March 23, 2008


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So the race started at 9am my time! I was kind of happy to find out the both McLaren’s have lost 5 positions each for impending other drivers ending in eighth and ninth position instead third and forth. At the pole position was Massa, second after him was Räikkönen and third was Trulli with Toyota!

Watching what were all the drivers doing to try to cool themselves from the Malaysian heat was quite interesting… few putting cold water in their shirts, and another holding bag of ice on his head!

Seems Kimi has been giving some comments about him not being happy about his tyres! But I did hope they won’t be giving him a problem!

The temperature was 30 degrees Celsius and the track was 44 but knowing it most probably will be rising!

56 laps on a 5.543 km circuit giving the race a distance of 310.408 km… the lap record has been held by JP Montoya which was 1:34.223 in 2004.

Hamilton, Coulthard, Sutil and Nakajima were best starters… Räikkönen tried to take over Massa, but Massa cut him of on the take off!

Lap3; Rosberg seems having a problem after hitting Glock and got in pit early. And Glock was out of the race!

Still at lap 3 as I think Alonso’s car is bit heavy he was having hard time to take over Coulthard… ending up in a beautiful seen with three cars Alonso, Coulthard and Heidfeld ending up with Heidfeld taking both over then in few second Alonso has passed Coulthard at last!

Lap 6; Sutil runs off the grass and was out and the yellow flag is showed again.

Lap 9; Kimi Räikkönen holds the fastest lap… and going faster showing even faster than Massa… my hopes were getting higher! 😛

By lap 10 seems Vettel was going to get out of the race, and Hamilton fighting hard driving fast trying to get to Webber… and Massa takes the fastest lap away from Räikkönen.

Lap 11; Vettel picked up his pace again and Nakajima is has been giving a great show by passing every one and having piquet as his next target for the 12th position…

Lap 14; Kimi takes back the fastest lap, Fisichella was closing at Barrichello to fight for 15th position, and Hamilton was so close to Webber and seemed he’ll take him over any second!

Lap 16; both Ferraris lapped Rosberg.

Lap 17 pitting started… Massa in the pit, Kovalainen follows Trulli and Heidfeld too. When Kimi Räikkönen gets the lap record even harder to beat.

Lap 18; Kimi pits and get out right in front of Massa!!! Now I was almost jumping from joy! 😀

Lap 19 Kubica was leading, and Hamilton pits… and looses a lot of time by having almost 20 seconds in ending out in the track with 11th position!

Lap 21; most has pit but few more to go… Kubica leads, Kovalainen gets out of the pit to take 7th position and seems Kubica is going in the pit on lap 22 and so it seemed for Alonso from 4th position!

Lap 26; seems Hamilton is suffering… he was having very poor laps one after another, as he can’t pass Webber, and at the same time Heidfeld was closing up slowly from the back, while Kimi Räikkönen was flying through the laps to increase the gap between him and his team mate Massa…

Lap 31; I was almost having a heart attack but ended up just being bit sad when I was a Ferrari spun off and got stuck… it was Massa… but I was still glad it wasn’t Räikkönen. And it seemed to be an engine problem so that what worried me about Räikkönen’s car…

Lap 37; Kimi gets the fastest lap again, and keeps an amazing speed.

Lap 38; and Ferrari stops for the last pit. Gets out with softer tyre and get out taking second position behind Kubica.

Lap 41 cars pitting, but we saw smoke and a small flame from the rear of Vettel’s Toro Rosso and he is out…

Lap 43; Kubica pits and Räikkönen is 1st position again! And Kubica gets out to the track to take 3rd position.

Lap 45; Hamilton pits from 4th and spend almost 9 seconds in the pit… that was another long pit for the English… Kovalainen pits right after and gets out taking his 3rd position.

Lap 48; showed that Räikkönen was safe with the first position and Kubica on second… but the fight was between Trulli and Kovalainen for 3rd and on the other hand between Hamilton and Trulli for the 4th… but the closest battle for points was between Webber and Alonso for the 7th position.

Final lap; Räikkönen pass this finish line as first, Kubica behind him, Kovalainen 3rd and Hamilton couldn’t pass Trulli even after all the hard fight ending up 5th. And Heidfeld finishing 6th but taking a fastest lap with him for the day! 🙂


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