdoll84 — April 27, 2008 @ 3:36 pm |Reply

  3. not many girls leave their comments on my F1 updates!!! i’m really honored with you comment… to answer your question about who’s my pilot… that would be the ice man… if you check through my early posts you’ll see a bit too much about him! 😛 i’m 1/2 finnish so for sure kovalainen got me very worried today, but on the other hand i was dead worried about kubica last year… i think i just don’t want anyone to get hurt in there!!! not even alonso ‘that i really dislike’… 🙂

    Comment by noracassandra — April 27, 2008 @ 7:50 pm |Reply

  4. wow
    it was an amazing race did u c the awfull accedent of kovalinen
    daaaammmmn that must hurt but i gusse he is fine 2 weeks to recover dont u think
    he gave us thumb up :9

    and alonso my love why why why
    i shouted like a cow in my living room damn u reno

    and the iceman
    he got it right congrats he earened it

    Comment by joy — April 28, 2008 @ 10:43 pm |Reply

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