April 6, 2008


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Circuit length: 5.412 km and the race distance: 308.238 km will be taken by 57 laps… The lap record holder is: M Schumacher at 1:30.252 in 2004.

After the surprising pole position was taken by Robert Kubica in BMW Sauber… first ever pole position for both the driver and the team… so here I was waiting for the excitement of the race… I still wish I was there… I would love to visit Bahrain and see the F1 there some year soon!

Lap1; As soon as we saw the take off we saw how… Massa takes Kubica over, Hamilton takes Räikkönen and Hamilton over, but not far and Räikkönen took him over and we had Massa at first position, Kubica in second and Räikkönen in third… and Hamilton hits Alonso from the back and ends up need to pit to fix what broke in his car…

Lap 2; Räikkönen takes Kubica over and gets third position.

Lap 7; Räikkönen takes the fastest lap from Kubica… but Kubica kept a very tight distance from the Finn!

Lap 10; race was going great, Nakajima has taken over Sato 2 laps earlier, and force India was showing hope for this race.

Lap 11; Piquet takes over Bourdais and Trulli and Rosberg fighting for position 6.

Lap 18; Kubica pits showing how light he have been the qualification! Rosberg pits too and piquet follows… while Räikkönen gets another fastest lap.

Lap 19; button and Coulthard collide and button looses his front wing. Then heads to pit for repairs.

Lap 20; Kimi pits… which came as a surprise as he seemed very heavy for me!

Lap 22; Massa pits and comes out to take back first position.

Lap 24; Hamilton takes Sato over and get position 15.

Lap 25; the Ferrari leading in first and second and BMW Sauber is in third and forth.

Lap 27; button is out.

Lap 32; Hamilton has passed Fisichella at last in the past lap and Räikkönen gets back again the fastest lap.

Lap 33; Nakajima pits at last as he is using the one-stop strategy…

Lap 34; Räikkönen lapped Hamilton and I heard the cementer’s joke saying, Hamilton gave the way to Räikkönen as he knew they were not racing at the same race… I know it’s hard, but I wasn’t feeling bad.

Lap 39; Räikkönen pits for his second and last time, when his team mate sets a new fastest lap. And Räikkönen comes out in 4th position. And Massa pits right after him.

Lap 41; Kubica pts from first position.

Lap 45; Heidfeld pits from 1st position.

Lap 48; Kovalainen pits after he has been trying to get as close as possible to the other Finn.

Lap 49; Heidfeld takes the fastest lap, just to lose it for Kovalainen.

Lap 51; seemed the battle between Alonso and Barrichello over the 10th position to be the last fight on the track for today.

Last lap; First ever win for Massa without having the pole position… he did an amazing job! While Räikkönen ends up second but as a result climbs up the drivers’ championship and takes the lead. And as the expected BMW Sauber move to the top of the team standing.

There were only three retirements today; Piquet, Button and Vettel. Good race… enjoyed it! 🙂



  1. you shoudl sooooooooooooo come and see it live next year!

    Comment by ammaro — April 11, 2008 @ 9:23 am |Reply

  2. dude i’m like so into cars & luv formula’s 😀
    i really wished that i could visit this year 😥
    inshallah next year i’ll go ^o^

    ooh i 4got….ur blog kicks ass (awesomeness) n_n

    Comment by q8demon — April 22, 2008 @ 4:38 pm |Reply

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