February 2, 2008


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I just found the urge to write! I have just realized I need to start writing! I don’t mean in my blog, but I mean my book! I have to start! I need to get few more facts down right in my head to start this one! I have no idea how it’ll end up to be! I have no idea if it’ll ever be published! And I have no idea what is the ending!! But one thing I know what the beginning is! And 1 thing I surly know today… You do not need to forgive to write… actually writing might help you to forgive!  

Now to another subject! It’s been so annoyingly cold in Cyprus this year! I mean it went to 0 degrees! Now that is like NO WAY!!! I almost fell when slipped on water that has frozen through the night just outside the bank! Like WHAT??? Well seems the global worming is getting to us at last! Mother Nature is hitting us back hard for all the sins we did to her! I think people have to take it and pray for forgiveness! 

Then we have my flu! I wrote about it just in my last post! It’s been over a month now! I can’t believe anything like this ever could happen to me! I have been a very strong (health wise) to every sickness and illness I faced! This is worse that my operations! 😛 I’m not happy about it at all! 

One more thing I want to write about! I met a girl on facebook! Now what is special in this girl is that she is exactly 10 years younger than me! She reminds me of me! I mean could it really be?? That when you have the same birthdays you are this similar?? Well I see in her the younger me! I see in her even me today! Now even the way she says things is like me talking maybe few years back! I don’t use as much (dirty words) these days as you learn how to clean up your mouth when you get bit older, just as a respect! Not that I don’t swear and curs every day… but I’m more careful with who I do it! 😀



  1. this year it was surprisingly cold and they still hide behind the propaganda of “global warming”

    I think you need to go back to the doctor. I mean seriously, what’s up with being sick for one full month? that’s really odd.

    Comment by Hamza — February 4, 2008 @ 6:49 am |Reply

  2. I missed your blog…its been a while I have been here 🙂

    Comment by Amu — February 6, 2008 @ 11:17 am |Reply

  3. its good, write away! any tips on how to start writing a book btw? i mean on the how to get it published side :p

    yeah, its colder here in bahrain, nuts, this global warming thing is playing games with our weather!

    Comment by ammaro — February 8, 2008 @ 5:37 pm |Reply

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