March 30, 2008


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I read yesterday from a girl; actually a very young girl saying there is no real love anymore today… it kind of broke my heart! So this is what I told her today!

So I’m taking this time to send you a message telling you about things people learn from life… ok not all but some people do!

I’m ½ Kuwaiti so I have lived there and know how things worked… I was married to a Kuwaiti for less than a year as well! Now from most Kuwaiti men I got the idea there is no love… they are all full of s*%^…

Now… love is not something you feel as they tell you butterflies and twinkles in your belly… it’s not you can’t sleep the nights thinking of him (or her)… it’s nothing as such! That is called excitement… just the butterflies you get before the teacher calls your name to give you your test result back… the same as when you get when you see a sex scene or a good kiss scene on TV!! That is hormones and excitement!

What they never taught me in Kuwait love is from both sides… you both have to work so fu*^#*@ hard to make it continue! Most men in Kuwait just come home ask for a f*^# and go to the dewaneya (place where Kuwaiti men gather) till 12am and expect you to make the love work! Now who said I fell crazy in love with my husband when we met?? I didn’t.. I lived with him for 1 year before he asked me to marry him! And I said ok but wasn’t even sure… then a another year we worked on issues… but I saw we were still going forward not back… so we married… and I have wanted to leave him like 100 times in the last 4,5 years with him… I wanted to have sex with at least 10 guys through this time (but i didn’t)… so is this what you thought love was? Fights, wanting to have sex with other men (or women), hating each other, and hoping to even die sometimes???

You see you need to learn how to love some one even if it is your child… you think children are born and loved by their parents (especially from their mums)??? Even that love is to be learned… you think it is because they told you it should be… there are mothers never wanting their children, not because they are bad women but because they just simply were not ready to love them! Love is to be learned… you learn to love your child, as you learn how to love your mum or dad, and the same way you learn to love a stranger (partner to be maybe)… even your friends, it’s not you are born to love them but you learn to!

Now between two friends… I mean good friends… I mean perfectly best friends… aren’t their fights?? My god my and Emmi (my life’s best friend) have had our disagreements, or different opinions… but why do we still love each other so much?? It’s because we learned, then we both worked on it… if I was the only one trying to work it out and Emmi has a stubborn head and wouldn’t do anything to help it work, do you think we are still friends??? Of course not! 🙂

Same thing with love and family relationships, when a man can’t afford to get a maid or a big 3 bedroom house, or simply pay the woman to do her hair every 2 weeks… and the woman on the other side will never take it as her friend has all that… so why can’t I have it too she thinks… will it work??? when a man comes home from work asking about lunch, then eats, get his afternoon sex, then sleeps and wakes up and goes to see his friends then come home at 12 expecting the wife to be waiting and dinner served for him then sex and sleep and morning goes to work… and he would do this every day… do you think it would work?

Life is communication… you give up things and the other gives up things! You keep time for each other… you fight, but then both think and solve it… both take care of the house, children and the food… both have own friends and still can sit with the other’s friends and be able to handle it or at least pretends for 1 or 2 times a month!!!

Who said my husband like musicals??? Or dance shows??? But he would still sit and watch and even talk nicely about it so he won’t hurt my feelings! Who said I care if Omonia (his national team) wins or loses??? But I still would sit and support them even if it means listening to him talking about them for 1 hour!!! I don’t mind when he goes out with his friends for drinks in Agia Napa (and if you know what kind of a place is Agia Napa you will understand how hard it is)… and he as well doesn’t mind babysitting when I go out in Agia Napa too with my friends!

Love is not forever happiness and safety!!! It is full of sadness, hard times and dangers! The trick is… can you make it last???

Ps; maybe this will give you the idea what you demand from the man (woman) you think of spending your life with…



  1. Hi 🙂
    I agree with you that there are moments of sadness and big fights but when it lasts, this is not a good thing. If both sides want to make effort but if you live all your life with him/her with such an effort, this is hard for the couple.

    One is for sure: love shouldn’t be a sacrifice. Otherwise your life is built on dreams and you can’t develop, your life becomes bitter.
    Love is difficult and it’s never never never perfect 🙂 exactly as you say – but there are limits: love that becomes a sacrifice or neverending effort. I feel quite heavy with this.
    Wish you all the best!

    Comment by Rita — March 30, 2008 @ 8:51 pm |Reply

  2. I totally loved this post, genuine nectar of life’s experiences.

    Absolutely mesmerizing.

    Comment by Touché — March 30, 2008 @ 10:57 pm |Reply

  3. your so rite

    most people confuse love and lust

    love needs compromising, understanding, passion and compassion.

    Comment by eshda3wa — April 2, 2008 @ 9:20 pm |Reply

  4. hi nooora am really happy to c another grl that shares with me the love of formulla 1

    am just here to wish u well and u seem like an intresting person

    Comment by joy — April 3, 2008 @ 8:53 pm |Reply

  5. What id agya NAPA :)) I have never heard of it before

    Comment by Salah — April 22, 2008 @ 2:48 pm |Reply

  6. Thanks so much for this amazing post! You gave me hope in finding love.. or to be more precise, You gave me hope that the guy I love will eventually fall in love with me some day…

    Comment by PaLoMiNo — June 4, 2008 @ 3:30 pm |Reply

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