March 16, 2008


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First F1 race of the season! The qualification was very fun to watch! But the race was getting me nervous! I couldn’t even sleep in my room! I slept on the couch dreaming of F1 like whole night! 😛

So sadly Kimi Räikkönen got a car problem in the qualification and lost the chance of pole position! He ended up 16th, but as Glock lost 10 positions so Kimi ended up 15.

Glock lost the 10 positions because of 2 penalties, one was the unscheduled gearbox change, and the other was impeding another driver during the qualification! So it was 5 positions for each penalty!

Räikkönen showed a beautiful start… he got away from all the horrible mess happened in the back and ended up jumping 7 positions! While Massa was got by the mess and got car problems and had to pit…

Lap 5 Hamilton is still in the lead after him Kubica in 2nd Kovalainen in 3rd Rosberg in 4th Heidfeld in Trulli 6th Barrichello 7th Räikkönen 8th Coulthard 9th Alonso 10th! And Massa has stayed in the back with the 17th position!

Lap 19 at last Kimi Räikkönen get to pass Barrichello that was pushing him back to get 6th position! In a beautiful soft corner! 🙂

By the 25th lap the two Finns were fighting for the second position… Kovalainen trying to keep Räikkönen in the back so Hamilton can get his way and have a bigger gap!

Lap 26 Massa into the side of Coulthard as he tried to take the 10th position! Coulthard car breaks and the safety car was sent out.

Lap 30 Kimi Räikkönen gets to pass Kovalainen at last just to run of f road and need to pit right after…

Lap 33… 11 drivers are out! Fisichella, Vettel, Davidson, button, Webber, Sutil, Trulli, Coulthard, Massa, piquet and Sato!

Lap 45… Glock pushes harder after Räikkönen almost took him over! And as a result he lost his control and had a big crash and the safety car was out again, and Kimi is 10th!

Lap 46 every one gets in pit and Barrichello ends up pulling one of the guys who fills the car with the fuel! It wasn’t his fault as the lollypop was taken off before the man was fully away from the car!

By lap 50, Barrichello had 10 second penalty because left the pit on a red light to get out last at 8th position!!! Yes almost every one will be getting points today! There are only 9 drivers left on the track!!!

Lap 52, Räikkönen’s car sounding strange! Seems a problem with the exhaust.

Lap 55 Räikkönen’s car gives up, and he retires! 😦

Lap 56 Bourdais retires!

Lap 58 Hamilton finish first, Heidfeld second and first time for Rosberg to be in the top 3!

7 cars finished the race every one got points! Such a messed up race… personally I enjoyed it even though Räikkönen got out… I think the cars are more difficult to control this season and it’ll be a season full of action and huge crashes!


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