January 25, 2008


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I have no idea what is this virus that’s been going on here! I felt sick on New Years Eve… today I’m still ill! I have been bad and then better just to get worse… I have been off work for few days with not much change! I mean I just have a flu! No need for anti-biotic the doctor said but because it’s been for so long and this ban he put me on 2 different ones! I hate medicine if you don’t know! I rather get better myself with maybe few teas and some aromatherapy oils! I tried and nothing worked… not even the anti biotic! I need a vacation, from my illness… I hate being sick, not because of the pain that comes with that but because I feel weak! I hate feeling helpless, in need of love and in need of attention! I hate that! I think that is for men that usually are dying because they got a cough! I love you men, but I’m used seeing you always dying when ill! I had the skin peeled off 2 arms, 1 leg cut open and other leg broken and I was still smiling and telling my friend not worry because things will be ok! I have been 42degrees fever and taking care of my kid and going to gym and school with out even noticing I was that hot! I don’t like feeling weak! Even when the doctor was telling me he’ll give me 1 week to stay home and get better, I was crying (I really was crying) and asking him please I can’t stay that long a way from work! i do hope it passes, not many can see I’m still very sick, but I know I still am!  😦


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